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20 Best HR Software Solutions for Small Business: 2020 Comparison of Leading Solutions

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HR software, often also known as human resource management software (HRMS), is a technology solution designed to help you and your organization handle employee recruitment, hiring, engagement, and retention practices and processes. HR software tools likewise take care of ensuring your organization’s compliance with labor and tax laws; providing valuable metrics on employee performance; and managing an efficient and accurate payroll system, among others.

Top HR Software Solutions for Small Business

The notion that HR software is only for big corporations with a large workforce is not true. Experts advise that you put an HR system in place even if you only have one or two employees or a small staff, for valid reasons. Among these are the common HR penalties and fines when you are remiss or non-compliant with government regulations relating to human resources. Another thing is the precious time unloaded from you or your employees in doing admin work since the software can automate most HR tasks and activities.

How important is HR software for modern business? Aside from the reasons above, it has been found out that companies with newly upgraded systems realize the cost savings in using HRMS by as much as 22% per employee. Furthermore, HR software facilitates employee engagement, making them more invested in their work. One study revealed the impact of employee engagement programs to revenues, resulting in as much as 26% higher annual earnings. There are many more benefits you can gain and this 2020 comparison of HR software will explore some of the features and advantages of the best HR products out there.


For SMBs, a good HR system is a vital addition to their arsenal of business and productivity solutions. On that note, we’ve gathered the 20 best HR software solutions for small business that you can try. They are among the leading HR platforms that are not only budget-friendly but also offer custom pricing so that you can mix and match cost vis-à-vis features to get only what you need.

What Should You Look for in HR Software for Small Business?

The requirements of startups and SMBs are vastly different from large companies. The latter will require heavy duty, enterprise-level solutions for their workforce that could number to hundreds or thousands of employees. There may be common features of HR software applicable for both small and large businesses, but SMBs have unique needs because of lighter operations and resources, and smaller staff.

This list of 20 best HR software solutions for small business will present relevant products capable of addressing special needs. It serves as your 2020 comparison of HR software so you can find the product of your choice. But what particular attributes should you be looking for?

  1. Affordability. Small businesses work on tight budgets and would look for low-cost solutions or even free one if available. The good news is that several HR products today are subscription-based cloud platforms offered in affordable monthly plans. Some even have free editions to start you off. They may be inexpensive but they don’t sacrifice robust features and capabilities.
  2. Ease of Use. Easy and user-friendly navigation and operation should be a main consideration. It should allow even non-tech or those that are not HR specialists to use the system, more so since small businesses may not have dedicated IT or HR departments. Hence, its usability to everyone is a must.
  3. Scalability and Customization. The system should be able to scale to your operation and requirements when you hire more personnel and onboard new employees. It should be able to keep up as your workforce grows. It should be configurable and customizable to your specific and changing HR needs.
  4. Compliance with Regulations. It must be efficient, accurate and be able to notify you of your obligations when it comes to managing employee benefits, complying with tax and labor standards, and other similar regulations.
  5. Integrations. It must be able to work and integrate with third party apps and services such as CRM, CMS, accounting, and other business and productivity software to give you flexibility in your HR platform.
  6. Dependable Support. There should be reliable multi-channel support from the product vendor as well as easily accessible resource hub and knowledge center. An online portal should be available in case you need quick self-service.

There may be other factors to consider to meet your particular requirements but the above should on top of your checklist. Continue reading below our 20 best HR software solutions for small business to learn of their main offerings. If you need more information, links to full reviews are provided for each product.

20 Best HR Software Solutions for Small Business

1. BambooHR

BambooHR is a user-friendly HRMS that provides a complete lineup of tools for HR management, employee self-service, hiring and onboarding, integrations and data sharing, and advanced reporting. Among its sophisticated capabilities is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that can manage all aspects in the crucial hiring process – from job posting to applicant leads, to elimination and selection. The vendor offers a great free trial plan for those who’d like to try out the key features of the product first. You can easily sign up for BambooHR free trial here.

BambooHR boasts of a precision and efficient benefits management and performance administration. Automation drives the analysis of employee performance and appraisal as well as the calculation of variable amounts for administering employee benefits. These and other functionalities like custom workflows and centralized employee database and records, together with flexible quote-based pricing adjusted to specific needs and budget, make BambooHR one of the most popular HR solutions for SMBs.

Why choose BambooHR?

