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12 Best Mobile Marketing Platforms with Automation

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What is the best mobile marketing platform with automation?
The best mobile marketing platform with automation is SharpSpring. This widely used, fully featured mobile marketing automation tool streamlines processes, consolidates relevant marketing data and, overall, helps boost lead conversion rates. It is also priced at small business-friendly tiers and integrates with a wide range of legacy systems and business and productivity apps.

Marketers, it’s now high time to face the inevitable truth: with more than half of all internet traffic shopping from a mobile device, businesses must optimize for mobile-based transactions. This means not just creating a shopping experience that today’s consumers prefer, but using mobile to push your brand. Mobile marketing software helps you connect to buyers at a personal level, your key messages or campaigns delivered right inside their pocket, so to speak. 

Also, because of the push for omnichannel marketing, businesses are also seeking features like email marketing apps, social media marketing tools, and landing page builders. To help them achieve efficiencies in their work and get more things done, marketing automation is essential.

However, with so many mobile marketing apps claiming to be the best, how do you know which one is really the best option for your business? To help you shortlist the best options, we’ve prepared this review of the 12 best mobile marketing platforms with automation. Some of them integrate with the best email marketing solutions, landing page apps, and other related technologies. We’ve also included the top reasons for choosing a particular software so you have an easier time comparing the apps.

mobile marketing platforms

Mobile-based e-commerce has not only become the dominant mode of doing business; it is also becoming the preferred advertising medium for companies. In fact, companies worldwide are predicted to spend up to $176 billion on mobile ads in 2020. This is inevitable because as more people consume mobile content, the more businesses will be advertising on mobile sites.

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Source: OuterBox

Along with the global shift to mobile marketing is the increasing need for marketing automation, especially as marketers look to optimize efficiencies and production in today’s digital economy. In fact, leveraging automation has been found to cut 45% of routine, repetitive, and time-consuming employee tasks, aside from helping maximize the uniformity and repeatability of their outcomes. The necessity of automation has never become so evident as 39% of marketers do a minimum of 5 hours of overtime every week to address mounting job demands, while 61% experience workplace pressure to prove their worth. 

Being a marketer in today’s digital revolution is far from being easy. You have to design email newsletters that convert, launch campaigns simultaneously targeted at different demographics. You have to craft dynamic landing pages, forever adjusting them based on organic feedback. Not the least, scour through a mountain of data for buried insights. 

But with the proper skills, adequate experience, correct motivation, and access to the right set of digital tools, marketing can be made more efficient and effective in addressing the sophisticated demands of present-day consumers. It also pays to know more about the basics of marketing automation software and other related technologies to remain adept on industry trends and best practices. Based on our experts’ ranking, these are the top 12 mobile marketing solutions with automation, capable to address the issues above and more.

12 Best Mobile Marketing Platforms with Automation

1. SharpSpring

SharpSpring dashboard example

At the top of our best mobile marketing platforms with automation list is SharpSpring. This robust mobile marketing application runs seamlessly with many legacy systems and third-party tools. Designed to cater to SMBs, this platform offers an extensive range of tools and features to ensure that marketers are empowered with all the relevant marketing functionalities that matter to their work.

SharpSpring is made for agencies to allow them to better manage their workflows and brands as well as provided seamless customer experience to their target audiences. What’s notable is that all these powerful, useful tools and features are integrated into a unified mobile marketing suite that is not heavy on the budget, making it very accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

SharpSpring can be used in any type of business and by both managers and staff. As a powerful automation tool, it helps marketers to significantly hasten workflows and makes key business and marketing information easily accessible by storing them in one convenient place. This mobile solution also offers open API integration and unlimited customer support without any added cost.

You can easily put this top mobile marketing tool to a test when you sign up for SharpSpring free demo here.


An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

SharpSpring won our Expert's Choice Award for 2018

Our score
User satisfaction

Why Choose SharpSpring?

