15 Best POS Software Systems For Small Business

Toast: No. 1 POS Solution


First, let’s get to know what a POS software system is all about. The letters stand for “point-of-sale” and at its very basic is your business cash register. It is used at offices or business locations where goods and services are sold to clients and customers. Leveraging internet technology, the program is not only used by physical retail outlets but more so by online stores using complex, advanced tools.

With a POS software solution, you are able to record all your customer sales transactions using your computer and store all your sales information in your device or on cloud. You can input into your computer the goods and services you are selling, their price, and the quantity sold. The software program calculates the total costs, including tax, and informs you if you need to give back some change to the customer. It records each sale you do and monitors everything else.

Since the software keeps tab of all sales you’ve made, it can then streamline other various tasks such as calculate the total sales for the day, the total sales tax made, or the number of times a particular item was sold during a certain period. The capabilities of POS software, therefore, go beyond being just a cash register. It can be a complete retail management system to automate and handle all the other aspects of your business.


What are common features of POS software?

Although you can purchase a platform with only basic POS functionality, many of today’s POS software are integrated tools designed to manage a variety of related tasks. Here are some of the common features:

  • Point of Sale
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory Control
  • Shop Management
  • Automatic Purchase Order Creation
  • Customer Tracking and Follow Up
  • Automatic Price Updates
  • Payroll
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • General Ledger
  • EDI (Electronic Ordering)

Essentially, a POS software system can bring a lot of benefits to your business. You can realize significant returns, improve savings, enhance productivity, and get detailed information on sales condition and performance. All these translate to profitability, which is what a business is for.

Overview of the POS Industry

According to a study by Grand View Research, the global retail POS terminals market size was valued at USD 13.31 billion in 2015. There will be continued growth in this industry because of changing customer preference for non-cash transactions which is pushing the demand for portable and mobile POS devices in the retail sector.

Other results in the study that encompass the 2014-2024 time frame include the following forecasts:

  • Mobile POS payment devices are expected to increase 4X.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions will become prevalent in the POS industry.
  • Supermarkets deployed the maximum number of POS terminals in 2015.
  • Asia Pacific POS terminals industry is expected to drive demand.


There are dozens of POS software solutions available in the market today. You can choose software that can be installed in your on-location computer or opt for the more popular SaaS, cloud-based POS platforms. In this article, we detail the main features and benefits of the top POS software products in our database to help you shortlist and select the right app for your store needs.

1. Toast POS

Toast POS is a POS solution distinctly designed for restaurants. It helps users to keep their accounts updated easily and conveniently by offering helpful features and options that they can also use to enhance customer satisfaction.

Toast POS won our Expert's Choice Award for 2018

You can see all key features of this software in action in the vendor’s free demo. You can easily sign up for Toast free demo here.

You can use this single software to manage restaurant bookings, stock, and online ordering. The big advantage is you can use Toast POS to enhance your business by saving time and improving your organizational capability. You can provide quality services and also cross check them through order tracking and data reports.

What is unique about Toast POS?

  • Full restaurant management. Streamlines front-of-house and kitchen processes aside from providing sales reports, menu reports and customer reports.
  • Subscription-based pricing. Flexible pricing options allow the addition of modules as your business grows. You can also avail of the bundle hardware with a one-time purchase.
  • Tablet-based. Allow multi-tasking mobility such as taking orders, marking stock outs. Adding or removing menu items, and the like.
  • Customer-friendly. Through the tablet’s interface, customers can pay bills, sign receipts and even offer tips for convenient cashless and paperless transactions.

2. TouchBistro

TouchBistro is one of the best POS solutions designed for the needs of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, dining venues, and more. It is hosted in cloud, and targets specifically iOS users interested to serve customers promptly, and learn from the practices of experienced restaurant managers who contributed to the creation of this software. With TouchBistro, you can manage tableside orders, floor plans & tables, processing mobile payments, direct and schedule staff, create interesting menus, and manage inventory right from the iPad. Plus, you can access reporting & analytics in the cloud from anywhere, at anytime.

The vendor also offers a great free trial that you can use to try out the capabilities of the software. You can easily sign up for TouchBistro free trial here.

