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15 Popular Learning Management Systems: Which One Is The Best?

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What is the most popular learning management system of 2020?
The most popular learning management system of 2020 is TalentLMS. It offers organizations and professionals robust tools for either employee training or educational packages to clients. The mobile-ready app also comes with advanced features like video conferencing and gamification modules.

Learning management software (LMS) offers a wide range of training metrics to help you process suitable learning settings for each student. You can use even the free LMS tools to perform skills gap analysis with pre-testing as well as to manage the personalized learning curve during the course and adjust the training speed.

In this article, we list the features and benefits of the popular learning management software in our database to help you make a suitable choice for your needs.

learning management system

By getting time and location constraints out of the way, online learning management systems allow workers to pursue professional development at their own convenient time, pace, and virtually from any place. But beyond professional pursuits, these applications also help businesses achieve goals of their own, from remaining competitive to realizing increased revenues.

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Why are industries turning to elearning?

Why are industries turning to elearning?
to remain competitive: 72%

to remain competitive

Why are industries turning to elearning?
less time spent on elearning compared to traditional classroom setting: 60%

less time spent on elearning compared to traditional classroom setting

Why are industries turning to elearning?
increased retention rates compared with face-to-face training: 60%

increased retention rates compared with face-to-face training

Why are industries turning to elearning?
increased revenues: 42%

increased revenues



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Multiple technologies have converged to make elearning an enticing avenue for businesses and professionals. Specifically, video streaming and gamification are proving to be game-changers for ensuring that learners retain more lessons than traditional methods while injecting fun and a sense of accomplishment along the way.

The following 15 most popular LMS platforms could be the solution you are waiting for to reap the same rewards that others are already enjoying.

1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS dashboard

TalentLMS is a simple yet effective cloud LMS used to train employees, students, partners, or customers. It offers simple and comprehensible analytics and is easily customizable to be either personalized or made business-specific. This LMS offers support for SCORM & TinCan (xAPI), extensible user profiles, gamification, video conferencing, course selling, notifications, and other features. It also has a responsive design and can be accessed from iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

You can use this LMS to create elearning courses very fast. The system won’t stop you from using presentations and videos, or from employing a range of online material using social integrations. At the same time, this app can be configured for all your business needs. You can map an external domain, create themes, and add a custom logo to personalize the platform to name just a few. Moreover, TalentLMS is a cloud-based solution which means you don’t need to install, back up, or upgrade anything. The eLearning portal can be deployed within seconds.


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Try out TalentLMS with their free trial

The app has a minimalist and simple interface that lets you focus on the content instead of worrying about complex learning management features. It is easily customizable and you can modify it to suit your branding requirements.

To immediately start your learning program, you can check out TalentLMS free trial.

Detailed TalentLMS Review

2. Docebo

Docebo dashboard

Docebo is a well-known leading SaaS elearning system and a comprehensive application for training management. Intended for global users, the app supports over 30 languages. It is mobile-ready and fully integrated, which makes it notably scalable. Overall, it is used by a variety of top brands to boost operational productivity. Currently, Docebo supervises more than 300,000 users in distance learning ventures.



Try out Docebo with their free trial


Why does Docebo deserve a place in this list of popular learning management systems? Powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, Docebo is one of the most robust LMS solutions in its category. It can impressively deliver an automated and personalized learning experience across your enterprise. With less time-consuming tasks, you can focus on facilitating an effective onboarding process and formal learning to drive employee growth.

Detailed Docebo Review

3.  SkyPrep

SkyPrep dashboard

SkyPrep is a straightforward online training software that simplifies learning management with its fully customizable content upload and monitoring tools. It has a simple user interface that is practical and easy to navigate.  Likewise, it allows different file types including videos, PPT and various image formats, giving you more flexibility in preparing learning materials. The software’s adaptive course builder and scheduling tools lend to trainers more room for creativity in preparing and distributing learning materials.



Try out SkyPrep with their free trial


Apart from SkyPrep’s extensive knowledge acquisition features, automated tests and quizzes are also available. Training progress reports with an automated grading system are also featured and can be generated on demand.

You can also customize the LMS to your workflows and white label its interface and your learning materials with your brand. Pricing plans are based on the number of active users.

Detailed SkyPrep Review

4. Coassemble

Coassemble dashboard

Formerly known as eCoach, cloud-based learning management system Coassemble lets you create training programs, conduct training, and monitor progress reports. It does not require you to invest in additional software as it comes with comprehensive features to get your programs running. The use of LMBs and authoring tools are designed for quick adaption, making steep learning curves a thing of the past.

Furthermore, it’s loaded with over 40 templates that you can customize to give it the look and feel that suits your style. This mobile-optimized solution also allows your employees to undergo training from the comfort of their mobile devices at any given time and place.



