Top 12 Most Expensive Water Brands In The World: Kona Nigari vs Acqua di Cristallo

watLife is nothing without water. Ancient civilizations were built near water sources such as lakes and rivers, indicating how important water was (and still is) to human existence. However, water is quickly becoming a commodity in the modern world. Although water is still a resource many people have access to, some businesses are looking to cash in on a product that is very much a basic necessity.

This list gathers the 20 most expensive water brands in the world. Some of these brands claim that their products underwent thorough filtering processes. Others justify their price with huge claims of their water enhancing vitality and health. Whatever the case, we are pretty sure many people are not eager to shell out good money for something they can have for free. If you do, however, this list is for you.

12. Lauquen Artes – $6 per 750ml bottle


The water of Lauquen Artes comes from an aquifer deep in the heart of the Andes Mountains. 1,500 feet below the ground to be exact. This means the water doesn’t even get to surface until it gets bottled.

11. AquaDeco – $12 for 750ml bottle


Manufacturers claim that AquaDeco’s waters are of the untainted and purest form, harvested from Canada’s unspoiled glaciers that date back to the Ice Age, around 18,000 years ago. That, and a very nicely crafted bottle, comes with the $12 price tag.

10. Christian Lacroix (Evian 2008 Limited Edition) – $13.95 per bottle


Sometimes, it is not the water itself that pushes the price past the ceiling. In case of Evian water, the company partnered with the famous design house Christian Lacroix to produce a limited run of specially designed water bottles in 2008. Two sets of bottles were produced – the easy-to-find prêt-à-porter bottles with snowflake/lace graphics and the doll-shaped haute couture bottles. Only 99 were produced of the latter, each priced at $13.95.

9. 10 Thousand BC – $14 for 750ml bottle


This brand gets its water from an isolated watershed in the Coastal Glacier Mountain Range off the coast of Canada. The said watershed is in a protected region uninhabited by neither humans nor animals. The region can only be reached by going through the Desolation Sound.

8. Veen – $23 per bottle


Those who have tried Veen say that the water is unusually smooth. Maybe because it comes from the Konisaajo spring in the Finnish Lapland and has been found to have very low mineral content. Despite its staggering price, Veen is sold all over Europe.

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7. Hawaiian Deep Seawater – $33.50 per bottle


This one is basically exactly what its product name says it is. The manufacturer of Hawaiian Deep Seawater harvests the water deep within the earth’s surface. In fact, the water comes from a staggering depth of 3,000 feet below the Pacific Ocean. They say the water is free from any pollutant, which is probably the reason why it costs so much.

6. Aqua Amore – $37 per 750ml bottle


Drinking a bottle of Aqua Amore is like drinking from a fresh stream flowing from the top of a freezing mountain, at least according to people who have actually drank it. That may seem weird since the contents of Aqua Amore is just water harvested from icebergs off the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador. Supposedly crisp and cool, manufacturers say that Aqua Amore’s waters are free of any human pollution.

5. Bling H2O – $40 per bottle


How do you turn ordinary water into an expensive product? Make the bottle extraordinary. Bling H20 is simply that. The water comes from a spring somewhere in Tennessee. However, what makes this product pricey is its vessel – a frosted bottle speckled with Swarovski crystals with the opening secured by a cork, much like a champagne. It was initially marketed to Hollywood big timers before the public got caught in the hype.

4. Hello Kitty Fillico – $100 per bottle


In Celebration of the 35th birthday of one Japan’s most popular and beloved cartoon characters, Hello Kitty, Japan-based jewelry house Filico decided to start a line of luxury bottled water. There is nothing special about the water but the bottle is encrusted with Swarovski crystals and comes in five different colors/themes. Customers can also add their own personal touch by having their names engraved on the bottle for an additional fee of $25.

3. Fillico – $219 per bottle


Fillico makes a reentry in this list with its $219-bottled water line. This particular edition of Fillico bottled water comes in elegant bottles designed to look like a chess piece, a king and a queen. The bottles are studded with Swarovski crystals and are finished with golden bottle caps/crowns that are adorned with more stones.

2. Kona Nigari Water – $402 per bottle


What you get in every bottle of Kona Nigari Water is pretty much saltwater harvested thousands of feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii. The water undergoes a thorough desalination process, making it potable for human consumption. Manufacturers claim that their water is embedded with special qualities that enhances a person’s health, improve skin, and reduce stress.

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1. Acqua di Cristallo “Tributo a Modigliani” – $60,000


This particular brand is just something else. A bottle of Acqua di Cristallo “Tributo a Modigliani” contains a mix of Fiji and France’s spring waters, and actual glacier water from Iceland. Topping the whole lot is 5mg of 23-karat gold dust. Fancy a drink of water and gold? Then get a bottle of this pricey water.

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