Is HubSpot Worth the Money?

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Is HubSpot worth the money?
Yes, HubSpot is worth the money, taking into account all the features and benefits that the platform offers. This CRM, sales, and marketing suite gives users all the tools they need to manage customer communication, boost sales, and improve marketing. It is small-business-friendly, with its CRM and sales software being offered for free.

If you think purchasing a marketing software program is the way to implement an inbound marketing strategy, consider instead opting for HubSpot CRM, a tool that comes absolutely for free. But is HubSpot worth the money?

The latest digital marketing statistics show that some channels are more popular than others. In this case, HubSpot CRM will let you boost your campaigns across the major social channels smoothly. We will show you how, which should show you why the application is easily worth the money you invest in it.

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More and more businesses are adopting inbound marketing strategies to boost revenue and achieve growth. A survey has revealed that 74% of companies around the world now use inbound marketing to improve their campaigns. This trend is seen to work as far as corporate profits are concerned. However, changes in consumer behavior and the onset of new technologies necessitate the more effective use of inbound marketing strategies.

Most effective digital marketing strategies, 2018

What's the one activity that marketers believe would make the most impact on their business.

Content Marketing


Artificial Intelligence


Big Data


Social Media Marketing


Marketing Automation


Mobile Marketing


Conversion Rate Optimization


Search Engine Optimization




Internet of Things


Online Public Relations


Paid Search Marketing






Source: Statista

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However, as high as inbound marketing adoption has become, it still no magic pill. The reason why some inbound marketing strategies are seen as more effective than others as you’ll find out below. However, this is not to say that you have to use a single strategy and hope it sticks. The more sound tactic would be to determine which approach would work best with specific campaigns.

To date, the most effective digital marketing methods include content marketing, big data, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and marketing automation.

Is HubSpot Worth the Money?

Nurture Customers with HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is your total solution for managing customers, sales, and marketing. The vendor’s Growth Stack package is a one-stop-shop for businesses that seek to adopt an inbound marketing strategy successfully. It’s a CRM, sales, and marketing software rolled into one.

The suite has all the tools you’ll need to boost your marketing game. All you have to do is to commit to the system, and you can watch your business grow. For this, HubSpot is worth every penny you spend. These benefits make HubSpot one of the top marketing automation platforms around.

You can easily sign up for free HubSpot CRM account here.

Generate promising leads with HubSpot CRM.

If you are to take advantage of the whole HubSpot suite, you have to start small, and HubSpot CRM is just the tool you need. The first step to boosting sales is to develop robust relationships with your customers and prospects. Moreover, this is where HubSpot CRM comes in handy.

The tool is known for both power and simplicity. The system allows users to use it without altering their workflows immediately. It is ideal for use by companies that are just starting with their customer relations efforts and enterprises that have yet to leverage the power of such a tool fully.

HubSpot CRM is a platform that does not discriminate based on business size or type and has all the features you need from a CRM system. Keep all manner of customer information organized and trust HubSpot to take care of all your customer transactions.

It likewise maximizes the potential of members of your sales team, keeping them abreast of all your business activities from a single dashboard.

However, what sets HubSpot apart from many enterprise-grade CRMs is the fact that it takes good care of small businesses because it comes absolutely for free.

The system can likewise integrate with just about any existing system, preserving any critical workflows that a company has in place.

It can even rival other premium solutions, offering users the flexibility they need from a CRM. Being free software alone makes HubSpot CRM worthy of any company’s attention.

Sell Better Using HubSpot Sales

easy customer history

Quickly access customer history and other information with HubSpot Sales

After establishing great customer relationships using HubSpot CRM, it’s now time to pump up your sales. To do this, you’re going to need a sturdy sales platform like HubSpot Sales. Like HubSpot CRM, it has a free package that you can quickly use as it is pretty intuitive and does not require coding skills to use.

The platform essentially automates all operations relevant to sales, such as reminders and follow-up emails. The system promotes a sales pipeline that is paperless, making it both highly-efficient and environment-friendly. It also plays well with your existing systems and databases and can be accessed from any device at any given time.

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for HubSpot Sales free trial here.

Also, you get to know where your products and services should be promoted, enabling you to gather more leads. Adopting HubSpot Sales is a no-brainer at all, especially for small players, considering all the features and benefits that you can get from the system.

For enterprises, the software comes for only $400/month, a small amount to pay for such a feature-rich system.