  1. Behavior-based email automation
  2. Fast lead identification
  3. Robust analytics
  4. Dynamic Web Content
  5. Third-Party CRM Integration

2. ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail dashboard example

ActiveTrail is an all-in-one mobile, SMS, and email marketing automation application for SMBs and e-commerce businesses. It offers businesses a robust solution for planning, developing, and using marketing campaigns in various mobile and online channels. With its innovative and efficient tools, this platform helps the typically difficult and cumbersome tasks and process easy and convenient.

One of its key components is the integration of a robust A/B testing module that enables marketers to identify the best attainable optimization level of email marketing. ActiveTrail also provides an extensive array of sophisticated automation features tools for marketing automation, lead generation, advanced analytics, SMS marketing software, mobile application, automatic email delivery, including an extensive marketing integration, including PayPal, Magento, and Zapier.

You can test this mobile marketing automation tool when you sign up for ActiveTrail free trial here.


An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

ActiveTrail won our Expert's Choice Award for 2019

Our score
User satisfaction

Why Choose ActiveTrail?

  1. Smart marketing automation
  2. Mobile responsive landing pages
  3. Email and drip campaign tools
  4. Smart Popups System
  5. On-Site Behavioral Triggers

3. Textedly

Textedly dashboard example

Made primarily for mobile gadgets, Textedly is a flexible mobile marketing and text messaging tool that helps businesses in reaching their target audiences via their smartphones. It’s a useful solution for businesses seeking to establish their brand through the creation of a community of followers. Using an innovative approach in deploying SMS for promotional and other marketing campaigns, businesses can automatically connect with their target audience, who usually are in possession of their mobile phones. Simple and quick to set up and deploy, Textedly offers dozens of SMS marketing tools that help businesses better engage with their subscribers.

Why Choose Textedly?

  1. Mass text message scheduling
  2. Integrated link shrinking
  3. Inbox and one-to-one texting
  4. Inbound & outgoing multimedia messaging
  5. CTIA and mobile carrier compliance

4. PushEngage

PushEngage dashboard example

PushEngage is a mobile marketing and push notifications platform for helping marketers efficiently segment consumers and automatically deliver web push notifications. This application makes it simple and effective for marketers to target your audience with robust, personalized push notifications sent anytime, even if they’re not online or on their website.

PushEngage also allows the creation of personalized push notifications based on relevant segmentation outcomes, which results in increased click rates, decreased churning levels, aside from motivating site users for another visit, boosting the possibility of repeat orders and, helping increase overall site traffic.

Why Choose PushEngage?

  1. Context-triggered notifications
  2. Auto-responder and drip campaigns
  3. Automated customer segmentation
  4. Personalized push notifications
  5. Cross Promotion campaigns

5. Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud dashboard example

Developed by one of the digital marketing leaders, Adobe Marketing Cloud is an integrated mobile marketing and online analytics suite. It is designed to help businesses of any size and industry to create, enhance and assess their promotional campaigns and marketing performance outcomes. This unified marketing platform also makes extensive use of online experience management, advertising, content management, social media, consumer targeting, and media optimization, etc. to provide users a truly end-to-end digital marketing capability.

Why Choose Adobe Marketing Cloud?

  1. Data-driven marketing
  2. Media optimizer
  3. Experience management
  4. Dynamic tag management
  5. Retail optimization

6. Mention

Mention dashboard example

Designed for any type of business that monitors online activities, Mention is a mobile marketing online platform that can monitor billions of sources over the internet in more than 40 languages. For any present-day business, this provides that much-needed rich and extensive information source for update knowledge on what is popular, trending, and relevant to target customers. Used by over half a million businesses across the world, Mention also enables companies to quickly and better connect with their audience — including empowering employees — to help provide better user engagement and experience.

Why Choose Mention?

  1. Easily track 1 billion+ online sources
  2. Automated reports
  3. Watch and learn from competitors
  4. Find influencers
  5. Brand tracking

7. Iterable

Iterable dashboard example

Iterable is an integrated mobile and email marketing platform designed to help modern marketers better engage their customers. Now empowered with AI to enable smarter marketing, this innovative solution supports a completely automated objective-based marketing by optimizing when, where and how frequent you must engage your target customers. Its smart dashboard allows marketers to easily create personalized emails and messages, design multi-level marketing programs, engage with clients at every touchpoint of their entire lifecycle journey and increase the likelihood of repeat buying engagements, among others.