  1. Applicant Tracking System. The ATS handles all phases of hiring, helping do the heavy lifting for HR managers and ensuring the most qualified candidates get selected.
  2. Employee Self-Onboarding. It helps you complete paperwork before the new hire’s start date and gets everyone introduced quickly with welcome emails and team introductions. Having the best first day for your new employee increases retention and engagement.
  3. E-Signatures. It streamlines processes that require physical signatures. You save time by quickly rounding up paperwork, and money by getting rid of filing cabinets.

2. Zoho People

Zoho People is the HR solution of Zoho which has over 40 software products in its lineup. It brings with it all essential features of an HR system including admin operations, HR process automation, attendance management, performance management, centralized employee information, leave management, employee self-service, time tracker, appraisals, form customization, and more. Being a cloud platform, you get a lightweight yet powerful solution that you can access anytime from anywhere. It is available in three of the most affordable paid plans today, alongside a completely free plan with basic features. If you want to try the features at no cost you can easily do so when you sign up for a Zoho People free trial here.

Why choose Zoho People?

  1. Low-Cost Options. Its three premium plans have monthly subscription prices ranging from $2  to $5 per employee plus applicable taxes. A “free forever plan” with about half a dozen features can be availed by an administrator for up to five employees which is ideal for micro businesses.
  2. Zoho Interoperability. Zoho is know for its systems integration, hence Zoho People can integrate with most other Zoho apps such as Zoho CRM and Zoho Recruit. It can also work with third party apps through its webhooks and API.
  3. Mobile Check-In and Check-Out. You can connect and collaborate with your colleagues on the go using the fully featured mobile employee directory. It allows employees to check in and out of work using their iOS and Android mobile devices, and managers to set IP restrictions to control when and where their employees are allowed to clock in.

3. Freshteam

Freshteam is an applicant tracking software from the company that gave you the highly popular Freshdesk and Freshservice software products. Freshteam is designed as a compact solution consists of core applicant tracking and recruitment CRM features. Applicable for businesses from all scales and industries, the online ATS solution helps you focus on quality candidates while having full control over the hiring process that is aligned with your own company rules and policies. It allows you to manage job postings, source candidates, optimize resume screening, engage with candidates as they go through the hiring pipeline, and assess and make offers, among others.  The best way to evaluate the features is for you to try them. You can easily sign up for a Freshteam free trial here.

Why choose Freshteam?

  1. Robust Free Plan. You get a comprehensive free plan that you can use for up to 50 employees. It lets you manage and publish up to five job postings, and include tools to handle email applications, job embeds, referrals, basic career site, and team collaboration.
  2. Single Dashboard Operation. You can manage and oversee all your hiring/recruiting operations and processes from a single dashboard. The customizable system lets you acquaint talent in line with personalized rules and policies, and bring all candidate information under one roof.
  3. Efficient Candidate Sourcing & Screening. The ATS solution lets you advertise your brand on popular career sites and social media channels, and allows involvement of others in the decision-making process to consider several points of view before you select a candidate.

4. Gusto

Gusto is designed for small businesses looking for a fully featured HR and payroll software with integrated U.S. regulatory and benefits management. It enables companies to stay on top of their workforce’s core HR needs with tools to efficiently administer benefits and automate the calculation, payment, and submission of a company’s local, state and federal payroll taxes. With nearly three dozen features, it ensures that your payroll, benefits, and HR, as well as other related functions like bookkeeping, are all accurate and in sync in one system, saving you precious time and resources. The software is available in three budget-friendly plans that are scalable to the number of employees. The vendor offers an attractive free trial plan. You can easily sign up for Gusto free trial here.

Why choose Gusto HR?

  1. Full Payroll Automation. The system automates all payroll processes including calculating relevant and related taxes. A survey of 900 Gusto customers revealed that they spend 75% less time on payroll than before they used the Gusto solution.
  2. Simplified Benefits Administration. Easy benefits management is made possible with employment tax reporting, payments, workers’ comp insurance, new hire reports and detailed budget plans. You also get dedicated access benefits advisors with years of health care experience.
  3. Streamlined HR. You can consolidate all your employee data and organize it in one place where employees can access it, modify it, or download it for their needs. This helps comply with HIPAA standards, and makes HR management much more transparent.

5. BizMerlin

BizMerlin is a human resource management platform that currently serves over a thousand small and medium-sized enterprises to help them run their human resources departments. It offers a comprehensive set of features and modules relating to human capital management including employee profiles, easy onboarding as well as managing goals, skills and performance.

