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20 Best Email Marketing Automation Software for Small Business: 2020 Features Comparison

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To keep up with the latest news in the industry, we have recently updated this article with information on 2020 leading email marketing automation software and their feature comparisons.

If you’re to pick one digital channel to get leads, what would it be? Considering that 55% of the world population enjoys internet connectivity and majority of these users utilize the web for browsing, social media, and emailing, focusing on one online marketing platform seems counter intuitive.  However, these communication channels are not made equal, especially in the B2B space.

Emailing has a staggering median ROI of 3800%–four times higher than other marketing formats. But surprisingly, not many small business owners take advantage of email marketing. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake by finding email marketing software platforms fit for your company.

Source: AARP

Email marketing platforms are handy in helping you maximize your business operations. Using one cuts down the time you spend reaching out to customers and responding to messages without compromising your marketing campaign. It also enables you to sift through leads so you only spend effort and money targeting those who have potential of becoming paying customers. In addition to that, tracking click-throughs and conversions are easier in email marketing compared to other types of strategies. To top it all off, emailing is a low-cost marketing format that doesn’t require postage fees or media space payments.

There is no doubt that utilizing email marketing programs is a great way to boost your conversions and reinforce customer retention. The big question now is which application is suitable for your growing business?

What to Look for in Email Marketing Platforms

Are you implementing an email marketing scheme for the first time? Perhaps you want to better assess your prospective applications? Whatever the case, it is important to know the essential features that an email marketing platform should have. So before we delve into the email marketing software 2020 comparison, let us first go through some pointers on what factors to consider when browsing for applications. This way, you can ensure that your investment will not go to waste. Among the features you should look for in email marketing platforms are:

  1. Automation Tools. Email marketing tools are created to help accelerate the process of tapping leads and keeping in touch with existing customers. So, it is important that you purchase a platform with robust automation features that allow you to customize workflows according to your desired factors.
  2. Customizable Templates. Apart from email list segmentation, personalized emailing is also an effective marketing strategy. This is why it’s important to find a software that will allow you to customize pre-made templates or create your own. With this feature, you can create more engaging and personable emails.
  3. Bulk Email Sending. Mass emails are the quickest way to get your message to your customers, so your platform should be able to support it. On top of that, it should allow you to form segmented mailing lists so you can create relevant content according to particular customer categories.
  4. Email Tracking and Analytics. Being able to get your message out there is important but it’s only one part of the story. You must also make sure that your email lands in your customers’ inboxes. To do this, you will need powerful email tracking tool that lets you monitor click-through and response rates. This makes it easier for you to gauge the efficacy of your campaign.
  5. Easy Integrations. When choosing a platform, be sure to find one that can easily support integrations and third-party applications. By doing this, you can address the specific marketing needs of your business without having to invest in multiple software solutions.

Now that you know what to look for in email marketing applications, we can move on to discussing some of the best platforms for small businesses. Should you want more information on this topic, be sure to check out our article on the benefits and features of email marketing platforms.

1. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing is an award-winning advanced marketing system aimed at growing traffic and increasing conversions. Used by entrepreneurs globally, this cloud-hosted, open API platform offers a wide variety of best-in-class tools for content creation, website development, and emailing. It is also conveniently accessible on all desktop and mobile devices.

Ideal for startups that have limited financial resources, HubSpot Marketing’s basic platform is available for free. They also have four paid plans that are priced that you may upgrade to depending on the amount of contacts you need to support and the number of features you need to use. Their monthly packages range from $50 to $2400 with some subscriptions requiring an onboarding fee. If you think this software is the ideal option for you and would like to take it for a test run, sign up for a free HubSpot Marketing trial here.

HubSpot Marketing’s Key Features

  1. Robust Automation Options. HubSpot Marketing is equipped with robust automation tools that let you tailor emails according to your leads’ behaviors. It also has a drip campaign capability that lets you set triggers according to interactions with leads, making it easy for you to control the way you automate your campaign.
  2. Email Template Customization. One of the surefire ways to get leads to take notice of your business is by creating relevant, eye-catching emails. Through HubSpot Marketing, you can create stunning email templates without hassle. You can personalize subject lines, modify its look, and run A/B tests to improve click-throughs.
  3. Salesforce Integration. HubSpot Marketing has a bidirectional synchronization with Salesforce. This allows you to record every opened email, clicked CTA, and submitted form. You can then use this data to score leads.

