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Best Online Project Management Software: Asana or Wrike?

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asanawrikeWrike and Asana are among the best online project management software solutions available these days. Both are regarded quality services that offer useful features that allow companies to automate, streamline, and simplify matters for team members.

However, which of the two solutions will work better for your business? Our B2B experts prepared a detailed comparison of Wrike and Asana’s features, pricing options, advantages and disadvantages to check out which tool is better.

After our analysis Wrike came up on top of this duel. Our panel of experts ranked Asana a close second to Wrike which puts the latter at the top of our project management software category. To see for yourself how it works, you can can try the free plan offered by Wrike to test its features and capabilities. You can read Wrike detailed review and get a free trial here.


This award is given to the best product in our project management software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

Wrike won our Best Project Management Software Award 2018

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Below you can find a detailed comparison of various aspects of Asana and Wrike the should help you with making a conscious decision about which one is more suitable for your company’s needs and budget.

Ease of use

Both Wrike and Asana are designed to be user-friendly. Wrike also makes it easy for businesses to integrate the tool into various other B2B platforms. It also has Android and iPhone apps, as well as compatibility with popular systems such as Apple Mail, DropBox, and Google Drive. Asana also integrates with these platforms, but it also adds various programs such as WordPress, MailChimp, Box, and Wufoo, guaranteeing businesses a big variety of functionalities. Asana likewise provides a simple and attractive three-pane dashboard, giving you all the information you need visible at a glance. The Wrike interface on the other hand is very intuitive, making it an ideal solution for businesses of various sizes.

In terms of ease of use, Wrike has an edge over Asana. While Asana’s wide-ranging integration is laudable, Wrike offers an intuitive interface, making it easy for anyone to use the software.

Team sharing


In terms of team sharing, Wrike offers far more benefits than Asana. The tool offers companies a more robust project management solution that can efficiently help you with your project management needs, making sure every project or task is successful.

Team members who want to access information using Wrike will be kept updated, enabling them to know about work deadlines as well as finish tasks quicker by prioritizing assignments, receiving and getting timely feedback, and sharing work updates in real-time. The tool’s goal is to streamline all the work in a company into a graph and allow employees collaborate on as well as discuss shared data.

Wrike has set up a very effective communication platform using e-mail integration. Wrike’s effective use of the @ symbol allows your team members to give comments or reactions in a specific discussion thread. Thus, the inboxes of you and your team members do not overflow with unnecessary communication. Instead, they are mainly focused on purely relevant conversations.

Asana is not as comprehensive as Wrike. However, the tool reduces the need for your company to email when communicating about your tasks and projects. Asana’s system, compared with Wrike, rejects the very notion of e-mail. Relying on the concept that e-mail may actually hold back productivity, the project management tool’s users are assigned to specific tasks or projects without the necessity to collaborate information and communication with the help of e-mail.

In addition, Asana enables you to upload attachments, share notes, or even follow and search public tasks. Using this tool, your company can combine related tasks and projects with just a single click, set up your workflow, organize the tasks you have according to priority, get notification and completion notification updates, add your employees or team members as task followers, set up deadlines, or even add hearts to various tasks to reflect your gratitude.

In short, Asana wants you and your team members to rely much less on email when it comes to your sharing and collaboration needs. However, this may not be a good idea for your business, especially if you are a firm that still mainly uses email when it comes to communicating and discussing matters within your employees as well as external parties.

Because of this, Wrike may be a far better solution than Asana: Wrike can boost your communication reach because the tool integrates your email platform directly into the project management platform.

Management tools

Wrike’s dedicated management features will give you a good advantage over Asana. Wrike has useful tools that are mainly designed for management purposes. Different features such as the time-tracker can be quite useful to monitor how your company’s resources are being utilized. Meanwhile, the tool offers interactive Gantt charts to help your monitor the progress of your various tasks and projects.

Wrike’s features also include filing projects as well as subprojects in a flexible hierarchy, file sharing, creating projects and tasks and from emails, editing work schedules with the use of Gantt charts, RSS & iCal feeds, task version control, Microsoft Excel import and export, activity stream, Google Apps integration, API, permalinks, Microsoft Project import, tagging, and a central dashboard. In addition the tool has basic CRM functionality as well as customized fields and workflows. Wrike likewise enables managers to decentralize updating and monitoring of plans.

Wrike makes it easy to integrate its platform into top existing B2B products, featuring Android and iPhone apps, along with compatibility with Google Drive, Apple Mail, Dropbox, and other popular systems.

Asana’s comprehensive style when it comes to project management means the tool may suit companies or project managers who prefer a more “hands off” style when it comes to management. To be fair however, this does not mean you or your project managers will not find this project management solution extremely helpful. Notes, comments, and tags are some of Asana’s tools which can be used to any task or project, so you or your project managers can provide relevant feedback and guidance with ease.

Analysis and reporting

An overview of Asana interface

An overview of Asana interface

With Wrike, there are a lot opportunities for number-crunching. Customized reports of this project management solution include actual and estimated costs as well as revenue tracking. The tool’s analytics enable users to set a job role and calculate costs automatically. In short, Wrike can be a very powerful and efficient budgetary platform, particularly for companies that have smaller financial operations.

On the other hand, Asana offers Sprintboards as a way to give you reports. The tool’s analytics is particularly effective for those companies or businesses that have the Organization package, enabling users to centralize their billing as well as formulate annual plans. This makes Asana an interesting choice for big-scale operations.



Wrike offers three solid packages that can match the various specifications and needs of a wide range of businesses. You can try Wrike’s great Free plan that gives you all the key features at no cost for a team of up to 5 users. Wrike also offers Professional plan ($10 per month for five, ten or fifteen users) for companies or businesses that are in serious need of project planning and collaboration. Wrike’s Enterprise plan is based on per-quote agreemend depeding on the number of required users and it can serve teams or companies that need reporting, customization, and advanced security features.

Asana, on the other hand, does not have a free package unlike Wrike. However, the tool offers premium packages that start from $21 a month (which is paid on an annual basis) for companies or teams that have as many as five members to $750 a month (paid on an annual basis) for up to 100 members. You can also easily try out Asana on your own with their great free trail.

If your company has limited budget, you definitely want to try Wrike first as it offers a free plan that allows you to see how the tool can fit your company’s needs. What is more, small teams of up to 5 users can stick to Wrike’s free plan forever allowing you to use the tool basically at no cost whatsoever.

Is Wrike Better Than Asana?

Wrike and Asana are both among the best online project management software solutions. Pound for pound however, Wrike is the better service. It is more powerful, more robust, and more cost-effective. With Wrike’s amazing features, it is no surprising that its customers include some of the biggest names in business: Google, PayPal, HTC, Adobe, and Electronic Arts.

Wrike has also received recognition not only from users but from critics and review sites, getting a number of accolades and respect in the B2B and SaaS industry not only for its outstanding features and capabilities but also for its reliable customer support.

You can try Wrike on your own with their great free trial plan which allows you to test all of the tool’s key features at no cost. You can read Wrike detailed review and get a free trial here.

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