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JustCall Pricing Packages: What’s Included in the Plans?

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How much does JustCall pricing cost?
JustCall pricing packages cost $25/user/month to $50/user/month. However, the vendor allows users to get acquainted with the product’s features and services at a trial price of $9.99. With the trial plan, you get two phone numbers and 100 minutes of calls. If satisfied, you can start using JustCall for as little as $25 per month.

Buying a business phone system can be a peculiarly confusing process for two primary reasons. One, the market is awash with products, and you’ve to wade through the pile to find software with the features your business needs. Second, you’ve to scrutinize the ideal product’s pricing to find a plan that will offer a fair billing rate for a combination of features.

If you are considering JustCall—one of the best cloud-based VoIP systems—as a viable option, fret not. In this article, we’ll dissect the different JustCall pricing plans to reveal the included features, call and SMS rates, and the ideal users. The goal is to lay bare all the pricing parameters to help you pick the most affordable plan for your business.

JustCall prcing packages and inclusions

The evolution of telephone technology has enabled phone systems to keep pace with the fickle nature of modern business communications. Precisely, the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems has reinvigorated telephony in the internet-driven society. It’s not surprising, then, that 77% of today’s customers think calling is the most effective channel to get an instant response.

Moreover, the era when phone companies enjoyed territorial monopoly is long gone. The emergence of numerous vendors has dismantled the web of corporate bullies and given every business a chance to leverage cloud phone services. Cloud communication has leveled the ground, enabling small businesses to compete with large enterprises.

As a result, businesses are switching to VoIP to meet their customer demands and reap the host of benefits it promises. For example, according to Cisco, using VoIP can save up to 32 call minutes per day for small businesses. Besides, using VoIP for communication saves 90% on international calls, 40% on local calls, and 30% on teleconferencing.

Cost Savings of Using VoIP

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Even better, small businesses that use VoIP reduce their operational costs by up to 75%. To reap these benefits, however, you must take multiple features into consideration to find an apt solution. Some of the factors to consider include your needs, features, and costs (basic pricing, add-ons costs, setup fee, and call and SMS rates).

Pricing is a vital factor to consider. As such, you cannot afford to scratch the surface and make the decision based on superficial pricing details. In other words, you’ve to devote a great deal of attention to detail when analyzing the pricing.

JustCall Overview

justcall dashboard

JustCall is an all-in-one communication solution for small businesses, mid-sized businesses, large enterprises, and nonprofits. It’s a powerful platform designed to address the call and SMS requirements of sales, remote, and customer support teams. It gives users a local phone number in more than 58 countries, allowing them to make and receive calls directly on the web app, desktop app, and mobile phone.

The solution helps teams work collaboratively and grow together. In this sense, it enables team leaders to invite members, tag them in scheduled calls, assign them phone numbers, and share contacts to streamline business communication. You can set up voicemail, create custom call distribution rules, and configure welcome messages in different languages.

Detailed JustCall Review

Even better, JustCall provides an innovative appointment scheduler for each team member. With the scheduler, every team member can set their availability slots and share them with teammates, prospects, and website visitors. In this way, it enables prospects to schedule calls, which can be completed automatically through the built-in calling systems.

Most importantly, JustCall integrates flawlessly with the underlying help desk and CRM systems. As such, it automatically synchronizes all your calling activities with these systems, thus, helping you deliver an exceptional call experience. Ultimately, JustCall helps you show professionalism in business communication while saving time, money, and effort.

JustCall features:

  • Complete phone system
  • Virtual phone number
  • Manage your team
  • Call forwarding/routing
  • Call transfer/merger
  • Text messages
  • Call monitoring
  • Call scheduling
  • Conference calls
  • Call notes/tagging
  • Call queue
  • Custom greeting
  • Third-party integration

JustCall Pricing Packages

Forget all the promotional words that VoIP phone systems vendors use to lure you into picking a price plan. Here, we’ve dug deep, leaving no stone unturned, to reveal all the details of JustCall pricing. We’ll divulge all the information and let you adjudge how transparent and affordable the pricing is.

First things first. JustCall offers two pricing plans: Standard and Premium. With these plans, you pay a monthly or annual fee, which is exclusive of all call and SMS rates. Some of the eminent differences between the plans include the features, integrations, and level of support.

Let’s now delve into the pricing details of each plan:

Standard Plan Pricing

The Standard plan pricing varies based on the number of team members. Pricing starts from $25/month or $275/year for a one-member team up to $1,125/month or $1,2375/year for a 50-member team. The plan is decent for small- and medium-sized sales teams, marketing teams, customer support teams, and remote teams with less than 50 members.