2. vCita

vCita is a one-stop business and customer management solution specially designed for SMBs, service providers and professionals like lawyers and fitness trainers. It’s equipped with tools that assist users in their day-to-day business operation. Examples of said tools include client management, client portal, lead generation and email marketing.

The system allows the easy composition of stunning emails on the go through your mobile devices. Insights gained through the app are also guaranteed to be more accurate because vCita tracks actual client activity, as well as click rates.  Thus, you can truly measure the success of your campaigns or which areas need more attention.

There are three plans available to choose from, namely essentials, business and platinum. The software can be availed for as low as $24/month. If you want to know more about the features, you can easily sign up for vCita free trial here.

vCita’s Key Features

  1. Mobile Email Marketing. Every process, from constructing layout to adding content, managing subscribers and monitoring real-time activities, can be done on the go. Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are all that’s needed to create a stunning campaign and reviewing real-time analytics of each mail sent.
  2. Online Coupons. While sending email campaign is great, sending it with an online coupon attached is a lot better. With vCita, you can easily create attractive coupons to go with your email that promotes services or products. This substantially increases the chance of getting more bookings, purchase and more.
  3. Effective CTA Buttons. vCita allows the addition of various call-to-action buttons to your emails. This way, your clients can easily submit a document, make a payment or book an appointment – straight from the device they read your email from.

3. Wix ShoutOut

Wix ShoutOut is an email and newsletter management software designed to help marketers work smarter, not harder. Built with campaign editors, custom sign-up forms, and mailing management, the platform also enables social media sharing and reporting features. Available for free, Wix ShoutOut also has monthly and annual billing plans that range from $4.90 to $44.90. The vendor offers an attractive free trial plan. Simply sign up for a Wix ShoutOut free trial here.

Wix ShoutOut’s Key Features

  1. Intuitive Email Editor. Incorporating your branding in every email you send out is easy with Wix ShoutOut. Using their intuitive email editor, all you have to do is add your logo, choose a background, insert images, create your text, and you’re good to go. If you need inspiration, you may even choose from their pre-made templates and modify those to your liking instead.
  2. Simple Contact Integration. Importing contacts from different directories take only a matter of seconds using Wix ShoutOut’s contact integration tool. For targeted email marketing, you may even choose to group contacts into separate mailing lists.
  3. Powerful Social Media Tools. Reaching out to your leads is much more effective when you don’t rely on emails alone. To help you eliminate the need to jump from application to application, Wix ShoutOut allows you to manage your social media accounts side by side with your email campaigns.

4. Exponea

Exponea is a cloud-hosted email marketing solution geared towards simplifying automated yet personalized customer experiences. A great option for online businesses that implement customer-centric campaigns, the platform offers robust features like omni-channel tools and AI capabilities. For pricing plans, Exponea has three quote-based enterprise packages for B2C companies based on data points and combination of features. Want to try the features before committing to a plan? You can easily do so when you sign up for a Exponea free trial here.

Exponea’s Key Features

  1. Omni-Channel Communication. Communicate with your leads and existing clients across all devices and touchpoints using the omni-channel capability of Exponea. This saves you heaps of time, and improves customer service in the long run.
  2. Email Campaign Optimization. Using this platform, you can run different types of email campaigns and optimize them using A/B tests. Be it regular, triggered, or special emails, Exponea allows you to handle them all in their system. You may even integrate them with other channels if you wish.
  3. Top-of-the-Line Scenario Designer. Exponea has a drag-and-drop scenario designer that lets you map out a lead’s journey towards becoming a paying customer. Best used with their analytics tools, this lets you predict what your leads will do next, so you can increase engagement strategically.

5. Marketo

One of the leading marketing automation platforms around the world, Marketo streamlines the way you build long-term relationships with customers. It is equipped with tools for marketing automation, B2B lead management, consumer engagement, real-time personalization, as well as budgeting and scheduling. Built for businesses of all sizes, this platform can be purchased via quote-based subscriptions.

