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What is payment gateway software?

The umbrella term covers a variety of transaction services that help businesses trade goods and receive payments on the web. In a fashion similar to in-store …

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20 Best Product Information Management Software of 2018

Product Information Management (PIM) software is also known by other names – Master Data Management (MDM) system, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system, and Product Resource Management (PRM) system. Whatever its designation, PIM is designed to centralize important product information in one location to give you a full, precise, real-time view […]

Pros & Cons of ManageEngine OpManager: Analysis of A Leading IT Management Platform

Computer networks—and thus IT management platfomrs—form the backbone of any organization’s IT infrastructure. And if your business is determined by online presence, the integrity of your computer networks could very well mean the success or failure of it. You simply could not afford to have end users turning away because […]

Pros & Cons of ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Computer networks have allowed businesses to unify their operations over the years. These systems connected office hardware to enable a safer file storage and easier resource sharing among employees. I could go on and on about its benefits, but the bottomline is that computer networks have proved to be an […]

Best 20 Site Search Solutions for 2018

What are the best site search solutions? Familiar powerhouse names lead the pack, but the other platforms pretty much hold their own, with strong capabilities and compelling features that might just be what you are looking for to fill the needs of your business. Also consider that Amazon CloudSearch, Azure […]

5 Creative Ways to Use Live Chat Software for Marketing

Did you know that live chat can be utilized for marketing, especially inbound marketing? If you have an established online marketing strategy and live chat isn’t part of that mix, you need to read this post on how live chat can help marketing. But first, let’s define the tasks of […]

Best 20 Apparel Management Software Solutions for 2018

Manual processes are not sufficient for the volume and variety of apparel products, orders, sales and overall operations. In the apparel industry, an apparel management software solution is essential to streamline and operate your most complex and taxing processes. Fortunately, the technological advancements today paved the way for the emergence […]

5 Creative Ways to Use Live Chat Software for Sales

Even as you scour your CRM database spanking clean for potential deals, and still fall short of your revenue target, prospects may be right in front of you, ignored, their interest allowed to wither away. Ironic, yes, but that what happens when you fail to use live chat as a […]

Best 20 Property Management Software in 2018

What are the best property management software solutions? From AppFolio, Building Engines, RealPage to ActiveBuilding and Cozy, we have the applications that you will most likely encounter as you shop around for a good property management software to help you manage your real estate business.

Why is email marketing software useful? Solutions to common email marketing problems

Why is email marketing software useful? You can use this tool in various ways: for growing the list of your subscribers, building customized templates, developing segmented lists for sending relevant emails and nurturing your leads. After all, email marketing is the most effective channel for revenue generation.

How To Improve Productivity With Payroll & Attendance Software

How to improve productivity by using payroll and attendance software? Overall, both solutions can help you achieve more efficient HR management, which in turn, allows you to do the following:

Why an ERP System is Important to Your Company

Why is an ERP system important to your company? It helps you improve business performance by simplifying operations and consolidating all your company’s information in one convenient platform. But how exactly will it be of use to your business? To help you further understand the significance of ERP platforms, we […]

Is Email Marketing Software Better Than Social Media Software?

How do email marketing platforms and social media systems compare with each other? Both are useful for a number of communication tasks but they also offer features unique to their type of program. To give you a better idea of the uses of email marketing software vs. social media software, we […]

What is the Difference Between Learning Management System vs. Talent Management System?

What is the difference between learning management system vs. talent management system? There are a few distinctions, although in the organizational setting, both can be generally classified under human capital management. These are the five key differences: Foundation Function Features Users Price

What is the Best Email Marketing Software for Lead Generation?

