B2B Collaboration Software For Startups: Consider These 5 Solutions

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collaboration-softwareIf you are starting a business, then congratulations are in order. Many people have found out that starting a business is a way of earning more profits, expanding personal networks, and achieving personal growth.

But as a business owner, you need to know the field out there is tough. With so much heavy competition, a lot of those who started a business find it hard to survive and eventually close shop. But this should not be a case for you. However, you need all the help you can get in order to start your footsteps right and succeed in your business endeavor.

As someone who is starting a business, you may have heard of the phrase “collaboration software program”. But what is a collaboration software program and why do you need to know about it?

To put it simply, a B2B collaboration software program is an application that allows businesses and people to work together on specific projects or tasks. Collaboration software programs allow you to improve or facilitate on the following:

  • Communication
  • Working together on data/information
  • Sharing and discussing information
  • Coordination of efforts and activities

B2B collaboration software programs can be categorized based on the following types:

  • Single-purpose collaboration tools
  • Collaboration suites
  • Unified communications and collaboration

Single-purpose collaboration tools

Single-purpose collaboration tools handle an aspect of projects or tasks. Here are some examples of such tools:

Email. Considered the grandfather of all collaborative software programs, email is still regarded as the most frequently used tool. Email’s biggest purpose is internal and external communication. The structure of email allows it to be used by your business for various collaboration tasks.

Discussion boards. Among the top single-purpose collaboration programs out there are the discussion boards, which are geared towards many-to-many communication.

Document management.  They allow businesses to create, organize, store, as well as access documents. Document collaboration tools usually have functionalities that include version control and audit trails to allow multiple contributors as well as permissions to coordinate access.

Project management. All business efforts can be divided into a set of smaller tasks, dealing with many people, and aggregated as projects. Project management collaboration software programs allow you to delegate tasks, create milestones, track progress, set dependencies, and thus ensure everything you do is on track.

Intranets and extranets. Basically web pages, these can be seen as communication tools, allowing you to publish policies, plans, announcements, or even events. In addition, they can be used as a way of motivating your staff, such as employee citations or inspiring messages.

Social tools. Social tools such as news activity streams, networking, and wall messaging have been regarded by many as new email. Their main goal is communication and sharing; however these platforms are designed in a dynamic, special, and people-centric way, which is arguably a big improvement over the usual email. Some popular social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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Workflow tools. Although not known compared with other solutions, workflow tools can be seen as collaboration tools. A workflow essentially is a business transaction growing from inception to closure. Workflow software tools manage your business data associated with a workflow. An example would be the CRM workflow.

Instant messaging. Instant messaging or IM is more geared towards instantaneous communication.

Collaboration suites

These are a a group of several as well as multiple individual collaboration tools. The philosophy underlying these tools is: no single tool can be enough for collaboration. Various businesses and companies need various collaboration platforms according to their needs and issues. So why not have these platforms in one single solution?

Some factors to think about

Before you purchase a collaboration software tool for your new business, always remember that flexibility, integration, and usability with the existing tools you will have, are among the top ingredients to your company’s long-term success.

Consider and think a plan for your new business based on the following factors:

Governance: Who will “own” as well as manage your company’s use of this tool, particularly as the processes, priorities, policies, and strategies within your new business change through time?

Training: Who will train you how you are going to utilize this collaboration software tool? How do you ensure the new users or your incoming staff will be sufficiently trained to master the collaboration software tool?

Maintenance: What happens when something is not working properly in your collaborative software tool? Who should you call? Does the tool require periodic upgrades or upkeep? What if your new business needs customization of the tool? Can you call somebody or an office to make sure the tool is perfectly working? Or do you have to get an information technology staff to maintain the tool?

Security: When it comes to providing security, how sure are you that the tool is secure? How sure are you regarding the levels of access control, especially when it comes to your small business giving out information? How comfortable are you in giving out this information? Will your data be stored securely and safely? Will there be data backups in case there is something wrong that happened?

Accessibility and localization: Can you at present and in the future swiftly access and use this tool?

Here are five collaboration software tools for you who want to start a new business.

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JIRA helps new businesses to capture, assign, as well as prioritize their work. It controls the entire application development process so everything will be covered, beginning from concept to launch. The cloud collaboration software‘s simple and intuitive interface allows greater collaboration with your teammates, getting the job done more effectively.

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2. Uservoice


Uservoice is a SaaS-based collaboration software that allows new businesses to gather information, look at trends, and analyze market movements to allow them to know their clients better. It is the perfect CRM and collaboration partner for businesses that have customer-focused personnel including Customer Service Representatives, Product Managers, Support Managers, and Founders.

It is loaded with features that enable new businesses to engage customers early on, look at customer trends and shifts, and provide products and services that would be based on customer specifications.

3. Comindware Project


Comindware Project is a web-based collaboration software aimed at new businesses to help them to simplify their project management, improve real-time visibility, and enable social collaboration to have a more productive and predictive work environment.

The software keeps all your work in a single place and assures complete availability of project documentation as well as related discussions.

4. Genius Project

Genius Project

Genius Project features real-time collaboration tools consisting of major modules, including: project portfolio management, budget and cost management, risk and change management, document management, planning, demand management, resource management, and project tracking.

It is intuitive and accessible in the cloud from any browser to help your new business across the various project phases.

5. Hightail


Hightail is the perfect online collaboration software for new businesses and freelancers that need to send and receive large files in a daily basis. This tool is ideal for those in the graphics-intensive fields, such as media, architecture, entertainment, advertising, marketing, legal, and creative services.

You can securely send big files up to 10GB, and enjoy the tool’s unlimited file storage online. Hightail allows you to manage who can see your work using identity verification, file tracking, password protection, and other security options.

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