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11 Business Intelligence Trends for 2020: Latest Predictions You Should Be Thinking About

There is no doubt, business intelligence (BI) has become an indispensable asset to organizations, big and small. Everyone wants to leverage every bit of available information and extrapolate possible future results to make on-the-spot decisions that increase revenue, improve productivity, and accelerate growth. But, with so many business intelligence trends […]

What Is Omnichannel Marketing & How’s It Different from Multichannel Marketing?

What is omnichannel strategy? Omnichannel strategy is a set of action plans optimizing the capability of a business to sell in the channels where its target customers are. In an omnichannel market environment, what matters is you know where your customers want to buy your products. And you can deliver […]

11 Digital Transformation Trends for 2020: Current Predictions You Should Know

We’re past the point where utilizing the latest technology is confined to big businesses with budgets to spare. The changes in the demands and requirements of customers and markets are forcing companies to adapt to digital transformation. Therefore, those who want to outperform their competition must always keep up with […]

10 Cybersecurity Trends for 2020: Latest Predictions You Should Know

Hackers can expose your personal information or even shut down your entire business operations for any number of hours or days. The growing audacity of these attacks has led various organizations to clamp down on cybercriminals, the back and forth affair defining the cybersecurity trends we observe—or experience—today. Security deficiencies […]

10 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2020: Current Predictions You Should Be Thinking About

Customers spending more time on their smartphones are fueling the latest round of mobile marketing trends. And because customers and marketers flock to different channels, these channels get saturated as time goes by. It’s hard to get attention and even harder to get more engagement. Competition gets steeper and harder. […]

13 Key Good Customer Service Skills & How to Improve Them

What are the most important customer service skills? The most important customer service skills are the basics of human decency and interaction. It is about being courteous, ethical, having a positive attitude, and being honest. These are stacked with other vital customer service skills like analytical skills, soft skills, and […]

10 Website Marketing Strategies for Small Business (with Examples)

So, the desire to build an influential and professional online destination for your customers has culminated in a stunning website. That’s one big leap towards carving online visibility for your small business. But, there is no time to rest on your laurels. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and […]

What is Multichannel Marketing? Importance, Benefits & Strategy Explained

Why is multichannel marketing important? Multichannel marketing is important because it allows you to reach out to more customers using different channels or a combination thereof. These include email, mobile, websites, social media, and events, among others. Multichannel marketing allows your customers to interact with your brand in a channel […]

Pros and Cons of Fleetsmith: Analysis of a Mobile Device Management Software

What are the pros and cons of Fleetsmith? The pros and cons of Fleetsmith are demonstrated in its ability to manage all Apple devices in your fleet and ensure each one has the latest version of its apps and software. It affords you visibility across company-authorized devices. Clearly, it only […]

11 CRM Trends for 2020: Top Predictions to Watch Out For

These days, having the best products and services isn’t enough to ensure business profitability. Building relationships with customers to foster loyalty and retention, for instance, can significantly influence your bottom line. Customer relationship management remains a huge part of the game, and staying ahead of CRM trends can help give […]

13 Video Marketing Trends for 2020: Latest Forecasts You Should Be Thinking About

Over the years, we’ve seen video marketing trends evolve from 30-second ads and viral videos to vlogs and live videos. Moreover, new technologies have paved the way for more engaging video formats such as 360-degree experiences, ephemeral videos, and shoppable videos. The only question now is, how do you incorporate […]

7 Generation Z Trends & Predictions for 2020 – A Look Into What’s Next

As everyone gets older, each picks up insights and lessons enough to arm and guide them in life decisions. They also pick up consumption behavior. The latest Generation Z trends show that members of this age group are quickly gaining ground and making their presence felt in today’s economy. They’re […]

10 Recruitment Trends for 2020: Latest Predictions You Should Be Thinking About

Recent technological advancements had forced the modern workplace to evolve. From shifts in recruiting expectations to AI-powered hiring, disruptive recruitments trends continue to emerge. Are you prepared to succeed in competing for today’s best talent? Below are ten global recruitment trends businesses and HR professionals should be aware of in […]

Hyperlocal Marketing Guide: Definition, Strategies & Tools

What is hyperlocal marketing? Hyperlocal marketing is a type of highly-targeted approach to marketing products and services to a specific location or niche. Used by small firms and big corporations alike, it can be implemented by creating special products for local markets. Today, successful firms use both offline and online […]

15 Latest Blog Trends & Predictions for 2020 – A Look Into What’s Next Ahead

The latest blog trends are still closely tied to how search engines are helping readers find useful content. In short, content creators and business bloggers have to develop an editorial plan and integrate SEO into that plan. Nothing new there… except: now, you have plenty of analytics tools to make […]