It also brings core functionalities such as hiring automation, applicant tracking, skill matrix, retention analysis, centralized people database, and allocation and financial management. The software has wide integration capability and the vendor offers responsive customer support. BizMerlin’s pricing is based on the number of users with option to pay per month or annually. Want to try the features before committing to a plan? You can easily do so when you sign up for a BizMerlin free trial here.

Why choose BizMerlin?

  1. At-a-glance View of Employee Profile. You get easy but comprehensive view of employee profile, together with other features such as centralized employee document storage, self service employee portal, leave management, and electronic document signature.
  2. Customized Hiring Process. Attract high-quality candidates through a hiring process that you can configure and with customizable evaluation templates to screen candidates.
  3. Optimal Workforce Planning. You can maximize the profitability of your resources and planning by placing the right people to the precise projects to leverage their skills and growth.

6. ClearCompany

ClearCompany is a talent management suite that unifies recruiting, onboarding, performance management and goal tracking to help your business find, hire, and manage talent. It is an integrated system designed to streamline your HR processes from finding candidates to onboarding new hires. Hiring new employees is simplified with tools to screen and engage qualified candidates only, assess their skills set and shortlist the top applicants.

Likewise, the vendor claims to connect you to 160 million candidate profiles using semantic algorithm and Boolean capabilities to scour their database. The software can get you up to speed looking for the right talents.

ClearCompany’s subscription plans are quote-based and customized depending on the number of users and solutions used.

Why choose ClearCompany?

  1. Mission-Aligned Talent OS. The software utilizes a talent operating system that leverages your company’s mission and vision so you can find, hire, and engage “A Players.”
  2. Comprehensive Performance Management. You can utilize and apply traditional review cycles, unlimited peer and 360 reviews, time-based reviews, continuous performance tracking, completion tracking, and real-time feedback.
  3. Complete Best Practices Library. Everything you need to improve you hiring process can be accessed through e-learning courses where your entire team can learn from thought leaders and implement their best practices for success.

7. Workday

Workday is a cloud hosted software that combines human capital management, financial, payroll, and management solutions to help companies across industries increase efficiency and reduce costs. It comes with more than three dozen tools and capabilities including time tracking, goal management, succession planning, global payroll, workforce analytics, performance management, benefits administration, onboarding, real time spend analytics, revenue management, invoicing, and accounting and finance, to mention some. With a single system for finance and HR, Workday gives you total visibility so you can make decisions based on data, not guesswork.

Why choose Workday?

  1. Agile Platform. The system keeps you ready for anything – whether complying with new regulations, opening a new location, or shifting your workforce, Workday provides the agility necessary to let you and your business respond to change.
  2. No Disruptive Upgrades. Every customer of Workday is always on the latest version of the software. As new versions are rolled out, the system automatically converts to the latest release without any downtime.
  3. Maximize Security and Reliability. Workday is built, and continuously updated, with rigorous safeguards to maintain the highest security and maximum uptime.

8. Trakstar

Trakstar is an employee appraisal software intended to help organizations and HR professionals track employee performance as well as manage feedback, goals, and reviews. Its core features such as real-time 360 degree feedback, smart cascading goal-setting tool, applicant tracking and succession planning provide you with powerful performance management tools that are user-friendly, customizable, and applicable to organizations of all sizes and industries. The solution is most useful if you need to track performance and abilities of trainees and evaluating employees for promotion. It provides several reporting and analytics tools to give you relevant insights when making important decisions about your workers. Subscriptions to the software service is offered on a per user, per year basis.

Why choose Trakstar?

  1. Automated Performance Review. You can use Trakstar to easily set schedules and automate email notifications keep people on track. It can also discover and generate reports on performance issues before they go unresolved.
  2. 360 Degree Feedback. You can request feedback from anyone within and outside your organization and you can have the feature built right into the review workflow.
  3. Track All Year Long. Employees and managers can have day to day access to their performance goals, allowing them to be continually updated with their progress.

9. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a complete and easy-to-use recruiting and applicant tracking software built to automate your hiring process. With the software, you’ll be able to source best talent faster, track resumes, undertake interviews efficiently, and never miss on a great hire. Zoho Recruit makes hiring easier since it automates all business-specific recruitment processes and is beneficial for both corporate HR and hiring agencies.

