15 Popular Learning Management Systems: Which One Is The Best?

lmLearning management software (LMS) enables users to deliver online training courses and materials, college curricula, workshop courses, and hybrid types to train students and employees. It offers a wide range of training metrics to help you process suitable learning settings for each student. You can also use it to perform skills gap analysis with pre-testing as well as to manage the personalized learning curve during the course and adjust the training speed.

Learning management systems make it possible to evaluate student performance by defining your after-course tests and metrics. The software can automate the difficult task of gathering records and registering students, while advanced systems offer collaboration tools for developing course materials. In this article, we list the features and benefits of the popular learning management systems in our database to help you make a suitable choice for your needs.

1. TalentLMS – Score 9.8/10

TalentLMS won our Best Learning Management Software Award for 2016

TalentLMS won our Best Learning Management Software Award for 2016

TalentLMS is a simple yet effective cloud LMS used to train employees, students, partners, or customers. It offers simple and comprehensible analytics and is easily customizable to be either personalized or made business-specific. This LMS offers support for SCORM & TinCan (xAPI), extensible user profiles, gamification, video conferencing, course selling, notifications and other features. It also has a responsive design and can be accessed from iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

You can use this LMS to create eLearning courses very fast. The system won’t stop you from using presentations and videos, or employing a range of online material using social integrations. At the same time, this app can be configured for all your business needs. You can map an external domain, create themes, and add a custom logo to personalize the platform. TalentLMS is a cloud-based solution which means you don’t need to install, backup, or upgrade anything. The eLearning portal can be deployed within seconds.

The really good news is that the vendor offers flexible pricing packages that allow you to upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed. You can also try the free plan that is available.

The app has a minimalist and simple interface that lets you focus on the content instead of worrying about complex features. It is easily customizable and you can modify it to suit your branding requirements.

Our team has evaluated TalentLMS really carefully and we found it to the best app in its category. They have given it a range of quality awards including the Best Learning Management Software 2016 Award and the Supreme Software 2016 Award. Nevertheless, you should still try out the application first to make sure it’s something that fits your company profile. This LMS offers a convenient free trial that you can use to check out its features at no cost. You can start your free plan of TalentLMS here.

2. Schoology – Score 9.5/10

Schoology is an innovative LMS and social networking app. The platform makes it easy to create and share academic content. It offers a collaborative and integrated learning experience to make the conventional LMS more effective. The application also provides a customizable training platform that streamlines content management.

Schoology predominately serves education and training organizations, as it is a student-centric LMS that engages students, enhances collaboration, and enables users to share best practices, instructional materials and more on a global and local scale. The solution streamlines the processes of content creation and management, monitoring attendance, grade recording, and more, so that you can save the time usually spent on administrative tasks.

3. Docebo – Score 9.4/10

Docebo is a well-known leading SaaS e-learning system and a comprehensive application for training management. The app is offered for global users in more than 30 languages, and is a mobile-ready and fully integrated which makes it notably scalable. Overall, it is used by a variety of top brands to boost operational productivity – Currently, Docebo supervises more than 300,000 users in distance learning ventures.

Why does Docebo deserve a place in this list of popular learning management systems? In detail, Docebo is an extendable and robust SaaS LMS that offers the option to activate an Enterprise Cloud Solution (ECS) app which allows the system to operate on a dedicated cloud instance. It offers an easy to use, one-page web app to track and manage e-learning activities. The system is affordable and offers useful features to businesses of all sizes.

4. Canvas LMS – Score 9.3/10

Canvas LMS is a leading online LMS that delivers a customizable design and architecture which enables users to educate or learn in the manner they wish. The app gives importance to communication between teachers and learners, making it possible for both parties to effortlessly collaborate in the learning process.

Canvas LMS allows students to submit paperwork, obtain notifications, and interact with the learning materials given to them on the devices they use. They can also merge their Canvas LMS account with their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook. The app offers a platform that educators can use to create effective learning tools for learners. Instructors can provide feedback and integrate wikis, blogs, videos, and other mediums of education, and monitor their students’ progress.

5. Edmodo – Score 9.3/10

Edmodo is a social LMS for schools, districts, students, and teachers. The company was founded in Chicago, Illinois and today is based in San Mateo, California. It is a leading K-12 social learning network that provides learners with the training materials and instructions they need to maximize their potential.

You can use Edmodo to engage students and motivate them to learn in a familiar environment. Using the system, educators can conduct online classroom discussions, release polls to measure student comprehension, and give rewards to students based on their productivity or behavior.

6. Brightspace – Score 9.2/10

Brightspace is an integrated LMS designed to be used by higher education centers and K-12 school districts as well as corporate users, government agencies, and higher education centers. The vendor offers a customizable suite of apps, services, and support which stimulates social learning.

Brightspace combines learning and teaching resources with analytics and assessment features to offer an integrated e-learning environment. It focuses on accessibility and usability, and offers unified social tools to facilitate a mobile-ready and collaborative learning experience. The app’s built-in analytics feature helps you to analyze the performance of an organization, department, or individual.