Marketo’s Key Features

  1. Smart Marketing Database. Knowing your customers is key to higher conversions and better retention. Through Marketo’s smart marketing database, you can get a better view of your interactions with customers across your email, social, and mobile channels.
  2. Customer Conversations Made Easy. Just because your campaigns are automated doesn’t mean you can’t make your approach personable. With Marketo, you can take control of customer conversations using triggered email marketing messages. You may even respond to customer journeys on-the-go if need be.
  3. In-Depth ROI Reporting. Marketo goes beyond metrics that barely scratches the surface. They offer reporting tools provide in-depth insight on the impact and ROI of your email marketing campaign. This makes it easier for you to measure customer engagement and adjust your campaign accordingly.

6. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an email management system designed for small business marketing. User-friendly and integrated, this API-enabled application is used by over 100,000 businesses worldwide. It offers email management capabilities, lead scoring tools, contact tracking, as well as segmentation and targeting options. They have four pricing plans: Lite Plan at $15/month, Plus Plan at $70/month, Professional Plan at $159/month, and Enterprise Plan at $279/month. These are also available for yearly billing.

ActiveCampaign’s Key Features

  1. Intelligence-Driven Tools. ActiveCampaign lets you create dynamic marketing strategies using its intelligence-driven tools. It will collect customer insight from different sources and create interaction summaries for each contact, so you can implement more effective campaigns.  
  2. Advanced Split Testing. Maximizing customer engagement is easy when you know what content, layout, and settings your subscribers will respond to. Using ActiveCampaign, you can do up to 5-version split tests, so you can quickly determine the best possible email campaign to implement.
  3. Over 150 Integrations. While ActiveCampaign already has the essential email marketing features, this platform can support over 150 integrations to help you improve your user experience.

7.  iContact Pro

An advanced marketing automation suite,iContact Pro is a business solution geared towards making your campaigns cost-effective. It offers a slew of marketing features that range from segmentation and engagement tracking to landing page creation and email marketing. Built to handle marketing campaigns for different business sizes, iContact Pro is available in Email Marketing, Pro Automation, and Premier pricing plans based on the number of subscribers.

iContact Pro’s Key Features

  1. Advanced Email Segmentation. Make sure you are tapping customers or leads accurately. iContact Pro offers advanced email segmentation that allows you to group your contacts according to specific categories of your choosing. You may even choose to test your campaigns before you launch them.
  2. Smart Targeting Tools. Optimizing your campaigns is easy when you personalize the way you interact with your clients. With iContact Pro, you can create content and send them at the right time via smart targeting. You may choose to set criteria like customer type, geography, or activity.
  3. CRM Integration. iContact Pro allows users to boost inter-department communications through its CRM integration capability. This feature lets you keep all stakeholders in your company are kept in the loop about the status of each customer you handle.

8. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a unified marketing system created to help businesses create and maintain their presence in the social landscape. Equipped with journey builders, predictive intelligence, content management, web personalization, and email marketing tools, it promotes personalized 1:1 customer journeys. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is available in five product bundles that are priced by quote.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Key Features

  1. Solid Email Building Tools. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has an easy-to-use email builder where you can customize templates, create responsive designs, and write dynamic messages for your customers. With its drag-and-drop function, HTML code support, and personalized scripting language, you can make quality content that wows without fuss.
  2. Message Automation Features. Whether you are trying to build 1-to-1 relationships with customers or are looking to send bulk messages to a large clientele, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has options for you. Not only will it let you organize your mailing lists; it also lets you schedule delivery of messages.
  3. Reliable Reporting. To increase your conversions, you must first know which leads to target. Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you discover the right audience through its reliable reporting features.

9. MailChimp

MailChimp is an email marketing service made primarily for small businesses and developing enterprises. Equipped with features for email designing, mail segmentation, campaign archives, and social sharing, this system also offers superior analytical tools for more effective campaigns.You may take advantage of these tools for free using their New Business Plan or choose from their paid plans which cost $10/month for growing businesses and $199/month for pro marketers.

MailChimp’s Key Features

  1. Easy Email Designing Options. MailChimp has a drag-and-drop designer that let you create emails easily. They offer customizable templates for brands of any size. Additionally, they support collaboration via multi-user accounts and commenting capabilities.
  2. Flexible API Documentation. Make sure your email marketing campaign suits your workflow. MailChimp has an in-depth API documentation tool that can let you integrate with a CRM, build your own CMS, and more.
  3. Various eCommerce Integrations. Managing your marketing campaign alongside your online store can help you increase sales. By using MailChimp’s eCommerce integrations, you may create targeted ad campaigns, automate product follow-ups, and more. Some of the third-party applications they support are Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.