Improve Traffic and Conversions with HubSpot Marketing

hubspot marketing geat for website traffic

HubSpot Marketing can help you improve your website traffic.

So let’s say you now have excellent customer relations and a substantial lead collection system. Your business is now ready for the big league, but your marketing campaigns are not. For this, you will need HubSpot Marketing, an advanced tool that allows you to manage all your marketing processes while boosting your traffic and conversions.

It is an easy-to-use software, which lets you make changes to your websites without the aid of IT personnel. You can create beautiful and personalized landing pages that carry both dynamic and static HTML messages.

You can check the solution closely when you sign up for HubSpot Marketing free trial here.

You can also create successful lead generation strategies using HubSpot Marketing using the contact forms and A/B test features that come with the software, You can likewise boost your online presence as HubSpot Marketing leverages different social and SEO channels. These channels include target audiences and influencers with whom to share your content.

It sees to it that you come with up calls-to-action that are engaging and personalized messages to meet visitor requirements. However, for those who prefer to adopt an email marketing strategy, you can always use some of the best email marketing platforms out there.

HubSpot Marketing is a critical part of HubSpot’s Growth Stack bundle whose goal is to provide users with an end-to-end sales solution. The software is likewise accessible as it comes in flexible pricing plans ranging from $50 to $2,400 per month. Overall, it’s safe to say that investing in the platform is worth it, considering its robust features,  numerous benefits, and affordable pricing.

Retain Customers Using HubSpot Service Hub

address customer complaints using hubspot

HubSpot Service Hub lets you quickly address customer concerns with the use of tickets.

Now that you have improved your lead generation, sales, and marketing, it’s time to complete the circle with HubSpot Service Hub. This tool, when used in conjunction with the HubSpot Growth Stack, can help you improve customer engagement and experience.

It effectively covers all aspects of the customer journey while providing your customer service teams with a common source of customer data. The platform does this by improving the way your teams respond to and resolve customer concerns.

HubSpot Service Hub promotes customer engagement by fostering customer communication. Its universal inbox, live chat, and email features result in better collaboration among teams. Other channels can be added to its global inbox, allowing your team to communicate from a single platform.

Your customer base can also grow further with HubSpot Service Hub’s feedback functionality. This feature lets you keep tabs on top promoters who can aid you in your marketing efforts. Also, businesses can significantly benefit from data collected from tickets, customer feedback, and the knowledge base that come with the system, which can be used to generate insightful reports.

So, is investing in HubSpot Service worth it? The answer is yes, considering its premium features and the benefits that you can derive from its use. It makes customer service a much simpler process by way of automation and streamlined workflows. These are apart from the platform’s affordable pricing models, which range from $50 to $1,200/month.

HubSpot: Is It Really Worth It?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes, provided that you correctly utilize the system. For businesses that are not that familiar with inbound marketing, using the software may not appear to work as it should at first.

Now, there are a variety of reasons for this, the first being the need for users to be knowledgeable in inbound marketing. If such is not possible, users should at least be able to create workflows, conversion opportunities, and come up with great content.

You only need to take a look at current inbound marketing statistics to see how useful such a tool is.

Get To Know HubSpot Growth Stack

However, perhaps the best way to make investing in HubSpot a worthwhile endeavor is to use its Growth Stack. The suite of tools designed to help you with marketing, CRM, and sales. It has all the tools needed to up your marketing, sales, and customer communications game.

HubSpot CRM helps you manage your customers from a single hub, allowing you to handle both contacts and deal management with ease.

HubSpot Sales, on the other hand, helps in prepping your sales team by providing them with all the data they need to convert leads successfully. You can likewise use the software together with free marketing plan templates.

HubSpot Marketing Tool

At the top of HubSpot Growth Stack is the HubSpot Marketing tool. This piece of software automates your marketing processes, enabling you to do away with mundane tasks and focus on growing. It essentially allows your leads to make their way of doing business with your company.

The software has the most number of tools among the three, which include customer engagement, lead nurturing, analytics, content creation, and strategy capabilities. Aside from its Growth Stack, HubSpot also offers its HubSpot Service Hub tool to help you keep customers by providing excellent customer service.

So is HubSpot worth the money? The answer is a definite yes as it provides you with everything you need to achieve growth through marketing, sales, and CRM. However, to realize this, you need to commit to the system and tap experienced inbound marketing professionals.

If you play your cards right, then your company will be on the path to growth in no time at all.  If you want to see how that goes, you simply sign up for HubSpot free trial here.

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