Whether you own a fine-dining restaurant, casual eatery, cafe, food truck, pub, or any other food business, TouchBistro is an affordable and easy-to-use POS system that focuses solely on your unique restaurant needs. It is complete with food service specific features, superior ease-of-use, and advanced management capabilities, making it the perfect business solution for your restaurant. For more information on similar solutions you can check out our list of top 20 POS software for restaurants.

What is unique about TouchBistro?

  • Restaurant-specific POS. TouchBistro’s prize winning factor is that it’s designed specifically for restaurants. Whether you own a fine-dining restaurant, casual eatery, cafe, food truck, pub, or any other food business, TouchBistro is an affordable and easy-to-use POS system that focuses solely on your unique restaurant needs.
  • Mobile menu management. TouchBistro’s reliable connection is paired with the convenience of reporting and menu management in the cloud, so owners and operators can check in on their business from wherever, whenever.
  • Focus on improving customer experience. Since orders are entered directly into the iPad and sent to the kitchen wirelessly, you can say goodbye to those pesky order errors caused by having to transfer orders from paper to POS.
  • Enhances staff efficiency. With a system that’s so easy to use, your staff can do it all; from seamlessly managing tables, to customizing orders, and even taking payment, all it takes is a few swipes of their finger.
  • Very stable system. Since TouchBistro works on a local connection and doesn’t need the Internet to run, any down-times caused by Internet outages are a thing of the past.

3. Square

If you’re looking for a more general solution then you can’t go wrong with Square. It is a free solution that is easy to use and implement, and allows businesses to take payments with Android or iOS devices in their shop counter or on the go. The system offers a magstripe reader that allows you to take payments via credit and debit cards. Other functions offered include item management and real-time sales and inventory tracking.

You can easily try out this solution with a great free trial offered by the vendor. You can sign up for Square free trial here.

The software promotes fast transactions and generates sales reports, manages inventory, and stores digital receipts. Another benefit is the system offers smart reports and analytics for users to get feedback and insights on their operations and to make intelligent business decisions. On top of that, the solution is flexible and can be customized for the needs of both small and large companies. Likewise, the vendor constantly updates and improves the software with new features and modifications to help businesses operate more efficiently and productively.

What is unique about Square

  • It is free. It can be downloaded from the App Store and Google play and installed on Apple iOS and Android devices, and implemented on the go or over the counter.
  • It comes with a Square magstripe reader. This allows the system to accept and transact payments via debit or credit cards using your mobile device.
  • It carries other functionalities. It also functions as a real-time sales and inventory tracker, as well as item management platform.
  • It has reporting and analytics. It generates feedback via intelligent reports and valuable analytics, giving users insights on their operations to help them come up with better business decisions.
  • It is constantly updated. The software gets regular updates, with modifications and new features applied automatically to help people run their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

4. Vend

Vend is one of the best POS systems designed for iPad and is used by retail businesses to manage inventory, sales, and customers at an affordable cost. It is a flexible app that can be customized to support data entry with touchscreen or keyboard and mouse. Plus, the POS screen can be improved to enable access to popular processes or items.

Vend is designed to be compatible with systems and equipment such as cash drawers, barcode scanners, and receipt printers. It is a reliable POS software for small business, and can run on a web browser on PC, Mac, Android, and iPad devices. Users can easily download the iPad POS app from Apple’s App Store.

What is unique about Vend?

  • Multi-device compatible. Web-based or iPad POS can work on iPad, Mac or PC and syncs in the cloud so you can use one platform or all three.
  • Configurable and scalable. Works with many business systems and software. You can add more features as your business grows.
  • Works offline. You can continue selling even when the internet goes down as Vend will automatically resync your sales when you’re back online.
  • Built-in online store. Create a fully customizable online store in minutes and have your products online with just one click. No web expertise is required.
  • Multi-task management. You can use an array of tools to manage cash, inventory, orders, central product catalog, pricing and promotions, reports and dashboards, and customer information.

5. QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS can be used to track inventory, sales, and customers quickly and effectively. The vendor offers Basic and Pro versions that businesses can use to cater to the needs of their customers. The app tracks customer information and provides useful features to help companies boost customer retention and loyalty to get repeat sales from them. The system tracks customers’ purchases which tells you what products and brands they usually buy.

