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Top 3 Live Chat Software: Comparison of Zendesk Chat, LiveAgent and Freshchat

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What is the best live chat software?
The best live chat software is Zendesk Chat. This fully-featured chat platform can maximize sales potential by engaging customers using triggers, smart chatbots, and integration options. Its customizability and functionality make it one of the most versatile live chat software in the market.

Each site visitor that you miss is a potential revenue loss. Maintaining their attention requires specific features found in live chat software. While interacting with a few customers is easy, advanced features from such platforms will allow you to explore various methods of converting visitors. Live chat functionalities will enable you to plan and strategize your efforts, thereby maximizing your resources. 

Dedicated live chat software will help you achieve a competitive advantage and increase your earning potential without having to spend a lot of money that your business does not have yet. The top 3 live chat software in this article–Zendesk, LiveAgent, and Freshchat–will help you enhance the customer experience and boost your sales. These platforms come with various features that will help you automate repetitive tasks, improve your relationship with your customers, and offer faster solutions to their problems. 

In this article, you will discover which of the 3 live chat applications is ideal for your business by comparing their best features. While these platforms provide similar services, they differ in chat features. Additionally, one of the products is ahead in automation and chatbot functionalities. Integration with other apps is another factor you need to pay attention to.

top 3 live chat software

Top 3 Live Chat Software

In 2019, ecommerce is a major revenue source for businesses, earning more than $3.5 billion. That is expected to rise to $6.5 billion in 2023. More and more customers are using their devices first when making a purchase instead of visiting the nearest department store. Not only do online stores offer convenience when shopping, but they are also platforms for customer engagement. 

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This increase in ecommerce activities impacts customer service expectations, pulling up the demand for chat services. Customers prefer live chat services resulting in 73% satisfaction levels compared to 61% for email support and 44% for phones. Accessible and timely support significantly increases consumer trust in a business. Furthermore, live chat users become returning customers, with 63% of them becoming regulars. This is due to the ability of businesses to provide immediate support while adding a personal touch.

That is why having one of the top 3 live chat software is not only advantageous; it is steadily becoming the new standard for any ecommerce company in every industry. This modern communication channel is not only convenient for customers but business owners and managers as well. Chat interactions in online shops are much more predictable as it makes it easier to collect data and gain insights from visitors. 

Let us explore the top 3 three chat software in the industry.

1. Zendesk Chat Overview

Zendesk dashboard

Zendesk Chat is part of the Zendesk Suite that is made of three other products: Zendesk Support, Zendesk Guide, and Zendesk Talk. The chat platform is a comprehensive solution that allows you to provide better customer experience by offering real-time assistance and even anticipating your customers’ questions. Increase your sales up to three times your current revenue by turning visitors into returning customers. Additionally, it allows you to work smart by serving more customers with less effort.

Zendesk is a popular brand that develops customer service applications, and Zendesk Chat is one of its award-winning products. You can reach out to your customers in real-time even before they ask for help. Various automation tools are available on the platform that will allow you to predict your customers’ behavior. This will let you to layout communication plans that can maximize your relationship with your customers. 

Behind the stunning live chat is a powerful software that collects relevant information about your website visitors. Through its analytics functionalities, you can understand the buying behavior of your customers and take advantage of the opportunities. Additionally, it lets you monitor your agents’ performance and productivity right on the same dashboard.

You can check its features firsthand and at no cost when you sign up for Zendesk Chat free trial here.


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Try out Zendesk with their free trial

Whether you have one dedicated online shop or are managing your online presence, you can connect with your customers through Zendesk Chat. It integrates with the most popular social media and chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger and LINE. This means your customers can reach you without having to install any third-party software. Combined with customer experience management software, this live chat app can help you significantly increase engagement and improve customer relationships.

Key Features of Zendesk Chat

  • Fully featured chat platform, including chat triggers, chatbots, chat ratings, and more.
  • Intuitive chat and agent reports.
  • Real-time monitoring functionalities.
  • Customization options for chat badges, front-end user interface, and widgets.
  • Back-end agent control such as chat routing, chat tags, departments, roles, and permissions.
  • Integration with various platforms and web apps.

2. LiveAgent Overview

liveagent dsahboard

LiveAgent is a customer solutions software that combines ticketing, chat, call center, and helpdesk. The chat software promises to increase your customer engagement through enhanced live communication. Using its live chat module and widget, you can start talking with your customers right on your website. 

LiveAgent aims to replace intrusive marketing methods such as pop-ups and sign-up forms with a seamless communication tool. The platform’s primary targets are static websites that often lose revenue due to the lack of customer engagement. Combined with the other features in the LiveAgent family, it creates true relationships with customers through various online channels. 