It can customize recruitment workflows and tasks, assemble and organize data quickly, and store it in a secure location where only users with permissions can access it. The solution is offered in four low-cost plans starting with a free edition that come with features for interview scheduling, job posting and candidate management.

Why choose Zoho Recruit?

  1. The Zoho Advantage. Zoho products are known for their user friendliness, effectiveness, and flexible pricing. They also integrate with most other Zoho solutions and third party apps.
  2. Advanced Recruit Analytics. It lets you keep track of recruiting data, back up your presentation with data trends, and monitor how teams perform, to help you make informed hiring decisions.
  3. Multi-channel Communication. Communication is a vital component of the recruitment process. Zoho Recruit offers tools that allow you to communicate your brand, communicate with the candidate, and communicate between your team.

10. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is a web-based human resources (HR) application designed to scale for businesses of all sizes regardless if you have one or thousands of employees. The solution can gather and automate all of your company’s HR processes into a single dashboard as well as create additional user permissions for your employees to help them coordinate and manage several HR functions. The ADP solution for small business (1-49 employees) includes payroll, HR, and time-tracking tools that allow you to run payroll online, by phone or on-the-go with a mobile app. You can have payroll taxes automatically calculated, and quarterly and annual reporting produced. It also manages compliance and provides centralized document storage.

Why choose ADP Workforce Now?

  1. Several Quote-based Subscription Options. Four subscription options are offered depending on the size of your business. The solution for small business alone has three payment plans you can choose from – Essential Payroll, Enhanced Payroll, and Complete Payroll+HR.
  2. Usability and Optimization. The solution can be accessed on smartphones and tablets which are fully synced with the web-based dashboard to give you full visibility of statistics and reports, and anytime, anywhere HR management.
  3. Analytics and Cloud-based Storage. Analytics are displayed in real-time and you can create customized spreadsheets, graphs, charts, and reports. The app is fully web based and offers hosting along with your package.

11. UltiPro

UltiPro brings together under one comprehensive cloud solution all aspects of human capital management including hiring. It helps businesses manage HR, compensation, talent, payroll, and time and labor as well as connect people with the resources and information they need to work more effectively. You can utilize the configurable platform to hire and onboard new employees, calculate and process payroll, develop employee skills and performance, manage compensation, track work hours, administer office surveys, and measure staff members’ opinions via sentiment analysis. UltiPro also offers insightful prescriptive and predictive analytics, and business intelligence and reporting tools.

Why choose UltiPro?

  1. Global HR and HCM Platform. UltiPro delivers strategic HR functionality in one global system of record to let you track all employee HCM data like personal information, benefits information, employment history, performance history and more.
  2. AI and Machine Learning. The system can automatically understand, predict, and prescribe personalized actions from relevant HCM data, helping you better understand your people.
  3. Workforce Analytics and BI Tools. You can gain complete visibility and insight into your workforce with comprehensive reporting and business intelligence tools that enable you to pull data and capture key metrics across all areas of your people management.

12. Dayforce HCM

Dayforce HCM is an end-to-end system that covers your entire HR management processes. From hiring to benefits and compliance, this HCM helps you find the right talents, manage employee records with its document management tool and evaluate employees with its analytics-driven performance feature. The system includes features for payroll and tax.

The single app solution allows businesses complete access to real-time data across all aspects of human capital management and enables them to find and hire the right talent, manage compliance, schedule staff with work-life balance, maintain HR records, process pay, and manage benefits enrollment. Plans are custom-priced according the modules you need – human capital management or small business payroll, or both.

Why choose Dayforce HCM?

  1. One Application. With data stored in a single, central location, you get data-driven insights across all HR functions so you can make better decisions for the entire employee lifecycle, while simplifying workflows, increasing accuracy, and enhancing compliance.
  2. Continuous pay calculation. A single, flexible rules engine for time and pay lets the system continuously calculate throughout the pay period, giving administrators the time to produce high-quality pay.
  3. Multi-currency and Multi-language Support. It makes the software a suitable solution for international personnel management, tracking, and payment.

13. Kronos Workforce Central

Kronos Workforce Central is an online human capital management software that provides tools and solutions to help businesses manage their workforce. It brings industry-first, intelligent technologies designed to assist you managing your most valuable resource – your people. The software is aligned with emerging workforce trends, and addresses top issues organizations face today such as the preference for mobile interaction and real-time insight; engaging and retaining employees with scheduling and self-service; the need for an industry-specific, configurable workforce management solution; leveraging analytics to gain visibility into the workforce and boost operational excellence; and managing complex regulatory compliance requirements.

