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7 Clever Strategies for Forming a Killer Marketing Team

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The immense growth in the number of Internet users has shed a new light on the nature of marketing. Since today both business owners and users are migrating online, it’s essential for entrepreneurs to understand the importance of digital marketing. So, if you’re planning to launch a business venture, or you’re already running it, you need to form a killer marketing team. It will ensure enhanced visibility of your brand and a higher potential for your entire business. Therefore, we bring you some handy strategies for forming such a team.

1. Rely on your own forces

Nobody knows your business better than your employees. They’ve already invested some energy in both your business and your brand, which will make them your loyal brand ambassadors. This is why you should first try to recruit the members of your marketing team from your in-house staff.

What you should do first is talk to your most creative employees and suggest them to become a part of that team. If possible, offer them some improved work conditions, to convince them to accept your offer (check out the fourth paragraph of this text).

Moreover, ask the ones who agree to transfer to that team how they see their new position. More often than not, your workers can help you generate genuine business ideas, because they’re “your own flesh and blood”. As such, they know your business system and how to present it to the world.

2. Recruit proper content specialists

One of the key features of every business team is the distribution of roles. For a modern marketing team that will mostly work in the online environment, content is of great importance. Again, the first option is to draft content creators from your own workforce.

However, if you don’t have any witty wordsmiths and/or visual artists on your payroll, don’t hesitate to look for them in other places. Luckily, the number of online freelancing platforms is growing, so you can always search the websites like iWriter, Upwork or People Per Hour by categories and spot the right content and copywriters for your marketing needs.

Finally, you can decide whether they’ll become regular members of your marketing team or stay outsourcing contributors. To improve your content marketing effectiveness, read our related article on the best times to post on social media

3. Launch a wide social media campaign

According to a current survey, about 81% of the US citizens have a profile on at least one social network. However, the same study shows that only 32% of SMEs make investments in social media marketing. Therefore, your marketing team will be more successful if they concentrate on improving their visibility in these areas of the Web.

First of all, your employees should share your business posts on their social media profiles as much as possible. By doing so, they’ll create a positive image of your brand and spread the word about it. In return, this approach will exponentially promote your business in various online communities.

Apart from that, your marketing team will achieve positive results in social media if they personalize the brand, as well. They can achieve that by creating and publishing short stories about your successful employees and their achievements. These stories can be in the form of articles, video interviews or photo stories, such as Instagram stories.

4. Flexibility boosts creativity

In many terms, marketing can be compared to poetry – your task is to create something original and unique that will leave a strong impression on others. Moreover, taglines and marketing campaigns often use the language that’s similar to poetry. However, lines and verses don’t work well if they’re coined under pressure. So, if you want to inspire your marketing team, offer them a high level of flexibility, in order to boost productivity.

Moreover, put your cards on the table when you’re forming that team. Offering flexible work hours and work organization might increase the interest of some candidates for the positions in the team.

Apart from work hours, allow your marketers to spend one part of the year working as digital nomads. Those little perks might persuade some great marketing pros to become members of your team.

5. Financial aspects of marketing

Although your marketing team will primarily take care of your brand promotion, its members should get into the financial aspects of business, as well. Translated to everyday work – they should understand the financial options they have at their disposal.

So, if your business doesn’t have a special financial department, introduce your marketing team to the basics of accounting and finances. That way, they should know what budget they have for each and every campaign, what invoice templates they should use for their projects, as well as what will happen in case they don’t achieve the planned results.

The most practical way to make the marketing team financially responsible is to name one person inside the team its financial manager. That way, you’ll ensure that the creative part of the team can concentrate strictly on their work.

6. Finding the right project management tool

Given the options we’ve already analyzed, it’s clear that your marketing team won’t work only from the office. Because of that, it’s important to ensure that they can collaborate via a reliable and user-friendly project management tool.

First of all, opt for a tool with a time tracker. It will give them a sense of time frame and discipline. What’s more, it will make it easier for you to calculate their work hours.

Apart from that, make sure this project management software solution has an intuitive interface and a simple calendar. These elements are extremely important when it comes to fast work distribution.

7. Assessment and follow-up

Assessment and the follow-up actions are two important features of every marketing team and campaign. So, assess the efficiency of your marketing team after every campaign. The same procedure should be performed after certain periods of time, as well. Depending on your business preferences, it can be monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual assessment.

After you finish those regular analyses, present the results to your marketing team and ask them to express their opinions. It would be perfect for their self-esteem and future productivity if they could evaluate those results on their own and independently improve their efficiency. As a result, they will make certain moves inside the team to improve their productivity.

Needless to say, you should supervise that process. That way, they’ll see that you believe in them, but also that you hold the reins of the business. It will relieve some pressure and enable your marketing team to give full measure in every campaign.

In the context of modern business, the tempo of your marketing growth could skyrocket or drown your enterprise. If you create your marketing team in accordance with these guidelines, your business will sooner be ready to fight for its place on the market. So, add these strategies to your marketing agenda, adapt them to your specific business needs and enjoy the benefits of your marketing success.

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