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Top 3 Employee Monitoring Software: Comparison of Time Doctor, InterGuard, and Kickidler

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What is the best employee monitoring software?
The best employee monitoring software is Time Doctor. It combines various features to ensure the productivity of employees in the office or remote work. It includes time tracking, automated screenshots, web, and app usage. It also integrates productivity tracking tools such as chat monitoring, GPR tracking, webcam shots, and time use alerts.

Monitoring employees can be complicated, especially for large teams. You have no way of knowing what your employee is doing. Additionally, teams composed of workers spread across different parts of the world can be daunting. It is especially critical to track the productivity of each team member, especially with many distractions easily available anywhere. Additionally, you also need to make sure that employees are not doing any illegal activities during work hours. 

The top 3 employee monitoring software in this list will allow you to automate many repetitive tasks such as time tracking. Furthermore, these platforms employ advanced methods to ensure that employees are productive during work hours. Random screenshots, websites visited, and apps used are just some of the mechanisms that these applications use to gather proof of productivity. These data are then collected in easy-to-understand reports for further analysis and payroll records.

In this article, we will compare the best employee monitoring software in the market and the benefits of their features. It will give you a better idea of the functionalities that you will need. Furthermore, you can compare how each application generates reports, integrates with other platforms, and their pricing plans.  

top 3 employee monitoring software

Top 3 Employee Monitoring Software

Every year, companies and organizations are beginning to consider remote work for their employees. Research published by the Journal of Business and Psychology indicates that telecommuting provides various benefits such as increased job performance even with those in complex roles. Working schedules are now being adjusted to allow employees to stay at home and work for a few days a week. And, there are some companies with entire teams composed of members working outside of the office full-time. 

Because of the significant benefits, companies are making telecommuting an option. According to Buffer’s State of Remote Work 2019, 91% of businesses are considering remote staff members. Up to 31% of companies are composed of remote employees, and 40% have hybrid teams or remote and office-based workers.

Freelance Workers in the United States from 2014 to 2019

Source: Statista

Modern ways of working also come with new issues, especially for managers and team leaders. Without the proximity of working with your team members in one place, you have no way of knowing their daily work routines. Up to 43% of employees exaggerate their hours, which results in losing money for your business. While you can put processes in place, you have to collect data from your team members to determine their performance accurately. Let us take a look at the top 3 employee monitoring software that can help you do that. 

Time Doctor Overview

time doctor dashboard

Time Doctor is a fully-featured employee monitoring software that is specifically developed for telecommuters and freelancers. It allows you to monitor specific activities of your staff, whether they are in the office or working outside. The platform collects relevant information such as time worked, applications used, and even websites visited.

The time tracking feature outlines the time worked by your team members. It can be used to track different types of schedules, including flexible working hours and those working in different time zones. The platform also provides a break down of the working hours by tasks, projects, or clients.   

This allows you to identify any time sinks that may be affecting your team’s productivity. You can see how much time each project requires and what tasks take up the most time. 

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for Time Doctor free trial here.

Along with time tracking, Time Doctor also collects various productivity proof such as automated screenshots, apps used, and websites visited during work hours. The information can be used as solid proof when invoicing your clients for various projects, especially if you are already using one of the top billing platforms in the market. Also, you can monitor your staff’s attendance in real-time by tracking breaks, alerting tardy employees, and even take camera shots.

Key Features of Time Doctor

  • Automated time tracking with outlines of time worked and time wasted.
  • Productivity features such as chat monitoring, web, and app usage, and webcam shots.
  • Real-time productivity monitoring, such as tracking breaks, tardiness, and non-work tasks.
  • Detailed reports outlining hours worked, websites accessed, applications used, and client breakdowns.

InterGuard Overview

Interguard dashboard

InterGuard is composed of four services that aim to monitor and govern remote workers. One of the platform’s services is employee productivity monitoring. It aims to improve productivity and prevent time theft while allowing your staff a degree of autonomy when working from home. 

This monitoring software gathers relevant data from the user’s end and packages this information for you. It provides quick insight into each member’s productivity by showing login and logoff times, productive and unproductive times, user activity heatmaps, and session shots.