10. AWeber

AWeber is a cloud-hosted email marketing platform trusted by businesses of all sizes. Accessible via desktop and mobile devices, this software is full of features like email editors, autoresponders, subscriber segmentation, and analytics. It can also be integrated with leading business applications like Zendesk and WordPress. For basic monthly subscription plans, this platform is priced according to the number of subscribers you have and can cost as low as $19 to as high as $149. For enterprises, they have a quote-based billing option.

AWeber’s Key Features

  1. Automated Email Sequences. Marketing funnel automation is simple with AWeber’s drag-and-drop campaign editor. This feature allows you to map out email sequences, create personalized welcome emails, and plan lead nurturing strategies for a more convenient yet effective marketing.
  2. Intelligent Email Tracking. Ensure the efficacy of your campaigns through the intelligent email tracking tools of AWeber. From gauging open rates and click-throughs to measuring email deliverability, this feature is great for collecting actionable data.  
  3. Email API Capability. Get the most out of AWeber by using it with your favorite online tools. Be it PayPal, WordPress, Unbounce, Magento, or other third-party applications, you can integrate it seamlessly into their platform. You may also opt to build your own using their API capability.

11.  Constant Contact

Trusted by over 650,000 customers for 15 years, Constant Contact is a platform that enables simplified and more effective email marketing. It provides robust features for contact management, email tracking, email marketing automation, as well as social media sharing. Supporting multiple languages and accessible via desktop and mobile devices, this platform offers two pricing plans with free trial options. You may choose from their Email plan that starts at $20/monthly or Email Plus subscription that starts at $45/month.

Constant Contact’s Key Features

  1. Email Enhancement Tools. Nowadays, emails can do so much more than simply conveying a message. You can make it more interactive by running polls or surveys, creating RSVPs for upcoming events, promote videos, or provide coupons. These make promoting customer engagement a breeze.
  2. Real-Time Marketing Analytics. Manage your campaign whenever and wherever you are using the real-time marketing analytics tool of Constant Contact. It allows you to get a good grasp of your customers’ behavior, determine strong leads, and gauge what content will work for your target audience.
  3. Contact Management Options. Organize contacts easier by uploading them via Excel, Gmail, Outlook, or other platforms. Once all the data is in the Constant Contact system, it can monitor bounces and inactive emails automatically.

12. Mailgun

Mailgun is an email service solution created for software development teams. Used by clients like GitHub, Slack, Lyft, Reddit, and others, this platform is engineered to help you maintain uptime, comply with industry standards, and improve marketing performance. It is known for its top-of-the-line sending tools, intelligent inbound routing, and high-end analytics features. For billing packages, Mailgun offers a free plan and paid subscription according to the number of emails you plan on distributing.

Mailgun’s Key Features

  1. Streamlined Sending Infrastructure. Mailgun has an SMTP integration and RESTful API that simplifies the complications of sending bulk email. It allows you to make sure that your emails are landing in the inbox–not the spam folder.
  2. Easy Email Validation. Increase your delivery rates using the email validation tool of Mailgun. This feature allows you to remove temporary emails from your mailing list as well as programmatically find user-entry errors in your sign-up flow.
  3. Email Parsing Engine. Mailgun has an engine that posts all your emails into your application fully parsed and transcoded to UTF-8. This way, you can pull specific data fields from incoming email with ease.

13. Mailjet

Mailjet is a marketing application that focuses greatly on managing email marketing using real-time tracking, contact list management, and one-to-one personalization tools. It also has a campaign comparison tool to help you assess what aspects of your previous strategies worked and which ones did not. Suitable for startups and growing businesses, Mailjet has a free plan as well as affordable pricing packages that range from $7.49/month to $21.95/month.

Mailjet’s Key Features

  1. Drag-and-Drop Email Editor. Mailjet offers an intuitive email editor that lets you create emails from scratch for your marketing campaigns within minutes. The best part about it is that it has a drag-and-drop functionality, so you don’t need to be tech-savvy to utilize it.
  2. Synchronized Contact Management. Optimize your contact management efforts by using the targeted marketing tools of Mailjet. It can integrate into your CRM so that capturing email addresses and syncing them to your system is easy.
  3. Dynamic Personalization. Make your clients feel like VIPs by giving them content based on their location, historical activity, or other relevant variables. This way, you can give your customers a more personable, hands-on approach to service.