QuickBooks POS can be deployed as a web-based service, on premise, and mobile solution. It is ideal for businesses of any size that can use it to accept payment via credit cards. Useful features include customer management and inventory management. The vendor also offers additional hardware such as receipt printers and barcode scanners.

What is unique about QuickBooks POS?

  • Versatile tracking platform. Efficiently track everything that matters – customer purchases, sales and sales tax, income and expenses, time, inventory, mileage, multiple users and employees.
  • Solid credentials. QuickBooks is one of the most popular and widely used financial apps with over 4.3 million customers worldwide. A large customer base is a testament to its effectiveness and usability.
  • Deployment flexibility. You can install it in your machine, use it as a web-based service, or as a mobile app.
  • Extensive support. You can utilize their resource center with a large collection of articles, guides, tutorials, tools and videos on the software as well as on related topics such as sales, marketing and financial management, bookkeeping, accounting and many more.

6. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers useful features such as order management, predictive intelligence, mobile-first POS and store operations, and digital commerce. Businesses can use this app to streamline their operations from purchase to post-sale service.

Commerce Cloud offers features in three categories — experience, operations, and intelligence. Experience functionality helps you to streamline content, products, promotions, and pricing to interact more effectively with customers. Operations features help you to improve core functions and link processes from order fulfillment to back-office work. Intelligence tools empower you with business insights and customer personalization capabilities. Together, these features improve commerce across multiple channels such as call center, store, kiosk, web, and mobile.

What is unique about Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

  • Power platform. It is an integrated software that combines powerful functionalities for end-to-end business operations, producing faster time to value.
  • Continuous innovation. The app is continuously upgraded up to eight times a year, delivering new features and enhancements without affecting your day-to-day operations.
  • Shared revenue model. The software’s business model is based on shared success, meaning the vendor is fully vested in helping you grow and succeed.
  • Active community. You join a large, active community that shares insights, information, innovations and improvements.

7. FastSpring

FastSpring is suitable for websites that sell SaaS, software, apps, and digital products. Not surprisingly, this solution has been designed and developed by e-commerce experts.

The notable feature of FastSpring is that it applies advanced technologies to help users maintain e-commerce engines and databases. They can use its innovative features to boost sales. Businesses can even cater to overseas clients and still ensure privacy and security. The app has won several awards for its efficient services, including the Stevie Award which it won three times in the category of Computers and Software for its outstanding customer service.

What is unique about FastSpring?

  • Global platform. Your e-Commerce website is ready for international operations as the app has more than 20 different languages and can accept payment in more than 12 currencies.
  • Control and customize your online store. You get to customize and design all your pages by yourself based on your feasibility, and control its features from shopping carts to order pages.
  • One account operation. If you have a chain of stores, you can run all of them through a single account. You can manage each of your stores through the same interface.
  • Secured payment. The software is integrated with leading payment services that offer fraud protections services to ensure fast, safe and easy payments.

8. Shopify POS

Shopify POS is a POS system offered on iPads and iPhones by the Shopify e-commerce suite. You can use the application to manage both your online and physical stores.

To help merchants, Shopify POS offers a complete system including its proprietary card reader (powered by Swipe), a Socket Mobile barcode scanner, APG cash drawers, and Star Micronics receipt printer. To use the system, merchants need to buy a newer iPad version. You can buy all the hardware on Shopify’s website or you can also buy and use compatible hardware that integrates smoothly with the POS system.

What is unique about Shopify POS?

  • Complete e-Commerce platform. More than just a POS system, it comes with all the features of an online retail business such as accepting online payments and transactions.
  • Ideal for small business. With its reasonable price, intuitive features, and thorough customer support, it is specifically designed for the retail operations of online businesses.
  • Cloud processes. You can handle all inventory processes in the cloud, integrate with the best retail hardware, and generate comprehensive reports and analytics.
  • Simple and straightforward. Whether used as a stand-alone application or as an addition to your online store, you don’t really have to be an expert to master the software.