Why choose Kronos Workforce Central?

  1. Designed for Your Industry. The workforce management suite is purpose-built for your industry to help you drive business outcomes by engaging your employees, controlling labor costs, increasing productivity, and minimizing compliance risk.
  2. One Central, Automated Solution. You can manage schedules, track time and attendance, administer absence and leave, and measure productivity — all streamlined through automation from one platform.
  3. High-quality Information. Its powerful reporting and analytics provides you visibility into accurate data, alerts and dashboards, and comprehensive analysis of day-to-day activities.

14. iCIMS Talent Acquisition

iCIMS Talent Acquisition is a web-based recruitment and onboarding platform designed to help businesses and organizations accelerate and simplify the talent acquisition process without sacrificing the quality and qualifications of the candidates. It comes with tools and functionalities to ensure quality hires, improve hiring processes, engage the right candidates, and follow key metrics all within a single application. You can automate and personalize new hire onboarding to make managing tasks easy, keep everyone on track, and report on onboarding success. With the solution, you’ll be able to supply new hires with resources and objectives, all the while reducing paperwork and improving productivity for both new hires and recruiters. The software is available through custom pricing based on your needs.

Why chose iCIMS Talent Acquisition?

  1. Array of Talent Acquisition Tools. You can streamline your recruitment with several tools at your disposal such as applicant tracking system, reporting and metrics, job board posting, and mobile engagement, among others.
  2. Social Recruiting. With iCIMS Social Distribution feature, you can reach not only the most popular social media sites, but also more than 300 other social media outlets, including niche and specialty sites.
  3. Robust Reporting. You get recruiting metrics right at your fingertips by leveraging data-driven recruitment to maximize ROI and drive better recruitment results.

15. OnPay

OnPay is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that streamlines payroll, benefits, and HR for SMBs. The payroll processes and automates tax filing and payment workflows. It’s as easy as entering payroll information such as hours, tips, reimbursements, and bonuses, and the system will take care of doing all calculations accurately and seamlessly. It also manages benefits administration such as health insurance, 401(k) retirement, and compensation insurance for pay-as-you-go workers. It likewise handles unlimited payroll runs for W-2 employees and 1099 contract workers monthly, and can pay employees through check or direct deposit. It simple pricing plan consists of a double figure monthly base price plus single figure per month per employee.

Why choose OnPay?

  1. Run Payroll in Minutes. Preparing a normally complicated payroll can be done in minutes with fast load times that speeds up everything. You can even preview your pay runs to see that everything is in order.
  2. Full Service Payroll. You can automate payroll taxes, run payroll your way, get rid of data entry with employee self-service, store all records in a central document vault, and even have the vendor’s team set up and run everything for you.
  3. Online HR Library. Get access to employee handbook templates, state-by-state employment laws, onboarding and offloading, performance plans, annual reviews and more.

16. CivicHR

CivicHR is a human resource management solution designed specifically for local government to help them recruit easier, hire faster, and engage better. It is an easy-to-use solution that enables government offices to find the right talents, recruit personnel, and onboard new employees. It also allows HR managers to assess employees’ performances, ensuring that they are performing up to par in their jobs. The software helps you streamline the hiring process, improve engagement, and store employee data in a centralized and secure database.

CivicHR uses quote-based pricing.

Why choose CivicHR?

  1. Automated ATS. By automating aspects of the documentation, application routing, candidate communication, and job posting processes, you can fill open positions faster with highly qualified candidates.
  2. Paperless HR. CivicHR address budget and resource limitation issues with a system that provides unlimited storage of human resource data, for better organization and cost reduction.
  3. Performance Monitoring. You can regularly and quickly undertake employee performance monitoring and measurement to determine causes of burnout, dissatisfaction, lack of motivation, and subpar job performance.

17. ApplicantPro

ApplicantPro is an applicant tracking and recruiting software that helps you get the most qualified applicants for your organization. Through its suite of tools and features, you’ll be able to streamline and optimize your hiring process and improve applicant management. It facilitates job posting to thousands of job boards to reach more qualified candidates, automates job screening, increases engagement with branded career sites, manages conversations with candidates, maximizes applicant flow via online applications, and integrates your hiring process with background checks and assessments. ApplicantPro offers three custom pricing plans based on number of employees, including a Pay-Per-Job scheme ideal for small business that hires sporadically.