What is the best email marketing software for lead generation? We’ve narrowed down the list to the top 10 best email marketing software based on their features and capabilities so you don’t have to search far and wide. Overall, the best email marketing tools enable you to do the following:

List of Payroll Software Companies in 2018

Are you looking for a payroll software company that fits your business needs? If yes, we are here to help you. This article offers expert reviews on 20 top payroll software companies in the market. We provide a brief background about each vendor, their application’s top features and benefits, and […]

Best 20 Mind Mapping Software of 2018

Mapping out business strategies and conceptualizing new products can be overwhelming, even for seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs. To organize their ideas, they often use mind map platforms. These systems are great for any size and kind of business who wish to improve the way they plan and collaborate, however, choosing […]

Top 10 Free HR Software Solutions For Companies On a Budget

Human resource management has always been a very tedious undertaking for businesses big and small. HR management when done manually, takes a whole chunk of your time when you could be doing something else. But yes, there’s a way to avoid these labor and time-consuming practices. The development of HR […]

List of Marketing Automation Software Companies in 2018

Whether you are a professional marketer looking to enhance the lead generation efforts of your clients or an entrepreneur who wants to boost your company’s social media presence, marketing automation software is the solution to your problems. However, with the plethora of available options on the market, it can be […]

Pros and Cons of Dimelo Digital: Analysis of a Leading Customer Support Software

If you are a company that needs to constantly connect to your clients, then you are no stranger to the hassles that come with accomplishing this task. Opening lines of communication to improve customer service can be difficult especially if you use different tools to capture customers’ messages sent through […]

Why is LMS Software Useful?

Why is LMS software useful? For educators, instructors and corporate trainers, LMS software is an important tool that ensures you get to create the right content and deliver it easily to your learners wherever they are. There are many benefits to having an LMS such as:

How Much Does POS Software Cost? Comparison of Pricing Plans from Leading POS Solutions

How much does POS software cost? Gone are the days when traditional point of sale (POS) systems cost an arm and leg. The emergence of today’s cloud-based solutions makes them more affordable and cost-efficient. That said, each POS software is priced differently with a variety of pricing models, inclusions, and […]

Top 20 VPS Hosting with cPanel and WHM for Individuals and Businesses

What are the top 20 VPS hosting with cPanel and WHM for individuals and businesses? From popular brands to enterprise heavyweights, we got you covered as you shop around for just the right VPS system that adequately furnishes the features for either a new installation or a migration pathway for […]

Useful Tips You Should Know Before Buying HR Software

Automation has changed the way organizations operate, making quick and simple tasks that used to be both labor intensive and time consuming. It has affected every facet of the business landscape, making organizations more competitive than ever. Automation comes in the form of solutions, among which are HR software, the […]

Best 20 Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software in 2018

Building information modeling (BIM) software is widely used by many construction businesses—big and small—especially in the AEC sector. With the plenty of BIM software solutions available today, the challenge comes in narrowing down the products to choose from. A good place to start is looking at the best building information […]

The Small-Business Guide to Choosing the Right CRM

As a small business owner, you may be unsure whether or not you need CRM. But if you are ready to take your business to the next level, or simply just organize your customer data in one place, then yes, you need CRM software for your business.

Top 20 Cheapest Web Hosting Sites of 2018

Do you know you can avail yourself of decent web hosting services at no cost? Free web hosting has its limits, for sure, but, generally, they do a good job for entry-level requirements. Like hosting your corporate website.

List of Top 20 ERP Software Companies

Which vendors are leading in the ERP software category? As more businesses are looking for a solution to standardize their most crucial business processes to improve efficiency and ROI, enterprise resource planning systems are becoming a go-to solution for companies of all sizes, even for small and midsized businesses. Aside […]

8 Proven Ways to Nurture Leads and Increase Sales

What are the ways to nurture leads and increase sales? Here are eight proven techniques tried and tested by marketers:

11 Best Practices to Make the Most of your CRM Software

How to make the most of your CRM tools? To start with, ensure that your software is under capable hands, take advantage of the opportunities presented by rich sources of data, make sure the data gets in the software database, and that the information and responsibility is well shared within […]

5 Key Components of an Effective Lead Capture Form

In the campaign pipeline we often give more attention to the ad or post and landing page. And why not? The ad or post hooks our prospects while the landing page converts them into leads. Two very important elements.