9. Skubana

Skubana helps e-commerce websites boost their sales through it modern features that are used by some of today’s top companies. Skubana is an intuitive and smartly designed software that offers all useful features in a single app. It can be tough to manage an ecommerce store but owners can use this platform to save time and improve efficiency. The application also helps users to make smart business decisions via its business intelligence feature.

The vendor believes it is essential to get at least 1,000 orders per month in order to for an online business to be viable. To help realize this, the vendor equipped the software with numerous useful features to enhance business profitability and growth.

What is unique about Skubana?

  • Unified omnichannel business. Puts together all the tools you need to run your business and acts as a central nervous system of your operations.
  • Automation engine. Streamlines and automates everything from algorithmic fulfillment to fully auto-generated purchase orders.
  • Predictive analytics. Utilizes a powerful tool in business intelligence to reveal trends and patterns of what will happen before they actually happen.
  • Extensible. Fully open REST API enables unlimited customization of the base platform, along with a large partner network of hundreds of developers ready to level up your operations.

8. Erply

Erply is a leading web-based retail system intended to assist business owners efficiently manage their operations. The solution is simple to use, stable, and affordable. It is a cloud-based POS and inventory management platform that is capable of managing multi-store businesses.

Erply offers a robust API that can integrate with existing solutions to enable centralized management. The vendor has made available a list of the numerous systems and POS apps that users can integrate. The software currently powers the POS system of more than 100,000 customers with a majority of them based in the US. Erply also has a global customer base as it is an ideal app for businesses of any scale and in any industry.

What is unique about Erply?

  • Multi-channel retail approach. Allows you to take an open approach to drive business, regardless of where the transaction takes place – on the web, mobile, or in-store.
  • Retail chain management. Ideal for running large retail chains like clothing and apparel, footwear, jewelry, pet shops, or a network of service shops.
  • Mix and match hardware. You can run it on tablets, POS registers, laptops or smartphones for unrestricted freedom and mobility.
  • Retail CRM. Build customer database, record customer sales history, create customer lists and groups, email sales documents, and capture customers from social media.

9. Bindo POS

Bindo POS is a cloud-based solution that allows customers to buy online from anywhere using their mobile device. Moreover, it integrates smoothly with CRM apps to help you engage your clients positively and build profitable business relationships with them. A notable feature in Bindo POS is its inbuilt analytics that can track inventory and make intelligent decisions related to inventory management.

Customers can easily order and receive products from your online store. This makes buying and selling simple and enhances customer experience. The software supports e-commerce sites and third party apps such as Xero and QuickBooks. You can use the system to boost your business efficiency by reducing costs and improving sales.

What is unique about Bindo POS?

  • All-in-one POS solution. It is designed to handle a myriad of tasks from inventory and barcode scanning to powerful reporting and analytics.
  • Feature-packed register. Efficiently operate your business with over 300 intuitive and easy-to-use features ranging from invoicing to time clock.
  • Hardware tailored to your needs. The system offers a wide range of hardware options such as barcode scanners and scales, and can support existing hardware that you have.
  • Online storefront. Open an online store with one clock setup to complement you brick-and-mortar outlet, or easily embed an online store in you existing website.

10. Booker

Booker is a user-friendly business management app that can effectively manage your business anywhere, anytime using any internet-connected device. The big advantage is your customers can book appointments and classes at their convenience through the mobile app, website, or social accounts. On top of that, the vendor has proven expertise which makes the tool reliable and secure.

Booker enables you to track and report on all your business activities to identify thriving areas as well as those that need improvement. Plus, you can use the partner sites of the Booker Marketing Network to expand your company’s reach and get more business from new customers.  In short, this app gives your customers a range of booking options to contact you from any location, from any device, whenever they need to.

What is unique about Booker?

  • Manage payments. You can process cash, credit, checks, credit accounts, and series payments; override prices and apply discounts; and print and email receipts.
  • Manage customer profiles. Search your customers by name and view their profiles including previous appointments and orders.
  • Manage your calendar. View and manage your calendar; book, update, and cancel appointments; and check in clients with two just a couple of clicks.
  • Flexible access. Give customers flexible booking alternatives so they can connect with you anywhere, anytime, on any device. Provide flexible access to your sales staff for anytime access to their work schedule using mobile or desktop device.

11. Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is a POS system that is accessible from anywhere and at anytime. Created with retailers in mind, Lightspeed Retail is built to address point of sale requirements of both single store and multi-shop enterprise. With Lightspeed Retail, users receive inventory management tools, powerful reporting features, quoting, ordering and invoicing tools, as well as jobs and timesheet capabilities. With the software, users can smoothly switch from management to sales in no time.

In terms of hardware, Lightspeed Retail is designed to run on Mac or any iOS device. If your business needs additional hardware, Lightspeed can supply you a number of options, such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers.

What is unique about Lightspeed Retail?

  • More than a cash register. You get an all-in-one POS solution that can also handle day-to-day sales, customer management and inventory tasks.
  • Geared for restaurant and retail operation. Ideal for retailers and restaurant owners with floor management and store management features, among others.
  • Omnichannel retailing. Sell in store or online, you can be open for business all the time, all year round with an integrated eCommerce platform.
  • Marketing functions. You get a variety of marketing features such as built-in SEO tools, blogging system, social media integration, customer feedback, A/B testing capabilities and many more.

12. Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant is an e-commerce system for modern businesses of any size needing high quality features at an affordable price. It helps streamline ecommerce businesses through a merchant platform that is custom-built, infinitely scalable, safe and secure. You can design your own online retail site, integrate storefronts with your ERP and CRM, automate retail processes, and manage inventory and fulfillment.

The vendor offers customer support through an in-house professional services department, an online familiarization tour as well as blogs, forums, documentation and videos. Its state-of-the-art cloud hosting ensures perfect historical uptimes, redundant backups, fail-safe streaming updates and full data security.

What is unique about Miva Merchant?

  • Single source solution. It is a complete, integrated ecommerce platform that supports B2B and B2C selling.
  • Unlocks your ERP. It brings your traditional sales channel online by showing unique product information, business rules and logic in an ecommerce web store.
  • Leverages CRM data. It sets up sophisticated customer accounts, specialized offers, volume discounts, personalized promotions to drive sales and customer loyalty.
  • Optimizes your site. It comes with pre-designed ecommerce templates and themes to help you build stunning websites that are fully customizable and responsive.

13. NexoPOS

NexoPOS is a user-friendly yet sophisticate POS software built for SMBs in the restaurant or retail industry. It can competently handle all your operations thanks to its comprehensive set of tools for managing your inventory, staff, customers, coupons, and providers. With NexoPOS, you can save countless resources thanks to its automation capabilities, which ensures accurate figures without the risk of human error.

NexoPOS is flexible and can be adapted as your business grows. Best of all, NexoPOS are open to create custom features for your business if there’s anything lacking with the platform. This comprehensive POS solution supports both desktop and mobile devices, enabling users to take total control of their business operations wherever they may be.

What is unique about NexoPOS?

  • Stock alert per item. Ensure that you meet customer demands at all times by automatically receiving notifications regarding your stock count per item.
  • Flexible solution. NexoPOS is easily scalable to fit your growing requirements.
  • Automation capabilities. Free yourself and your team from mundane work. The platform can automate your inventory, customer, and sales processes.
  • Insightful reports. Generate detailed and accurate reports to improve your business decisions and strategies.
  • Multi-store system. Those managing multiple stores no longer have to manage their business on multiple systems. NexoPOS allows you to manage all your stores on a single dashboard.

14. inResto

inResto is a highly flexible and scalable restaurant management suite. It has a total of eight modules that covers specific facets of restaurant management. These modules can be used individually or in tandem, allowing you to easily adapt the platform to meet your existing requirements and add more modules as your business expands. The modules comprise of management tools for reservation, ordering, loyalty and promotions, feedback, campaign automation, diner and table management, and website and mobile app management.

Each module of inResto can efficiently handle each aspect of your business. When combined, you have the perfect suite for managing your restaurant, leading to a better dining experience to your customers and improved ROI.

What is unique about inResto?