Why choose ApplicantPro?

  1. Streamlined Selection Process. You can collaborate, assess, track and stay compliant with your hiring process, all in one place, to identify the best candidates for your open job posts.
  2. Easy Candidate Sourcing. Pushing your jobs to thousands of job boards can be done in a single click, and you job can go live and ready for your applicants to apply whether they come from referrals, social media, talent pool, manpower agencies, etc.
  3. Lots of Screening Tools. Ask specific job questions, auto disqualify if applicant doesn’t meet minimum qualification, rank applicants within the system, assess cognitive and behavioral characteristics, test skills, and do video interviews with ApplicantPro.

18. Planday

Planday is an HR platform that specializes in employee scheduling. It gives you tools to communicate with your staff, create and share an employee schedule, and get an overview of your business software to enable your managers to better manage employees. The software suits both small business and enterprise. It connects managers and employees across all devices through a shared overview of work schedules, as well as shift swaps, absences, punch clock, and more. It gives you all the features you need to make better employee schedule through editable schedule templates, financial reporting, and managing employee availability. It provides managers visibility into employee hours and communication, reducing the time on spreadsheets, correcting schedules, and tracking down employees.

Why choose Planday?

  1. Scalable Solution. From a few employees to hundreds, the solution scales to your needs when it comes to employee scheduling and communicating with your staff.
  2. Fully Integrated Communication. The integrated communication function allows you to message employees in specific locations, while also enabling employees to swap shifts on the go.
  3.  Different Levels of User Access. Admins get the most access and can see and edit everything, as well as protect staff data by only letting workers see limited information.

19. Cilfi

Cilfi allows businesses to store smoothly handle all HR processes, from employee onboarding to retirement. This end-to-end HR workflow automation stores all employee data on a single platform for easy data access, accurate payroll and appropriate compensation of services, easy compliance with regulatory standards, and effortless generation of reports. With Cilfi, you no longer have to worry about wasting time on mundane processes as the platform is capable of automating basic HR processes. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a dedicated self-service portal where all employees can easily gain a clear view on their attendance, salaries, payments, incentives and other information. Essentially, Cilfi makes it possible for businesses to provide the proper care to all employees with ease while empowering their workforce throughout their stay with the company.

Why choose Cilfi?

  1. Self-service portal. Empower your employees by allowing them to easily track important data regarding their tenure with your company.
  2. Smooth end-to-end HR workflow. Benefit from smooth hiring and exit processes.
  3. Accurate payroll. Its time management tools makes it easy to accurately compute salaries.

20. Employee Engagement Hub

Vip Crowd Employee Engagement Hub boosts employee engagement by helping companies effectively connect with their workforce and turn them into advocates for your brand while greatly increasing referrals and improving brand awareness. This employee engagement solution is equipped with various gamification tools for increased productivity and efficiency, self-capable rewards system for hassle-free employee incentivization programs, and discussion boards to foster a collaborative environment. VIP Crowd Employee Engagement Hub makes it easy to encourage active employee participation through leaderboards and various challenges, complete with a points accumulation system to ensure everyone is rewarded accordingly. Users can also leverage training, feedback, performance, and analysis to improve employee retention.

Why choose Employee Engagement Hub?

  1. Discussion boards. Foster a collaborative environment through the platform’s discussion boards where users can share interesting ideas, provide useful suggestions, or talk about anything work-related.
  2. Rewards-based incentives. Motivate employees to perform better and bring more referrals by rewarding the top performers. The system does all the heavy lifting for storing points and reward redemption.
  3. Gamification. Boost employee productivity and efficiency through the roof through various gamification tools.


Many consider HR as one of the most important functions of a company because it takes care of the company’s ultimate resource – its workforce. No business or organization will be successful without its people who are informed, empowered, and properly compensated through salary and benefits due them and as provided by law. HR software is there to facilitate and streamline everything relating to your individual employees – the entire employee lifecycle – and the workforce as a whole.

Manually doing HR tasks and processes will cost you time, money, and resources (payroll alone is a good example) and a good HR system will reduce all those while keeping processes organized, accurate, and efficient. You’ll never go wrong with an HR software; it’s one of your must have tools if you’re a starting or growing business.

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