14. ConvertKit

Built by creators for creators, ConvertKit is a marketing software developed specifically for professional course creators, YouTubers, podcasters, bloggers, and other individuals who make online content. This platform allows users to automate rules and blueprints, perform drip email marketing, track campaign progress, as well as manage content creation all in one convenient interface. ConvertKit offers monthly pricing according to the number of subscribers. Costs range from $29 to $79. For bigger businesses, you may choose to get a custom quote.

ConvertKit’s Key Features

  1. Configurable Marketing Automation. Automating your campaigns can often make your marketing efforts seem impersonal. Through ConvertKit’s configurable marketing automation, you can avoid that without having to do tedious work. It is enabled with an “if this, then that” scheme to help you create your own rules for automation.
  2. Text-Based Emailing. Sometimes, flashy emails are not the way to go when it comes to marketing. This is why ConvertKit has a text-based emailing tool that strips away the unnecessary designs, so that your content stands out.
  3. User-Friendly Dashboard. Monitoring your campaign’s progress can be intimidating. To make it simpler for you, ConvertKit has a user-friendly dashboard that displays subscriber data and opt-in conversions in a streamlined manner for easier viewing.

15. ToutApp

ToutApp is an email management and marketing software designed to work seamlessly with your CRM. Fully integrated into Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Salesforce, and other CRMs, this platform also boasts enterprise-grade security for your peace of mind. ToutApp offers two payment packages: a Self-Service subscription that starts at $49/user/month and an Enterprise plan that starts at $15,000 per year.

ToutApp’s Key Features

  1. High-Performance Deliverability. ToutApp has high-performance servers that not only sends your emails, but also makes sure that they don’t end up in the spam folder. This way, you won’t have to worry about not reaching your clients.
  2. Customer Engagement Tracker. Aside from giving you the ability to automate or semi-automate your email campaign, ToutApp also tracks customer engagement in real-time. This, in turn, gives you full visibility into your sales process and helps you understand the needs of your leads and customers.
  3. Integrated Calendaring Option. This is perhaps one of the most unique features of ToutApp. It allows you to book meetings with prospects and existing clients within the platform, so you can easily cross-check it with your emails. It even supports a Gmail and Outlook calendar integration to makes overall appointment scheduling much easier.

16.  FreshMail

FreshMail is a multi-awarded comprehensive email marketing platform accessible via cloud. Created for freelancers and SMBs, it is equipped with an intuitive template editor, industry-specific newsletter templates, autoresponder tools, and real-time email tracking. For startups with less than 500 subscribers, FreshMail is free of charge. If you have a larger client database, you may choose from their Unlimited Email plans or Pay-As-You-Go plans.

FreshMail’s Key Features

  1. Template Importing and Exporting. Do you want to keep your existing newsletter after switching to FreshMail? This software allows you to import and edit any HTML document within their platform, so you don’t have to rebuild it from scratch. You may also download and export an HTML version of templates you’ve created using their system for easy sharing.
  2. In-Depth Subscriber Insights. FreshMail allows you to get in-depth activity profiles of each of your subscribers. This way, you can learn more about what they click on your website, what messages from you they’ve opened, as well as their contact information, making targeting more effective.
  3. Handy Autoresponder Tool. Following up on clients is an important step in the sales process. With FreshMail’s autoresponder tool, you can create personal follow-ups that are sent automatically according to certain actions of your subscribers. You may choose from queues such as joining a newsletter, purchasing a product, or customize your own.

17.  ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail is a marketing automation suite specializing in emailing and SMS. Offering a user-friendly platform with powerful performance tracking tools, this platform supports mobile responsive landing pages, predictive delivery, A/B testing, and custom surveys. ActiveTrail offers monthly plans ranging from $9.00 to $29 monthly for those who want to use their entire platform. They also have packages priced according to the number of emails or SMS you send out per month.