Additionally, the Standard plan epitomizes the scalable nature of JustCall. First, each member, regardless of team size, gets a unique phone number. Second, small teams with high growth potential automatically unlock a 10% discount when they grow above 15 members.

Even better, teams get access to call recording and tracking features. The tools come in handy for sales and marketing teams that want to mitigate attribution blind spots and understand their audience better. The calling activities are automatically punched in your CRM or help desk system, which saves time for sales reps. Moreover, the features for calling and SMS analytics feature make it easy to determine which marketing tactic is causing prospects to pick up the calls.

What’s more, the Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) tool is a gem for businesses with multiple departments. The feature can be configured to identify, segment, and route callers to the next available agent or the most appropriate department. This way, it boosts efficiency within the company, reduces costs, and increases customer satisfaction.

JustCall calendar dashbaord

The JustCall standard plan allows you to ensure that no call falls through the cracks using its intuitive appointment scheduler.

What’s included in the Standard plan:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail drop
  • Call tracking
  • Call and SMS analytics
  • Interactive Voice Recording (IVR)
  • Call ratings and notes
  • Unlimited integrations (except Salesforce)
  • Appointment scheduler
  • Email and Chat support
  • Business hours

Premium Plan Pricing

The Premium plan is ideal for businesses that have outgrown the Standard plan. Precisely, the plan is good for local and international contact centers, SaaS companies, large deskless workforce, and support teams.

The combination of features and services offered under this plan is perfect for businesses with complex, multilocation operations. With its straightforward pricing of $50/user/month, the plan fits the bill for large enterprises with custom feature requirements.

Speaking of features, the Premium plan is a worthy upgrade from the Standard plan. Beyond the basic call management features, the Premium plan offers all the tools a business needs to create an end-to-end cloud phone system.

The bulk SMS campaign is particularly helpful to sales and marketing teams. With this at your disposal, there is no more intrusive SMS marketing. It instills efficiency in marketing, thus, empowering teams to send ultra-fast SMS campaigns with high readability and high conversion rates.

Moreover, the autodialer enables teams to automatically dial phone numbers from their contact list. In doing so, the autodialer reduces agent idle time and alleviates other call constraints, such as excessive customer waiting time, misdialing, and call drops. Most significantly, auto-dialing streamlines the complex inside sales process, thus, improving the lead to conversion ratio.

justcall dialer interface

The JustCall Premium plan comes with not only the essential phone system features but also advanced tools, such as the auto-dialer.

What’s included in the Premium plan:

  • Everything in Standard Plan, plus
  • SMS bots
  • Auto Dialer
  • Bulk SMS campaign
  • Call barging/monitoring/whispering
  • SMS automation and triggers
  • Custom workflows
  • Salesforce integration
  • API and Webhook access
  • Post call surveys
  • Priority support

Call and SMS Rates

The calling and SMS credits are added separately to the monthly or annual fee. So, how much does it cost to call or send an SMS using JustCall?

The call rates vary widely from country to country and also based on how you receive calls. For example, incoming calls received on a cell phone or landline cost $0.015 per minute. The same cost applies to outgoing calls. Besides, all calls received on JustCall apps, either web, desktop, or mobile, cost $0.01 per minute.

On the other hand, SMS costs vary based on message length, special characters, and destination country. For instance, the cost to send SMS in the USA starts from $0.008625 per message. What you ought to know, however, is that SMS rates are billed per segment — each segment is 160 characters.

To illustrate, a message with 200 characters will be counted as two segments, and it will cost you (2 X $0.008625) = $0.01725. Interestingly, JustCall offers special pricing plans for bulk SMS, which vary depending on the route and the carrier. For example, the pricing for bulk SMS starts from $0.01 per message for all carriers in the USA – USA special route.

JustCall call forwarding

JustCall regardless of the pricing plan you choose will allow you to forward calls to any device, phone number, or team member.

Which JustCall Pricing Plan is Best for Your Business?

There you have it, a comprehensive analysis of the JustCall pricing plans. As you think through the options, keep in mind that the best plan should offer the features your business needs at an affordable price. For this reason, you should rigorously analyze your specific communication needs, team size, and your budget, before picking any plan.

Ideally, if you are a startup or mid-sized business, you should consider subscribing to the Standard plan. The plan comes with all must-have calls and SMS features unlocked, and it offers unlimited integrations. Besides, its user-based monthly and annual pricing will allow you to start with a small team and scale up as called for by business growth.

Alternatively, if you run a large enterprise, you can’t go wrong with the Premium plan. While the plan sits on the high end of the pricing spectrum, it bundles all the basic and advanced call management features. Put simply, the plan has the tools you need to provide significant game-changing value to your distributed operations.

Lastly, you can check our list of cloud phone systems for small businesses for more low-cost and agile cloud communication options.

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