Is Wrike The Easiest Project Management Software On The Market?

Wrike: No. 1 In Project Management


projYour company may have the greatest project management software solution on the planet, but if your employees do not use it, then it is simply a worthless endeavor. User adoption is important to any business, and for user adoption to become prevalent in your organization, the project management software program has to be easy to use.

In this article we’d like to share some key considerations you should keep in mind when looking for a project management solution that is easy to use. We will also present some top project management solutions from 2015 that our B2B experts found to be really easy to use and adopt.

1. Wrike – The Easiest Project Management Solution


Definitely the best and easiest project management software solution out there. Wrike is a simple looking tool which runs very fast and at the same time streamlines many processes associated with project management. When you want the job done quickly and easily, you should get Wrike. The tool’s developers have done a good job in ensuring that Wrike’s UI is functional and easy to learn.

It is partly because of its easy to learn and understand yet rich and useful functionalities that Wrike has been considered the best project management software by both its users and industry experts. After a careful and thorough evaluations our own B2B experts, Wrike was distinguished as the very best product under our project management software category. There is a free trial plan if you want to try out the key features for yourself. You can easily get Wrike free trial here.

This award is given to the best product in our Project Management Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
Wrike won our Best Project Management Software Award for 2018

Most elements you can find within Wrike are fairly easy to see, greatly eliminating any confusion on the part of the user. The dashboard gives you a quick overview of pending tasks, with special focus on tasks that are almost due or overdue. Users can click on the tasks to bring up details, view or add notes, attach documents, change the importance and status, etc. In addition, the sections on Wrike’s Dashboard can be easily rearranged via a simple drag and drop, aiding greatly in organization of your projects. Wrike’s Activity Stream is also extremely well set out and simple to understand.

Another prominent strength of this project management tool is the capacity to easily import, export, as well as integrate with other software solutions. In addition, Wrike allows you to quickly attach files to tasks. While many project management tools enable this, Wrike provides users with the extra mile and includes the capacity to upload crucial files from Google Docs. This can serve as a huge timesaver for your business if many of your files are stored on Google Docs.

Wrike runs very smoothly regardless of the number of users. It does not give you any annoying loading screens or any issues that could result in user frustration because you need to wait. Wrike’s entire system is fast and transitions between its sections have no delays. In addition, its features run smoothly with just minimal wait.

After analyzing all the popular project management solutions our B2B experts found Wrike to be the easiest one to use and adopt in a company. Wrike’s system is well set out and easy to navigate. You can find more information about this service, including a thorough analysis of its features and benefits, in our Wrike reviews. You can also try out the tool on your own with the Wrike free trial plan.


A brief look at Jira interface

A brief look at Jira interface

Another easy project management tool is JIRA. It was created with the intent to help businesses capture, assign, and then set priorities to their daily operations. It allows you to easily manage tasks and projects, ensuring that all your duties are covered. JIRA’s simple and intuitive interface allows effortless collaboration with your teammates, getting the work done in an effective manner.

The cloud-hosted version of the program offers instant set up, as well as remote integrations and bundled add-ons. If hosted on premise, the program provides, among other features, extreme customization, add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace and total application control. Aside from giving you powerful and customizable workflows, JIRA will also give you a polished user experience.

If you would like to learn more about this tool you can read our detailed review of JIRA.

3. Trello

Here's how Trello interface is organized

Here’s how Trello interface is organized

Another project management solution that is simple and easy to use is Trello. With Trello, you can add tasks easily, rearrange columns quickly, and log into the service in an instant. With a simple design, Trello is among the easiest project management software solutions to use. Think of the tool as an online whiteboard. Its simplicity allows you to see every task or project you have going on.

You can find more information about this tool in our detailed review of Trello as well.

4. Microsoft Project

Here's how Microsoft Projects interface looks like

Here’s how Microsoft Projects interface looks like

Another popular project management solution, Microsoft Project will save you a lot of time and effort thanks to its familiar and intuitive UI. It is very flexible tool and it offers an easy and clear overview of your company’s tasks, milestones, and phases.