ActiveTrail’s Key Features

  1. Customer Journey Personalization. Maximizing campaign results using smart scenarios and marketing funnels is easy with ActiveTrail’s visual automations builder. Simple enough for beginners and powerful enough for professionals, this feature lets you schedule emails and adapt to different clients.
  2. Highly Configurable Interface. ActiveTrail integrates seamlessly with hundreds of third-party applications. From WordPress and several social media networking sites to Zoho and Salesforce, you can easily hook your favorite systems to your ActiveTrail platform for easier marketing management.
  3. Online SMS Support. On top of its email marketing tools, ActiveTrail also allows you to reach your clients on-the-fly via SMS. This way, you can ensure that you are getting in touch with your clientele across channels.

18. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a professional-grade marketing automation system tailor-made for growing businesses. Used by over 200,000 companies globally, it provides complete tools for template design, content customization, A/B testing, social sharing, and analytics. If you think Campaign Monitor is the right software for you, you may choose from their four monthly pricing packages: Basic starting at $9, Unlimited starting at $29, Premier starting at $149, and Advanced which is available by quote.

Campaign Monitor’s Key Features

  1. Streamlined Marketing Automation. Be it one-time campaigns or complete customer journeys, Campaign Monitor allows you to take control of the process using its automation feature. It lets you gauge the efficacy of your strategies, determine when to send your emails, and figure out how to keep your audience engaged.
  2. Simple Email Builder. Create beautiful yet relevant emails that are aligned with your company’s brand using Campaign Monitor. With this platform’s drag-and-drop email builder, you can personalize all emails to your heart’s content quickly and easily.
  3. Mobile Campaign Tracking. Other than providing you with the tools to grow your business and optimize your campaigns, Campaign Monitor also helps you track your progress whenever you wish. Whether you are in the office or on-the-go, you can be confident that this platform will keep up with your pace.

19.  Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is a cloud-hosted email marketing platform designed for freelancers, SMBs, and large enterprises. It is equipped to automate your entire marketing process while keeping track of recipient activity, streamlining contact lists, and measuring the engagement of your customers. For pricing, Zoho Campaigns offers a Pay-As-You-Use plan that ranges from $6 to $750 and a Monthly Subscription plan costing $5 to $350.

Zoho Campaigns’ Key Features

  1. Custom Email Marketing Workflows. Ideal for those with set workflows, Zoho Campaigns adapts to your standards using its customizable interface. It also has autoresponders that let you trigger emails based on subscriber activity to make follow-ups a breeze.
  2. Campaign Reach Tracking. Eliminate the guesswork from your marketing campaigns using the campaign reach tracking capabilities of Zoho Campaigns. It provides you with in-depth analysis on how your audience responds to your strategies as well as real-time updates of your social media statistics.
  3. Subscriber Management. Throughout your marketing career, it’s possible that you may have stored your list of contacts in multiple databases. With Zoho Campaign’s subscriber management, you can easily import subscribers from multiple sources such as Zoho CRM, Google, and Office365 and organize them in one cohesive list. It also automatically updates it in case of invalid or unsubscribed email addresses.

20. Rejoiner

Rejoiner is an email marketing platform created for eCommerce businesses. Offering features on lead scoring, funnel tracking, frequency capping, email analytics, the platform also has a cart and browse abandonment tools to boost your reach and increase your sales. Great for businesses with a healthy and steady income, Rejoiner has three monthly enterprise pricing options: Recover at $1000, Retain at $2000, and Agency which is quote-based.

Rejoiner’s Key Features

  1. Cart and Browse Abandonment Tools. Turn window shoppers into paying customers using the smart cart and browse abandonment tools of Rejoiner. These features allow you to follow up on customers who have yet to complete their purchase or put items in their cart via email.
  2. Recommendation Algorithm. Rejoiner helps you predict what items your customers might want to buy next. You may then recommend these items to your customers on your next email to upsell some products in your catalogue.
  3. Multi-Site Management. If you own multiple eCommerce shops or have different websites for your many businesses, Rejoiner is a boon for you. It has multi-site management capabilities, so you won’t need to invest in several email marketing systems.


As your business and clientele begin to grow, pulling off a successful email marketing campaign becomes more and more complicated. Simplify your campaigns and yield better results by finding the right tools for the job.

With our list of top 20 email marketing software solutions for small business, you will surely be able to find quality options that suit your business. All you have to do is determine the tools you need and how much you’re willing to invest for an email management system. If you want a more in-depth pricing comparison of these software solutions, take a look at our article on email marketing software 2020 comparison of costs.

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