  • Comprehensive restaurant management modules. Each module is comprehensive to meet your business requirements. 
  • Scalable. With its modular approach, you can start using select modules for important aspects of your business and add more later on as you expand.
  • Reservation management. Its restaurant management module is quite comprehensive, allowing you to seamlessly manage all your reservations. You can monitor the real-time status of your tables to better optimize your capacity, decrease waiting times with its queue management, and more.
  • Full control on customer loyalty programs. It allows you to easily control the amount of points customers receive based on restaurant visits and spending as well as the rewards they can get.

15. Tillpoint

Designed for retail and hospital industries, Tillpoint is an all-in-one EPOS and business management software built to streamline all aspects of of your business operations, featuring customer loyalty tools, inventory management, POS, reporting, and staff timesheet. With Tillpoint, you can keep your customers happy by creating loyalty programs, efficiently manage staff attendance and payroll, and easily manage your inventory. The software is also customizable enough to be tailored for your specific business needs, while its modular construction offers a high degree of scalability to suit your business size whether you’re operating single stores or multi-outlet franchises.

Tillpoint provides a great user experience thanks to its visually attractive and clearly organized interface. This makes it smooth and intuitive to navigate the software. Tillpoint also comes with detailed analytics on all aspects of your business, providing you with data on staff attendance and performance, customer habits, supplier data, and data-driven analysis to help you improve your sales.


What is unique about Tillpoint?

  • Sleek and highly visual interface. Navigating the system is fun and easy thanks to its attractive interface where each tools are neatly organized so you can easily find and open the tools you need.
  • Flexibility and scalability. While the software was designed for hospital and retail industries, it can be modified to suit the specific requirements and specifications of various business types.
  • Easy deployment. You can deploy as many printers, barcode scanners, printers, and other devices necessary to efficiently manage your business.
  • Flexible pricing plans. With Tillpoint, you only need to pay for the features you need.
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  • KoraDent says:

    I gave Vend a look, you mentioned that it can be used both online and offline. I’m not exactly sure how that works, can you also tell me if it applies to the free plan as well? If not, are there other services on this list I should consider? Much appreciated!

    • Alex Hillsberg says:

      Vend is an excellent alternative – it is beautifully crafted, easy to use, painless to connect – and foremost – it works in Offline Mode! What this means is that You will be able to process sales even if your internet connection goes down. Two minutes after the connection has dropped, you will get a dedicated Offline Mode banner with instructions how to proceed, and all the work you’ve done prior to it will be successfully saved. Note that this will only happen when you’re logged into the system with a valid account, and in case you’ve completed the initial sync.

      Using Vend in Offline Mode, you will have access to your current sales (cash, layby, and on-account); you will be able to add customers, accept orders, and view product information. The Offline Mode will not let you process integrated payments, edit & remove current customer profiles, or to discard and park sales. Once your Internet connection is back on, you may get an ‘Errored sales’ status, but you can solve this problem easily by clicking on ‘Retry errored sales’, and syncing the work you completed offline.

      Similar solutions you should consider are Webnexs POS, Retail POS, and Merchant Maverick.

  • Larry Owens says:

    I know TouchBistro, got some excellent recommendations on it, but unfortunately can’t afford it at this point of time. I’m still looking for a solution, but I’m not sure how smart it would be to invest in a custom POS just because it is cheaper. I’d certainly get a restaurant-exclusive one, as long as it fits my budget. Any suggestions in mind?

    • Alex Hillsberg says:

      TouchBistro is certainly a good place to look, as it compiles all vital functions of a smart restaurant POS. Their pricing starts at $69/month for a single license (SOLO plan), and you can use it to manage all POS operations excluding support for multiple terminals. Another restriction is that TouchBistro is devoted only to iPad users. A restaurant-friendly POS on this list that works on all devices is Toast POS, but keep in mind that pricing begins at $100/month.

      No need to worry, though. The good news is you can always find a different restaurant POS solution, either as a standalone product, or bundled within a larger venue management kit with multiple attractive functionalities. For more information, please visit our Best Restaurant Management Software page, and you will certainly find a product that works for you.

      An option is also to try a more affordable ‘one-size-fits-all’ POS and customize it to your needs. Looking up the list, we’d draw your attention particularly to Square Register (flexible and free to use) and QuickBooks POS (starts at $19.95 a month; integrates easily with your accounting system). For more ideas, check our Best POS Software list.

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