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CakeHR Pricing Packages: What’s Included in the Modules?

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What’s included in CakeHR pricing plans?
Included in CakeHR pricing plans are six individual modules, each one designed for a specific HR task–Leave Management, Performance, Shift Scheduling, Timesheets, Expenses, and Recruitment. Each module costs separately, so you can choose only the modules that you need. The trial version delivers full functionality and includes all six modules, although limited to 14 days.

Choosing the right HR software often limits you to two choices–a comprehensive all-in-one solution or an independent, task-specific module. The first one often comes with more features than needed and has a hefty price tag. Meanwhile, the second offers a less expensive solution, but functionality may be limited.

CakeHR offers HR software solutions that offer a flexible pricing approach: you pay only for the modules needed. This means that your HR software investment is directly related to your employee headcount. With its clean and user-friendly interface, CakeHR may actually help encourage employees to actively use the app. But which plan to get? And how much does CakeHR cost per plan?

This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the different pricing packages of CakeHR, as well as the features and functionalities of each plan.

cakehr pricing plans

With the demands of the modern workplace, traditional HR systems are fast becoming obsolete. The rise of cloud-based HR systems has breathed new life into HR processes, leading to improved recruitment, user-accessible scheduling, and better insights on personnel behavior. As such, the cloud HR software market currently stands at $13.8 billion, with projections looking at $30 billion in 5 years.

By 2020, as the Boomer march towards retirement continues, the millennial generation is set to take over half the available jobs in the US workforce. This generation of workers, while perceived as dependent and entitled, are actually hard workers who don’t mind long hours as long as the job objectives are clear. Also, millennials are very tech-savvy, so they work better with mobile devices and cloud technology. HR software allows them to feel less burdened by mundane tasks, such as filing shifts, leaves and submitting expenses.

With the flood of HR software solutions available in the market, the question should not be whether or not your business needs it, but which one should you use? SMBs, in particular, may require a middle ground between a full-featured, enterprise solution, and a standalone software designed for a single task. If this is the case, a modular, scalable HR software solution like CakeHR might just be what you need.

Overview of CakeHR

cakehr dashboard

CakeHR consists of six separate but integrated modules that share a core HR system. Central to CakeHR is the core HR. While not a module itself, the core HR functionality of the program manages the employee database and consolidates all information. The core HR system serves as the system exchange and maintains the roster, manages organizational chart and schedules, and handles information trafficking. Whether you install one module or all, the core HR will handle the onboarding of your employee database in just a few clicks.

The core HR also captures data from all installed modules and lets you view and generate reports on your company’s performance and trends. You can instantly view summaries for attendance, turnover, leave usage, productivity, and competence levels to gain a deeper insight into how your company manages its workforce.



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CakeHR Module-Based Pricing Plans

Instead of requiring you to purchase a full package similar to many top HR software tools, CakeHR pricing plans let you choose which modules you need. In addition, the vendor also charges based on the actual number of active employees in the database. This means your HR costs only grow if your company’s needs grow.

A note though–CakeHR pricing looks relatively inexpensive at first glance, but you should keep in mind that these are costs per employee per month. Before committing to the purchase, consider making initial calculations on the total CakeHR costs based on actual headcount. If all modules are availed, you may run into $163.80 per employee per month ($1,965.60/year). Removing the recruitment module (which is the most expensive at $145.00), total CakeHR costs amount to less than $18.80 per person per month or $225.60.00 per year.

The good news is, availing yourself of the annual payment plan nets you additional savings worth approximately 30% per module. This can lead to substantial savings for companies, especially for those with variable or seasonal workforce requirements.

Leave Management

CakeHR Leave Management dashboard

Leave Management provides a summary of available and upcoming leaves for each employee.

The Leave Management module processes leave requests on-demand, which means employees can file, and managers can approve leave requests anytime via the mobile app or even through Slack. Status notifications can be received via mobile, the web, or even Slack. Also, employees can check their leave credits online. CakeHR also lets managers view scheduled leaves among team members, helping plan ahead and ensure work continuity.

What features are in Leave Management module?

  • Create unlimited time off policies.
  • Build custom policy rules.
  • Add custom fields.
  • Request and approve time off from the mobile app.
  • Approve directly from Slack.
  • Customize time off approvers.
  • Assign specific employees to specific policies.
  • Advanced reporting
  • Audit trail
  • Automated reports, sent directly to accountant
  • Full change history

Cake HR’s pricing plan for Leave Management module goes for $6.00/month per employee if you choose the monthly payment option, and will lower to $4.20/month per employee if you avail the annual plan.