Try out Coassemble with their free trial


Coassemble offers student, productivity, campus usage, and completion rate data reports, which you can use to further improve your training programs. To ensure the smoothest operation of your training programs, the vendor offers team onboarding assistance, local support, and live chat access. You need not worry about additional features as Coassemble works with Zapier to integrate with pretty much any application there is, including Gmail, MailChimp, and Slack among others.

Detailed Coassemble Review

5. Skillcast

Skillcast dashboard

Skillcast is a fully-managed LMS solution designed to help organizations engage employees with innovative LMS tools and online compliance courses. The platform is ideally suited for the retail, services, finance, manufacturing, and technology industries. It provides companies the elearning tools to train employees about compliance systems, policies, and procedures. By helping employees understand stipulated rules better, it creates a culture of compliance and integrity.



Try out Skillcast with their free trial


Skillcast comes with expansive course libraries with customizable compliance content. With the resource, companies can tailor learning programs to their specific corporate training needs, processes, and culture. The approach makes it easy to inform, engage, and influence employees in the best way possible.

Additionally, the solution offers innovative compliance tools that enable companies to deliver mandatory and optional training,  instructor-led training, CPD, compliance attestations, and a policy hub—all from a single platform.

Detailed Skillcast Review

6. eFront

eFront dashboard

eFront offers a powerful and highly adaptable learning management platform for any business size. Offering on-premise and cloud-based options, this mobile-optimized, ecommerce-ready software is equipped with flexible deployment solutions, advanced security tools, and fully customizable features. It also supports open API and over 32 native integrations to help you build your elearning portal the way you prefer.

To utilize eFront, you choose from three monthly subscription plans—namely Business, Enterprise, and Large Enterprise that costs $750, $1,000, and $2,000 respectively—or opt for a quote-based payment. The vendor offers a great demo if you want to check the features without cost.



Try out eFront with their free trial


eFront specializes in adaptability for your enterprise training, which provides you with custom deployment, plugins, and design. Aside from the seamless integration, it ensures security for your training data. A scalable, reliable, and efficient solution, it comes with the latest Android app to streamline your learning and training management and to make it possible regardless of location. This gives you different mediums of content that you can reuse as necessary.

Detailed eFront Review

7. Bridge LMS

Bridge LMS dashboard

Bridge LMS is a corporate LMS that enables companies to enhance employee training and create out-of-the-box courses to speed up learning progression and assist employees in developing industry-specific skills.

Bridge LMS

Bridge LMS

Try out Bridge LMS with their free trial


At the same time, Bridge LMS is cloud-based and accessible from all mobile devices. It stores all relevant information in a centralized index where employees can access their training records on the go. Managers can use the accurate feedback to learn about specific employee needs and detect trends, threats, and opportunities, and closely track the progress of their company.

Bridge LMS can be used by companies of all scales to manage their talent pool and to boost employee engagement. You can also make use of robust CRM tools and ERP integrations.

Detailed Bridge LMS Review

8. TalentCards

TalentCards dashboard

TalentCards looks at easy-to-digest content and lean learning or micro-learning as the solution to the age of distraction. The mobile app employs learning cards and the smartphone to compete with learners’ diminished attention span and aversion to long training sessions. TalentCards thus pushes for engaging users’ mental faculties towards more productive ends bit by bit.



Try out TalentCards with their free trial


TalentCards pools together its vast experience in corporate training solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and thoughtful interaction design to offer a mobile app that lets you deliver effective small-sized training. By focusing on ease of content creation, learner experience, and micro-learning on the go, TalentCards makes it easy to create and distribute successful training programs.

Detailed TalentCards Review

9. CoreAchieve

CoreAchieve dashboard

CoreAchieve is an LMS platform that specializes in personalized learning. This approach lets organizations implement learning programs with continued personnel development as an objective. Its strength in learning customization is complemented by a simplified content distribution to drive learner engagement at affordable pricing.

Key to CoreAchieve is a Course Author module that makes it fast and easy to manage training content. You can create courses from scratch or you can import your SCORM-compliant content. The intuitive admin interface lets you start training courses with ease.



Try out CoreAchieve with their free trial


Its centralized dashboard ensures that users can access all the information relevant to their training program. No matter if you are managing single or multipart courses, featuring numerous types of quizzes, content, and other components, CoreAchieve will help you do just that from one location. Aside from providing easy access to courses, it grants admins full control over the organization’s digital assets like videos, documents, and graphics.

Detailed CoreAchieve Review

10. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS dashboard

Absorb LMS is equipped with a series of core features that provides users with total control over their employees’ learning experience. It’s also designed to help make the learning process more engaging for students. For instance, admins are given collaborative tools they can use to interact with the learners to make the training period a more socially engaging one.