7. Blackboard – Score 9.2/10

Blackboard is a popular LMS that offers educators and businesses the ability to teach their students or employees in an interactive virtual environment. It is a web-based platform that offers scalable design, customizable open architecture, and a course management system that enable users to combine the solution with student information system and authentication processes. The LMS’ main objective is to create and deliver online learning and courses efficiently to learners with few or no face-to-face meetings.

Blackboard offers specific modules for different target learners: Business, Government, Higher Education, and K-12.

8. Bridge LMS – Score 9.1/10

Bridge LMS is a corporate LMS that enables companies to enhance employee training and create out-of-the box courses to speed up learning progression and assist employees in developing industry-specific skills.

At the same time,Bridge LMS is cloud-based and accessible from all mobile devices. It stores all relevant information in a centralized index from where employees can access their training records on the go. Managers can use the accurate feedback this LMS offers to learn about specific employee’s needs, and detect trends, threats, and opportunities, and closely track the progress of their company.

All this being said, Bridge LMS can be used by companies of all scales to manage their talent pool and to boost employee engagement. You can also make use of robust CRM and ERP integrations.

9. Litmos LMS – Score 9.0/10

Litmos LMS is designed to suit the needs of trainers, managers, and instructors, and helps them to develop effective online courses, curricula, and training programs. It will help you develop a close rapport with your students by assisting you to get accurate feedback, real-time reporting, and automated notifications whenever your pupils finish a course or reach an objective.

What is more, Litmos offers effective partnership with other users and has an important role in the task assignment process. You can also use the tool to develop teams to help you manage student groups and assign tasks for enhanced tracking and management. Deploying this LMS will be fast and easy, and so will the process of creating customized online courses for improved training and information retention by your students.

10. iCIMS Talent Acquisition – Score 9.0/10

iCIMS is a talent acquisition and onboarding solution that offers robust features, including a branded career portal. The customizable career portal helps candidates to look for good career opportunities. The platform offers the tools businesses need to simplify and accelerate the talent acquisition process keeping in mind the qualifications and quality of the candidates. Companies can use the solution to improve their hiring process, engage good candidates, make quality hires, and track key metrics.

Notable features include job board posting, career site SEO, and social media distribution. This robust app is designed to help recruiters and HR professionals reach and attract qualified candidates. They can use the iCIMS Social Distribution feature to extend their reach beyond popular social media websites to more than 300 other social media networks, including specialty and niche websites.

11. iSpring Learn LMS – Score 9.0/10

iSpring Learn is a simple, user-friendly LMS that lets you access your e-learning content in familiar iPad interface. The solution allows you to access your content even on the go. You can use the LMS to do your learning anytime, anywhere as you can take your courses with you. You can study without losing your statistics by downloading the course materials to your iPad and learn when you are ready.

The best part is that iSpring Learn is an out-of-the-box LMS that is suitable for any organization type. The system offers tools to enable you to create thorough e-learning courses. You can use the solution’s logical and simple folder-based interface to organize your e-learning materials. To improve organization and user experience, you can categorize and label your users into groups, set access permissions, and obtain clear reports.

12. Moodle – Score 9.0/10

Moodle is a free online LMS. It enables instructors to create a private portal containing dynamic courses for training anywhere, anytime. The software offers a full set of learner-centric features and collaborative learning environments that motivate teaching and learning.

Moodle is supported by certified partners, dedicated full-time developers, and an active international community. The project is steered by community support and open collaboration, and implements improvements and quick bug fixes, with fresh updates every six months. This LMS offers drag-and-drop features, an easy to use interface, well-documented resources as well as constant usability improvements.

13. Absorb LMS – Score 9.0/10

Absorb LMS offers an intuitive, HTML5-based user interface, which can be customized for a variety of hardware platforms. This solution enables learners to access learning content, educational events, and courses on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. It offers self-paced courses that contain surveys, assessments, quizzes, documents, tasks, videos and more. Students can use the learning materials to select the lessons they like and complete preferred courses.

These are the main benefits you should expect from Absorb LMS: It is e-commerce enabled, courses can issue educational points, credits, or units, it is available hosted or installed on-premise, and finally, it is highly configurable and easy to use.

14. Training-Online.eu – Score 8.0/10

Training-Online.eu is an e-Learning platform that is hosted in the cloud and is designed to deliver online education, training, and instruction to your employees or students. The system features a throng of media content types of lessons to help you devise and implement the most effective online learning strategies based on your requirements and preferences.

This online learning platform features an easy to use interface that users without prior experience can build their own e-learning programs within a minute. The tool also comes with a multiple language support functionality and customization options for the skins, enabling users to integrate their colors and logo to their interface. They can also embed their platform to their own web page.

15. Geenio – Score 8.0/10

Geenio is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that allows users to build, design, and enhance their learning process. This next generation online learning platform enables you to create a full cycle of learning, from the content creation phase all the way through to the final analysis of the learning results. The best part is that you don’t have to use additional tools or acquire new technical skills to fully leverage the power of Geenio.

Easy to use and very affordable, Geenio ensures that you create and execute effective learning strategies for professional and corporate settings, analyze results, and create best practices with less effort right off the bat. The system is also optimized for mobile devices, making sure that you are in control over your learning system while your learners have instant access to your content and more anytime, anywhere.

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