The live chat solution features a platform that is easy to understand and navigate. It employs a modern and clean user interface that will allow you to focus on creating the best experience for your customers. Additionally, you generate various reports, such as agent availability, chat load, and other insights that will help you develop better strategies.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for LiveAgent free trial here. 

Key Features of LiveAgent

  • The platform allows you to invite your customers to chat proactively.
  • Real-time typing view so you can see what your customers want to ask ahead of time.
  • Analytics and reporting on visitor behavior on the website.

3. Freshchat Overview

freshchat dashboard

Just like the first two live chat software on the list, Freshchat is a native part of a mother system. It is one of the apps that comprise Freshworks, which also includes solutions for marketing, helpdesk, call center, and more. This means it works well with its sibling applications, such as Freshsales. Freshchat is a platform with many functionalities that will allow you to start engagement, offer live support, and drive sales through real-time communication. 

Freshchat is a modern cloud-based chat platform that allows you to plan contextual messages that you can easily distribute to different types of customers. You can capture leads by offering live support and the opportunity to upsell your products. Additionally, you can develop campaigns for your potential and existing customers right in the application. You can create onboarding programs for your new customers and educate your existing ones. 

The live chat software also includes features for a smart workflow that will help you maximize opportunities without burning yourself out. By allowing you to view, filter, and search for your customers, you can create segments and groups that will help you send customized messages. This will create a personalized experience for your customers that will encourage them to support your business continuously. 

If you want to investigate the features closely, you can easily do so when you sign up for Freshchat free trial here.

Key Features of Freshchat

  • Multiple communication channels that integrate with various portals and apps.
  • It has enhanced customer and agent management features that allow you to create groups and route conversations to proper channels.
  • Support for multiple languages, including localization of the Freshchat interface.

Comparison of Key Features

Chat Platform

Zendesk Chat is a flexible chat platform that packs many features. Aside from the standard real-time communication with website visitors, you can also take advantage of its automation using smart chatbot functionalities. Chat triggers proactively engage your customers before they even ask for help. You can add offline and pre-chat forms that allow you to quickly gather the information that you can use to stay connected. Furthermore, you can use the integrated chatbot to handle the entire conversation, especially outside business hours.

LiveAgent and Freshchat also feature strong functionalities that will increase your productivity. The former includes IntellAssign, where you can set criteria to route customers to specific departments and agents. The latter includes a unique real-time typing view that allows you to see what your customer is typing, so you are always one step ahead. It also enables you to create multi-language chat channels for various customer groups. Both platforms also include chatbots with Freshchat’s Freddy and LiveAgent’s integration with Quriobot.

The combination of Zendesk Chat’s trigger messages, robust chatbot functionality, and pre-chat forms create a seamless first contact with site visitors. For example, a welcome message may pop up when a visitor stays on a page for a few seconds. Then, the pre-chat form collects his contact information, such as an email address. The chatbot can answer any pre-sale questions about the products on a page. 

Verdict: Zendesk Chat is a fully-featured platform with amazing functionalities. While all three have chatbot capabilities, Zendesk combines its AI-powered conversations with other automation.

freshchat multilingual channels

Setting-up multi-language channels on the FreshChat dashboard.

Communication Channels

When you use Zendesk Chat, you can reach customers using various platforms and applications. The live chat software can be linked to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and LINE. That means whenever your customers need help or recommendations; you are just a tap away.

Freshchat also connects to various communication portals. It can connect to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp so you can easily reach your loyal customers. Additionally, it includes easy integrations with Slack and Apple Business Chat. Whether you have a local store or a growing B2B enterprise, you can connect with your clients anytime.

LiveAgent can also connect to Facebook and Twitter in combination with its ticketing and help desk products. Additionally, it can also connect with customers who are using Slack in their workflow.

Verdict: FreshChat leads the list when it comes to connecting to various channels. While Zendesk Chat can connect to various social media platforms and apps, the former’s native integration with Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp Business, and Slack makes it a viable option if you have B2C and B2B enterprises.

Reports and Analytics

Zendesk Chat includes extensive features that collect significant visitor information and behavior. These data are analyzed by its system to turn them into valuable customer insights. It provides a big-picture view of the customers’ interaction with chat agents. It can monitor chat volume, agent productivity, and other important metrics. This will allow you to adjust your strategies so you can prevent losses from threats and be one step ahead of opportunities. You can ask the right questions based on generated reports. The platform’s real-time monitoring of the visitors’ experiences and agent performance is valuable to resolve any issues and identify prospects right away.

On the other hand, Freshchat generates reports through its intuitive live dashboard. You can easily review the real-time metrics of your agents so you can make fast changes and improvements. The in-app customer feedback also allows you to generate Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings and reports. This gives an in-depth view of your customers’ experience when interacting with your team.