Why Choose Iterable?

  1. Build unlimited customer segments
  2. Automated campaigns
  3. Create sophisticated workflows
  4. Flexible 360-degree customer profiles
  5. Customer journey mapping

8. dashboard example is a mobile marketing platform that helps marketers build better ways to interact with their target customers. With a robust marketing automation tool at its core, this tool can be easily programmed to send messages, push notifications, and targeted emails for building stronger relationships, boosting customer subscriptions, and effectively decreasing churn rates. It offers an extensive array of automated features — such as A/B testing, liquid templating, pageviews, conversions tracking, etc. — to help businesses gain efficiency in contact management, making it a popular choice among online businesses.

Why Choose

  1. Workflow automation
  2. Visual segment builder
  3. Flexible data integrations
  4. Two-factor authentication
  5. Best-in-class customer support

9. Adestra

Adestra dashboard example

Adestra is a mobile email marketing solution targetting small and medium-sized companies. A user-friendly, customer-driven marketing tool, it manages their email marketing campaigns and be easily customized to suit the particular needs of a business. With wide integration to popular apps to empower your marketing campaigns, it also offers robust analytics to provide actionable market intelligence and insights to boost marketing efficiency. Its email automation technology helps marketers to automatically send suitable messages to sales leads according to customer behavior and preferences. It also offers a form builder tool for generating landing pages and email templates for better lead generation.

Why Choose Adestra?

  1. Data drive automation
  2. Form builder tool
  3. Data and analytics integration
  4. Award-winning customer support
  5. Data security

10. Mailigen

Mailigen dashboard example

Mailigen is a mobile marketing solution that integrates the power of email marketing, mobile technology, and social media into one. This integrated platform is designed to help businesses better manage their contacts and remain on top of their promotional campaigns even when done simultaneously in multiple locations. Its smart email marketing automation tool enables businesses to easily connect with their target audience, while its pre-built professional email templates can be readily adjusted to cater to the particular requirements of marketers. Its predictive customer behavior feature enables marketers to create customer-specific emails and SMS that help increase lead conversions into actual sales.

Why Choose Mailigen?

  1. Behavioral email automation
  2. Email autoresponders
  3. Contact segmentation
  4. Real-time reporting and monitoring
  5. Free built-in email templates

11. InsideView

InsideView dashboard example

InsideView is a mobile marketing solution designed to provide businesses extensive and useful targeting market information in real time. This enables marketers to accurately recognize the right customers to engage with, the correct method for reaching them, and the proper timing to do so. InsideView uses its robust data gathering capabilities to provide businesses the key market data that businesses can leverage upon to their advantage. It also offers a number of marketing and operational automation features, such as automated push notifications, calendar synchronization, social media alerts, among others.

Why Choose InsideView?

  1. Industry-leading intelligence data
  2. Real-time market insights
  3. Private network connections
  4. Calendar integration
  5. Enhanced search features

12. Feedify

Feedify dashboard example

Feedify is a cloud-based mobile marketing and push notifications platform for online businesses. It helps marketers communicate and deal with customers on a personalized, one-on-one basis using specialized focused, outcome-oriented tools. These include offer campaigns, online survey builder, segmentation features, exit intent, after sales feedback management, and automated push notifications.

With Feedify, businesses can schedule and automate push notifications according to how they interact per customer, helping simplify marketing automation, which can be repeated and adjusted in real time. Used by more than 4,000 companies, this mobile marketing solution helps businesses reach out to their market, expand their customer base, and boost growth and revenues.

Why Choose Feedify?

  1. All in the Cloud
  2. Unlimited page views
  3. Push notification monetization
  4. Geo-targeting & bounce rate
  5. Campaign autoresponder

This review of the best mobile marketing platforms with automation is not comprehensive, but it sure gives you a good headstart. If you want expanded features, you can also go for any of the top marketing automation software solutions out in the market. It’s also best for you to take advantage of free trial that vendors offer as it allows you to really experience the features and benefits of the software. For instance, you can sign up for SharpSpring free demo here

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