Performance helps gather feedback about a project or an employee. It helps you set and communicate goals for each employee (objectives and key results) and tracks progress throughout the year. The module also features a 360-degree feedback system, which allows employees to evaluate themselves and get reactions from peers. Performance can also set up one-on-one meeting schedules with managers, in case an employee requires a quick reassessment or a timely pep talk. It also creates, sends, and collects surveys, allowing you to get a grasp of your company’s sentiment via an anonymous and readily available app.

What features are in Performance Module?

  • Goals/OKR setting and monitoring
  • 1-to-1 meeting scheduler
  • 360-degree feedback setup
  • Quick feedback setup
  • Survey creation and collection

Performance costs $5.70/employee per month. Costs go down to $4.00/employee per month if you avail of the annual package.

Shift Scheduling

CakeHR Shift Scheduling dashboard

Shift Scheduling features a drag-and-drop interface where you can assign shifts simply by dragging each name.

The Shift Scheduling module simplifies the task of assigning shifts to personnel. A user-friendly schedule planning interface lets managers create or modify a schedule and assign employees. Employees assigned to shifts get notified instantly via the mobile app. This also gives workers the means to submit their availability or preferred schedules.

What features are in Shift Scheduling Module?

  • Control permissions with access groups.
  • Access from mobile app
  • Employees can advise availability
  • Group shifts into areas
  • Drag & drop shift management
  • Save predefined shift template.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly visual reports
  • Full data export

Shift Scheduling costs $3.50 per employee per month, which is reduced to $2.50/month if you choose the annual plan.


Timesheets provides a modernized version of timesheets, with employees able to record and upload their daily time records via CakeHR’s mobile app. Managers enjoy similar ease-of-use and can return or review timesheet summaries before submission for payroll processing. If an employee is away at work, the module automatically submits the timesheets, so nobody misses out on the payroll deadline. The reports also factor in overtime hours, holiday pay, and leave credits, so that payroll receives an accurate and updated summary.

It goes without saying that having an HR software with a built-in timesheet is more convenient than having to integrate one with a third-party app for time-tracking features.

What features are in Timesheets Module?

  • Configure working patterns.
  • Simple interface to update hours
  • Automatically pre-fill hours from time off data.
  • Full data export

Timesheets costs $2.15 per employee per month, or $1.50/month if fully paid for the year.


The Expenses module reduces the tediousness of expense reporting by automating the processes through an easy-to-use interface. Receipt information can be automatically captured by simply taking a picture using the in-app camera. Employees can submit their expenses for approval via mobile phones. Managers can review and approve reports through the app as well.

What features are in Expenses Module?

  • Configure working patterns.
  • Simple interface to update hours
  • Automatically pre-fill hours from time off data.
  • Full data export

Expenses costs $1.45/employee per month but can go as low as $ 1.00/employee per month if you choose the annual subscription.


CakeHR Recruitment dashboard

The Recruitment dashboard shows an overview of each vacant position and the current recruitment stage for each applicant.

There are plenty of applicant tracking apps out there for your recruitment needs. But with CakeHR, you don’t need a separate solution to track candidates.

The Recruitment module covers the whole hiring process – from posting job openings to screening applicants to onboarding new hires. The visual pipeline-interface shows the progress of each potential hire so you can track their progress. You can generate custom landing pages to better attract talent. Schedule interviews without worrying about the interviewee’s availability as the module syncs with the vendor’s calendar and uploads them to Outlook. During interviews, you can customize scorecards for evaluation, which helps you make the right choices. Upon acceptance, you can immediately onboard recruits as Recruitment is fully integrated with the other HR modules.

What features are in Leave Management module?

  • Friend referral
  • Applicant import
  • Unlimited applicants
  • Unlimited pipelines
  • Custom pipeline stages
  • Hire & add to CakeHR with one click
  • Landing page designer
  • Application form builder
  • Careers page
  • Pipeline stage triggers
  • Outlook integration
  • Detailed change log

Recruitment costs $145.00/employee per month but can go down to $ 99.00/employee per month if you avail of the annual subscription.

What’s the Best Purchasing Approach to CakeHR?

Whether you require a single module or prefer the complete system, CakeHR’s modular approach to different HR tasks works well. The simple and clean interface gives users a smooth transition into the software, while the relatively easy-to-use apps encourage them to use the platform more.

Taking the 14-day trial version and evaluating all modules is a no-brainer, as it lets you pit your company’s needs against the complete CakeHR solution. This helps you assess not only the individual modules but also find out how they integrate with one another. Afterward, you can better decide if the complete CakeHR program or just certain modules fit your business needs.

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