The solution deals with complexity in your business operations in a very simple manner. While Microsoft Project has a huge range of capabilities, end users will not have a hard time looking for the information they need.

It may not be as intuitive as Wrike or Asana, but it’s still a realiable and easy-to-use project management software. You can get more information about this service in our detailed review of Microsoft Project.

5. Asana

An overview of Asana interface

An overview of Asana interface

Asana is one of the most intuitive project management systems available that is surpassed only by Wrike extremely clear interface. Asana offers an easy-to-use and very simple layout. The tool’s navigation and design also invoke flexibility and simplicity. This makes it an ideal tool for those with small business startups and freelancers who don’t want to waste too much time training their employees in using complex project management solutions. At the same time Asana stays powerful with its wide range of features, which makes it appealing to bigger businesses as well.

If you want to get more information about it you can consult our detailed review of Asana.

Which project management solution is the easiest one?

After examining a wide range of popular project management solutions our B2B experts agree that at the moment the most intuitive and easy to learn and use service on the market is Wrike. This solution has currently the highest score of 9.8 in our project management software category and has been distinguished with multiple awards that further underline its top quality. Wrike also offers a great free trial plan that allows you to try out its key features at no cost. You can easily get Wrike free trial here.

Cricial Elements Of An Easy Project Management Tool

Familiar User Interface (UI)

When getting a new project management software program, familiarity is crucial. You do not want your company’s employees spending a lot of valuable time orienting themselves with the ins and outs of using a new program. If the tool’s UI prove to be far too difficult to understand, let alone use, your team members may give up and do not use the tool at all, defeating its purpose entirely. You should get a project management software program that has familiar and easy-to-understand icons and toolbars.

Mobile Ready

Today’s team members use their tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices as part of their corporate arsenal to get work done. Many employees will want to use the project management software program or some of its features while they are on the go or doing work in the field. In today’s business landscape, that is the mantra of “anytime, anywhere”. That is why one of the major factors that you should consider when selecting a project management tool should be mobile access.

Another important consideration is to check the features you can have in a project management tool if it is accessible on a mobile device. For instance, to what extent can you make changes from your mobile device? Can your employees just check and view the files or can they collaborate and make changes as well? Are your tool’s features limited in the mobile version? If they are, what does this mean to your company’s productivity? Make sure you check all the mobile features a project management solution has to offer.

Intuitive To Use and Simple

A project management software program should be intuitive to use. You do not need a project management solution that can reinvent the wheel. In your company, you simply need a solution that does not need a lot of training and time to get started. When it comes to simplicity, it does not necessarily mean the project management software program should be robust. You just need a project management solution that is relatively easy to use, ensuring its quick adoption across your organization.

Customizable Dashboards

Look for a project management software program that allows you to have a customizable project dashboard and individual user dashboards. Get a solution that will allow you to assign tasks to end users and quickly see the statuses of your tasks and projects in a single view. The product should also provide your companies with a quick and easy manner to create project to-do lists for your team members as well as collaborators.

Easy to Export in Familiar Formats

One important consideration you should have is the capacity to export project views for your executive presentations. In most cases, project managers are asked to submit status reports to their executives. Most executives prefer getting information or data in a format or program they are familiar with, like Excel or PowerPoint. Thus, it is crucial that the project management solution you should be getting can not only print PDF and Microsoft Excel files, but also export the formats you use. After all, there will be crucial information contained in the project management program you are getting. You will want to be able to share the information with your collaborators or others in formats that work for them, without the need to re-create the data in another program.

Allows You to Collaborate and Share

When considering a project management solution, you should get one that can increase collaboration among your team members, creates visibility into the status of your projects, and generally speeds up work. In addition, collaboration is about ensuring end users on various platforms can work as well as access the same file.

When your team members can actively look at as well as simultaneously edit a project, it can save you a lot of time. A good project management solution can likewise eliminate various issues associated with version control, as your project files are emailed across the company.

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