10 New ERP Trends & Forecasts for 2020 – A Look Into What’s Next

In the modern age, people won’t let inflexible system solutions get in the way of holistic digital transformation. This is true for most of them, including enterprise resource planning or ERP software. In this light, keeping up with the latest ERP trends is beneficial to consumers and service providers alike. […]

10 Future Business Travel Trends & Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Corporate travel remains a crucial aspect of a business. Despite advancements in technology, business travel trends indicate that there’s no substitute for face-to-face interactions. Travel can also support business initiatives for networking, skills development, and recruitment. In this business travel forecast, you can read all about the direction the industry […]

11 SaaS Trends for 2020: New Forecasts You Should Know

Today, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are part of nearly every business workflow. It’s logical given the agility, accessibility, versatility, and cost-effectiveness of these offerings. But, with SaaS trends taking the lead in disrupting the industry, a lot is set to change. Already, there is an unbundling of SaaS, pricing policies are […]

Social Media Data Mining Techniques You Should Know

What is data mining in social media? Data mining in social media is the act of collecting user-generated information from social media platforms. The goals behind social media data mining include extracting valuable data from consumers, identifying patterns and trends, and forming business conclusions. Social media in the past started […]

Top 15 Social Media Scheduling Tools

What is the best social media scheduling app? The best social media scheduling app is HubSpot Social-inbox. With this tool, you can accomplish targeted social media monitoring, schedule content, publish on social media, and generate helpful social ROI analytics. So, you have a presence on all major social media platforms. […]

Top 15 Phone Systems for Small Business

What is the best phone system for small business? The best phone system for small business is RingCentral. Trusted by more than 350,000 businesses, this all-in-one phone system is easy to use, dependable, and affordable. Since it’s 100% cloud-based, it’s easy to set-up, deploy, and manage. As the pace of […]

8 Latest Project Management Trends & Forecasts for 2020 You Should Know

Like most other fields, project management must dance to the tune of the massive digital transformations happening everywhere. Old approaches are no longer enough. Nowadays, holding on to old systems could instead prove to be fatal. Those who have learned their lessons move on and blaze the trail of new […]

Ecommerce Marketing Guide: 30 Tips & Strategies on How to Increase Sales

How can I promote my ecommerce business? You can promote your ecommerce business by utilizing SEO, practicing content marketing, building a brand, engaging in social media, and offering user value. Each category has specific, case-to-case techniques, though in general following these five major pillars of ecommerce marketing can make a […]

12 VoIP Trends for 2020: Latest Predictions To Watch Out For

The global VoIP market has seen exponential growth over the last 20 years. With continued technological enhancements, government support, and business adoption, the industry shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it seems to be moving faster than ever in terms of usage, market share, and revenues. This is […]

Top 15 Social Listening Tools for Any Kind of Business

What is the top social listening tool? The top social listening tool is HubSpot Marketing. This is an all-in-one tool that consolidates your entire marketing effort in one simple place. This gives you the ability to leverage each part of the buyer’s journey to generate leads and delight customers. With […]

SEO vs SEM Guide: Differences, Similarities & Benefits

What is the difference between SEO and SEM? The difference between SEO and SEM is that the former aims to get more traffic through organic search results while the latter buys ads in order to appear in SERP. SEO costs lower is more sustainable, and provides higher quality CTR. On […]

Top 15 Collaboration Tools for 2020

What is the best collaboration tool for businesses? The best collaboration tool for business is This tool makes collaboration more natural by providing a centralized platform for conversations and files. Teams can set up boards for specific projects and update these boards with comments or questions whenever needed. The […]

8 New Voice Search Trends & Predictions for 2020 You Should Be Thinking About

People have been typing text to search online over the past several decades. But since it’s natural for people to talk than to type or click, voice search trends are becoming significant. With the expanding dominance of smartphones, voice search has been steadily growing. Voice is practically changing how people […]

eCommerce SEO Guide: Best Practices to Increase Traffic

How eCommerce sites improve SEO? Ecommerce sites improve SEO by simplifying site structure, optimizing on-page and off-page SEO, improving user experience, enhancing link building, and rethinking content marketing strategies. Additionally, implementing technical and local SEO tactics works magic for eCommerce sites. Above all, eCommerce websites conquer SEO by using keywords […]

Top 15 EHR Systems for 2020

What is the top EHR system? The top EHR software for medical practices is TherapyNotes. It is an EHR system specifically designed for mental health professionals and their patients. The Client Portal feature allows patients to set, cancel, or reschedule appointments as needed; it also will enable professionals to approve […]