Managing a large team, whether in the office or offsite, is easier with the chart view built right into the platform. You can compare idle time versus active time and unproductive time versus productive time. It is also easy to determine which of your staff spends most of their time web browsing or chatting. Additionally, you can see who sends the most webmail.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for InterGuard free trial here.

InterGuard includes a smart system that can identify the most and the least productive in your team. You can set-up employee productivity reports using the step-by-step wizard. It will help you automatically generate a detailed record of your team’s productivity metrics. You can discover who is typing non-work related keywords and who are using unproductive apps and websites. It can also analyze the user’s behavior and identify instances when they deviate from their normal behavior. 

Key Features of InterGuard

  • Tracking employee productivity using login and logout times, screenshots, and video screencasts.
  • Real-time alerts when employees visit restricted websites, download unproductive programs, or perform outside normal behavior.
  • Generate a visual representation of your team’s productivity using more than 100 pre-set reports.

Kickidler Overview

kickidler dashboard

Kickidler is a full suite employee monitoring software that ensures real-time productivity among your team members. It is perfect for hybrid offices where your team members are a combination of those working in the office and working at home. The platform requires a server that will store all the data collected from your members. Then, separate Viewer and Grabber programs are installed on your computer and your employees’ machines.

The platform features an application named Quadrator that allows you to view multiple employees and monitor activities in their computers. You can group work sessions in lists and group them using custom parameters. It is easy to switch between groups to get a big-picture view of each cluster.

It also allows you to customize monitoring for each employee. You can make individual settings, depending on each member’s role and responsibilities. The software includes a keylogger and automatic screen tracking application that will give you an in-depth view of various activities on your employees’ machines.

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for Kickidler free trial here.

Aside from the standard monitoring functionalities, Kickidler also includes a computer screen recording mechanism for a full view of your team’s work activities. Its unique compression algorithm ensures that you save space in the server.

Key Features of Kickidler

  • Online computer monitoring of your team using Quadrator.
  • Time tracking features that show the timesheets of both individual staff and departments.
  • Full productivity monitoring, such as video screencasts, automated screenshots, and keyloggers.

Comparison of Key Features

Productivity Monitoring

Each of the top 3 employee monitoring software in this list combines standard and advanced monitoring capabilities. That means you will find the perfect solution for your company, whether you have a large organization with members working in the office, a team of freelancers from different parts of the world, or a hybrid of the two. 

Time Doctor includes flexible features that can accommodate different types of teams. The Time Tracking feature consists of a detailed recording of time monitored and manually entered work hours. Additionally, you can easily track how much time each member spends on each task, project, and client. On top of time tracking, Time Doctor also includes automated screenshots, chat and meeting tracker, Off Track reminders, GPS tracking, and webcam shots. The combination of these features achieves a perfect balance of detailed and big-picture view of your staff and team’s productivity.

InterGuard also provides powerful productivity monitoring features starting with login and logoff time logs. You can easily see user activity heat maps that show productive and unproductive time. Additionally, gather proof of work with screenshots taken during work hours. A unique feature is the ROI calculator that computes how much money is lost because of unproductive times.

Kickidler also includes productivity monitoring features. However, you need to set up separate storage, whether on-premise or in the Cloud, to store the data that you collect from your members. Monitoring is centered around Quadrator where you can view a live feed of your staff’s work hours. Its time tracking feature also easily summarize hours in timesheets, including breaks and tardiness. The platform has built-in keylogger and screen tracking applications that provide a full overview and in-depth analysis of your personnel’s activities. 

Verdict: Time Doctor provides the perfect balance of time tracking, performance monitoring, and employee autonomy. The individual features can be disabled, depending on how much information you want to collect. There is minimal installation needed, as all data are stored in the platform’s cloud storage. These features allow you to effectively handle virtual or remote teams, which is one of the latest trends in project management.

time doctor time use report

Time use report in Time Doctor dashboard.

Reporting and Analytics

Aside from productivity monitoring, reporting and analysis are two of the most valuable features of any employee monitoring software. The platforms in this list provide different ways to analyze and display information so you can gain useful insights.