LiveAgent also features reporting and analytics in its dashboard. One of its functionalities allows you to see how each of your departments is doing. It also incorporates a leaderboard that is part of the platform’s gamification. This makes it easy to see who is performing best among your agents. You can also see how individual agents are doing. You can even start an internal chat with them for coaching.

Verdict: Zendesk Chat takes this category. With its extensive real-time metrics and its detailed reporting, you can evaluate practically all aspects of your customer engagement and team’s performance.

zendesk chat analytics

Viewing chat analytics in the Zendesk Chat dashboard.

Chat Client Customization

Zendesk Chat, LiveAgent, and FreshChat all have customization capabilities that will allow you to change the appearance of the chat client. You can change the overall colors, backgrounds, and sizes through their respective admin dashboards. Logos and other branding elements can also be added to the chat widget so that it blends well with your website’s overall look.

However, Zendesk Chat takes customization to another level. Aside from the standard methods of personalizing the chat client, you can put a Chat Badge that features eye-catching photos and call-to-action elements that will encourage your visitors to reach out to you. Furthermore, you can create a fully customized user-interface with its native Web SDK.

Verdict: When it comes to customization options, Zendesk Chat takes the cake. The features described above makes it one of the most flexible chat clients around.

liveagent widget

Editing a live chat widget in the LiveAgent dashboard.


Live chat platforms should be able to merge with your current workflow as seamlessly as possible. Whether you are already using the best CRM platforms or the top productivity apps, your live chat software should blend right. While all three software in this list has their mobile versions, you can see the difference in their ability to adapt to other platforms.

Zendesk Chat integrates with more than 60 applications. You can deploy the chat client on WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Squarespace, Magento, and Prestashop. Beyond websites, it can also integrate with more than 60 apps, and its library of partner platforms is continuously growing. From TeamViewer to Ada, you are likely to find your favorite apps working with Zendesk.

Freshchat also integrates with popular website builds and CMS, just like Zendesk. Of the three software in this list, it has the most limited integrations with other applications. However, it has deep integrations with Clearbit, Slack, Shopify, and WordPress. Of course, it seamlessly works with the other software in the Freshworks family such as Freshdesk and Freshsales. It even integrates with Zendesk!

LiveAgent also boasts its own plugins and integrations. It works well with about 40 applications in its library, such as Zapier, Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Nicereply. You can easily deploy it in various ecommerce platforms and CMS like CS.Cart, Bigcommerce, Drupal, Adobe Business Catalyst, and more.

Verdict: With a large library of applications in its system, Zendesk Chat is easily the best live chat platform when it comes to integration. This means you can easily extend the functionality of the software without having to develop your own.


At the end of the day, pricing is a significant factor in your purchasing decision. While it is reasonable to consider the most affordable plan, you should also look into the flexibility of the higher plans. Your live chat platform should grow with your business. The easier it is to upgrade, the better it is for the future of your enterprise.

Zendesk Chat starts with a free Lite plan that is perfect for small businesses. It allows you to have one concurrent chat, rating functionalities, and 30-day chat history. As you build your business, you can upgrade to higher plans which are charged per agent per month. You can take advantage of advanced functionalities if you subscribe to Team ($14), Professional ($29), and Enterprise ($59).

Freshchat also starts with a free Sprout plan. However, they count the monthly unique visitors, and the first 10,000 are free as well. If you are ready to serve a larger customer base, you can upgrade to Blossom ($15), Garden ($24), Estate ($39), and Forest ($79). Much like Zendesk, Freshchat charges per agent per month.

LiveAgent has a relatively different pricing structure of the three. Because the live chat service is tightly integrated with other products, the pricing packages depend on what functions you want for your business. At $15 per agent per month, you can purchase the Ticket Plan, which does not include live chat. Real-time communication is only available at Chat Plan ($29). However, if you want all the features of LiveAgent, prices start at $39.

Verdict: Zendesk Chat offers the best value for your money in terms of flexibility and features available. It is also the most affordable among the three. Freshchat comes close in terms of the number of plans available.

Get the Most Out of Your Live Chat Software

Live chat is a must for any growing business. And, in a very competitive market, a strong customer engagement might give you the edge over the competition. Modern customers support companies that they can build relationships with. If they feel that they have a connection with you, that translates to loyalty. CRM software tools work seamlessly with new applications such as live chat software. 

Whether you are looking to subscribe to any of the three platforms in this list or checking out other live chat services on the market, keep in mind the features that you should be looking for. Know what exact features you want in your chat dashboard. Additionally, consider the communication channels and platforms where you can deploy and integrate a tool. This allows you to extend the functionalities of the chat application. Do not forget the analytics and reports that it can generate as they are essential to improving your customer service. If you want a live chat software that ticks all the boxes, then we strongly suggest Zendesk Chat. Simply sign up for Zendesk Chat free trial here.

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