Also, to speed you up on the process, the system has pre-built content libraries that give you access to courses that you can use right off the bat. Some tasks are also automatically being taken care of the system so that the instructors and admins have more time to focus on improving their learning courses.

Furthermore, Absorb LMS is a good system for those that want to create a training course to sell to others. That’s because the software features an ecommerce module that allows you to monetize your courses. It’s also pretty straightforward to manage. You can easily setup the programs you have for sale and arrange for their price, discounts, and even tax information.

Detailed Absorb LMS Review

11. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos dashboard

SAP Litmos is designed to suit the needs of trainers, managers, and instructors. It helps them develop effective online courses, curricula, and training programs. It will help you develop a close rapport with your students by assisting you to get accurate feedback, real-time reporting, and automated notifications whenever your pupils finish a course or reach an objective.

The platform also offers a number of automation capabilities including communication. One of the most prominent, however, is its automated certification process. SAP Litmos monitors the attendance of learners as well as their course progress and awards them with a certificate whenever they deserve one. Certification paths can be configured as well in order to make sure they fit your business requirements.

SAP Litmos also offers effective partnerships with other users and has an important role in the task assignment process. You can use the tool to develop teams that can help you manage student groups and assign tasks for enhanced tracking and management. Deploying this LMS will be fast and easy, and so will the process of creating customized online courses for improved training and information retention by your students.

Detailed SAP Litmos Review

12. Canvas LMS

Canvas LMS dashboard

Canvas LMS is a leading online LMS that delivers a customizable design and architecture that enables users to educate or learn in the manner they wish. The app prioritizes communication between teachers and learners, making it possible for both parties to effortlessly collaborate in the learning process.

Canvas LMS allows students to submit paperwork, obtain notifications, and interact with the learning materials given to them on the devices they use. They can also merge their Canvas LMS account with their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The app offers a platform that educators can use to create effective learning tools for learners. Instructors can provide feedback and integrate wikis, blogs, videos, and other mediums of education while monitoring the students’ progress.

Detailed Canvas LMS Review

13. Mindflash

Mindflash dashboard

Cloud-based learning management solution Mindflash provides trainers with a streamlined and flexible system for both small- and large-scale training programs. A user-friendly interface and templates let you easily create an unlimited number of online courses. When done, you can then upload your learning modules and automatically convert them into online courses.

Being cloud-based, the application allows trainees to access the courses anywhere via the internet—including both frontend and backend from laptops, smartphones, and tablets. If you need to update live courses, Mindflash’s live course edit feature lets you easily accomplish the task. 

You can set up Mindflash to monitor progress, grade learners, and generate reports that you can send to both trainers and students automatically and in real-time. This gives you time to focus on improving online courses and quality training content.

Detailed Mindflash Review

14. GoSkills

GoSkills Dashboard

A learning management solution that you can easily work with, GoSkills helps businesses of all sizes streamline corporate training. It comes with all the necessary tools to help them assign online courses as well as monitor and manage webinars and classroom courses.

To allow for learners with different skill levels and schedules, GoSkills allows for the delivery of bite-sized courses that are personalized and engaging. The scope-adjusted lessons, coupled with short quizzes and video content, help learners grasp and retain information faster.

GoSkills makes it easy for trainees to track their own progress and estimate how far they are from reaching their goals. It provides quick skill tests to help them identify strengths and weaknesses. For all their efforts, they earn badges for completing courses and achieving set milestones. This helps learners to stay on course and on their toes to achieve their goals.

Detailed GoSkills Review

15. iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring Learn LMS dashboard

A simple cloud LMS software that lets you quickly upload courses and quizzes, iSpring Learn LMS makes it easy to invite learners and monitor their learning progress. The solution is ideal for both small business and enterprise requirements alike. It lets you generate statistics like completion rate and individual performance.

With such a tool, you can quickly spot skill gaps, allowing you to address the issue right away with fine-tuned courses or just by replanning your training strategy altogether.

With iSpring Learn LMS, it is easy to manage training activities. In one place, you have the training essentials like calendar, live training, workshops, and webinars. You can group learners in different ways, which allows you to send unique invites to each group. The LMS solution is accessible via the cloud from desktop, Android, or iOS devices, enabling learners to take the courses at their own convenience.

Detailed iSpring Learn LMS Review

Are You Ready to Invest in a New LMS?

There you have it, our list of the most popular learning management systems on the market. Hopefully, this would help you narrow down your options before you take that last step.

If you think you need more information, you can see how the top 3 LMS applications stack up against each other on multiple factors. This should give you a good picture of where your LMS investment is going.

If you are still unsure, however, we suggest you take TalentLMS into consideration. This platform comes with a wide array of tools that are sure to help you create engaging courses that yield results.

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