Time Doctor includes powerful reports derived from time tracking and various other tools. Managers in the platform automatically receive daily and weekly reports for timely decision-making. Aside from work hours, they can easily see visited websites and applications. Additionally, you can also see detailed breakdowns of tasks and clients. Using time waste detection, you can immediately identify productivity weaknesses and make necessary changes to improve your team’s performance. These data will allow you to conduct various employee development methods, such as coaching and mentoring, even when they are working remotely.  

InterGuard also provides multiple reporting options. Aside from the timesheet reports, you can choose to present productivity information using charts. You can compare idle time versus active time, unproductive time versus productive time, and hours spent web browsing or instant messaging. One of the unique functionality of InterGuard is creating reports from over 100 pre-made templates. You can also customize productivity reports using the step-by-step wizard.

Kickidler provides productivity reports and analysis using daily details reports and efficiency reports. The daily time reports give a detailed view of each employee. It identifies the most and least productive times of the day. Additionally, the efficiency reports include websites accessed, apps used, and more. It provides an overall picture of the efficiency of each team or the company as a whole. 

Verdict: InterGuard takes this category with its multiple reporting options that will show various aspects of individual and team productivity. The pre-made templates make it easy to generate insights in just a few clicks. The step-by-step wizard also allows customization when creating an analysis.

interguard productivity overview

Productivity overview in InterGuard Dashboard


Integration is one of the most overlooked features of any employee monitoring software. You should be able to incorporate the monitoring platform without changing your processes seamlessly. Additionally, adding a team member should require minimal installation and setup. Being able to integrate existing top productivity tools with monitoring software should be painless.

Time Doctor provides easy integration with many popular project management applications. You can connect the monitoring software with JIRA, Asana, Basecamp, Github, Salesforce, Todoist, Podio, and more with just a click of a button. Furthermore, you can directly work on tasks from these platforms right inside Time Doctor. You can also generate payroll reports and billing documents by integrating it with Freshbooks, WorkflowMax, Teamwork Projects, and Zoho. 

While InterGuard provides powerful features, it integrates with limited third-party applications. It works well with Citrix, VMWare, and Google 2-Factor Authenticator. Additionally, it works seamlessly with the other services provided by the platform, such as InterGuard Web Filtering, InterGuard Data Loss Prevention, and InterGuard Endpoint Lockdown and File Retrieval.

Kickidler currently has no integrations with third-party platforms. However, it does provide extensive features in monitoring, recording, and analyzing your team’s productivity.

Verdict: Time Doctor is definitely leading in terms of integrations. Tie-ups with many top project management software, billing platforms, and communication applications allow you to quickly include Time Doctor without affecting the business processes that you already have.

time doctor payroll

Payroll integration in Time Doctor using PayPal, Payoneer, or Transferwise.


The top employee monitoring software in this article all provide free trials so you can test their full features for a certain amount of time. 

Time Doctor provides the simplest pricing package. After the 14-day trial is over, you can unlock all features for $9.99 per user per month. It includes all manager and user functionalities along with reporting capabilities. Additionally, you can start right away as it does not require any on-premise hardware. There are no minimum users required to get started.

InterGuard provides two types of pricing plans after the Free Cloud Trial. The Cloud Hosted plan is $9.00 per user per month. There are no servers required, but you have to have a minimum of more than 11 users for the annual contract. You can also contact InterGuard for an Enterprise On-Premise plan if you have in-house storage available.

Kickidler provides the most licensing package, which starts at $2.78 per month with a minimum of a three-year contract and upfront payment. You can upgrade to various contract lengths up to a lifetime license once your team grows.

Verdict: Time Doctor provides the simplest pricing plan without the hassle of worrying about servers or on-premise storage. You can also easily add new members without complicated packages. 

Maintain Your Team’s Productivity With Smart Tools

Companies are now composed of employees working in different parts of the world, whether they are in the office or at home. With large corporations now considering freelancers in the workforce, productivity is being redefined across different industries. Monitoring their overall productivity is very critical due to the level of autonomy provided by working outside the premises of the company.

Aside from smart time tracking, employee monitoring software also employs various functionalities that will serve as proof of your members’ productivity during work hours. Automated screenshots, web and app tracking, and idle time notifications are just some of the features that will help you identify any issues in time management.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for Time Doctor free trial here. It easily beats other platforms in terms of balanced monitoring, integrations, and affordable pricing.

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