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How To Increase B2B Sales With Trust Elements On Your Website

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b2bIncreasing user trust on your website is a critical goal to get more sales off your site. Buyers today are researching information about you before you even get to hear from them. Hanne Tuomisto-Inch, Head of B2B Marketing at Google, said that one factor of this buyer behavioral shift is the fact that 46% of B2B buyers today are aged 18-34. In short, these are digital natives who know how to search for you online and can smell a less-than ideal vendor from a mile away by sifting through your social proofs.

During this discovery stage, they’ll come across your site, and when they do, you only have one chance to impress them. Will they trust your site? Here are eight ways to increase B2B sales, user trust, and project credibility on your site:

1. Display your contact details

One of the major anxieties when one is considering to conduct business with a new company is that he or she doesn’t know the vendor. In fact, they don’t even know if the seller is a legitimate business in the U.S.

If your site isn’t showing your contact details, you’re broadcasting one of those tell-tale signs that you’re hiding something. On the other hand, by showing your contact details–especially phone and address–you’re telling buyers that you’re for real. They can contact you or even drop by your physical office in case of a problem. Moreover, if you’re selling to the EU, you’re required to provide an address.

Here's how Zoho clearly displays their contact details

Here’s how Zoho clearly displays their contact details

2. Show yourself

Forget about stock photos; they only highlight the impersonal experience buyers face when checking your site. Instead, show pictures of you and your team at your actual office. Buyers are more likely to get connected with you when they see that there are real people on the other side of the website.

You can display the pictures in the About Us or Contact Us page. To get more personal, why not occasionally talk about office events in your blog? It seems trivial, but by showing buyers the inside of the company, you’re projecting transparency and, subconsciously, buyers connect that to your customer support.

You can even up the ante of the personal connection with buyers by displaying your personal Twitter or LinkedIn account alongside your picture. If you’re planning to project an authoritative voice in your industry, leading customers to your personal social media accounts is a good way to boost followers and listeners andlater  funnel them down the sales pipeline.

Here's how Asana presents their team to potential clients.

Here’s how Asana presents their team to potential clients.

3. Show your product

Like many of web visitors, B2B buyers are highly visual. They can relate to your software better if they can see it. Displaying screengrabs of your software’s key features makes it easier for buyers to get a feel of the product. It’s the same window display tactic used in the App Store and Google Play.

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Better yet, showing a demo video makes your product more believable. Kissmetrics reported that 85% of viewers are more likely to buy from you after watching a product video. You can even present the video yourself to leverage our earlier tip of showing yourself.

A great example of visualizing how a product works created by Nutcache.

A great example of visualizing how a product works created by Nutcache.

4. Show price

Price is a major factor for many B2B buyers and the pricing page is one of the most visited pages on your site. Duane Jackson, CEO of Kashflow, said that, after their homepage, their pricing page is the second most visited page. This is also true for many B2B software sites because buyers are constantly running a quick mental cost-benefit analysis, and comparing products based on price and features.

Displaying a price also helps buyers quantify the emotional benefits you’ve pitched on the product page. Likewise, buyers are less anxious when they feel that you’re not hiding any costs or extra fees in your subscription plans. Therefore, displaying the price is an effective way to increase B2B sales.

Wrike's pricing page is clear and simple

Wrike’s pricing page is clear and simple

5. Display trust marks

Trust marks can immediately add credibility to your website especially if you’re a new player in the industry. These are third-party seals of approval from authoritative companies that you display as proof that your business has been verified. An Econsultancy report showed that trust seals are the number one factor that makes visitors trust a site for the first time, even surpassing such factors as referrals by family and friends.

Trust marks can focus on technical security (Norton), legitimacy of doing business (BBB), or the overall product quality like the Verified Quality Seal that we offer here at FinancesOnline. The Verified Quality Seal is unique because it focuses on both the quality of the product’s functionalities and the vendor’s customer support, plus, it’s addressed specifically to the B2B software industry.

Consider combining a technical seal, a broad-based trust mark, and a specialist trust seal like the Verified Quality Seal. This way, you cover all three critical aspects that can boost your site’s trust rating: technical security, business legitimacy, and product/service quality.

To leverage exposure, display trust seals on critical parts of your website, including the homepage, landing page, product page, and checkout page.

An example of Verified Quality Seal used on a vendor's pricing page.

An example of Verified Quality Seal used on a vendor’s pricing page.

6. Display your awards

Seeing any awards won by your product triggers winnability in your buyers’ mind, so show them off prominently on the homepage and landing pages. It doesn’t have to be a major award, even small or niche awards signify that you won something that’s worth mentioning. An award tells buyers that you’ve been recognized for something, so it’s a great testimonial and social proof that your product is a good buy.

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If you’re wondering how you can get some awards, B2B review platforms usually offer special recognitions to software that meets their quality criteria. Here at FinancesOnline, for example, you can earn special certificates, such as, Designed for Small Business, Great Customer Support, Designed for Enterprises, and other awards and quality certificates. These awards focus on specific characteristics of the software and are a great way to highlight your value proposition. For instance, the Useful Free Trial certificate that we award to products tells buyers that the software’s free trial version is versatile and comprehensive.

Some unique awards that products can win at FinancesOnline

Some unique awards that products can win at FinancesOnline

7. Blog authoritative content

Running a corporate blog isn’t just about posting repurposed content on a regular basis for SEO traction. You should make the effort to create original, useful, and insightful content about your industry, because B2B decision-makers are looking for valuable content, not just any random posts.

The CMO Council and Netline study noted three scenarios of how B2B buyers use vendor content to influence their buying decision:

  • From middle out: Decision-making middle managers find your content and share it with senior management to educate them about the purchase. Middle managers buy the product, but not after backing their decision with the content.
  • From the bottom up: Junior managers or mid-level employees find your content and share their discovery with senior management, which makes the buying decision.
  • From the top down: Senior executives find your content, share it with middle-managers for analysis and final decision.

If you have difficulty keeping a regular editorial calendar for your corporate blog, you can outsource content marketing to an editorial team. In our case, our team focuses on B2B topics and industry issues, which may match your value propositions.

Authoritative content on Freshdesk's blog

Authoritative content on Freshdesk’s blog

8. Show genuine customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are social proof of what others think about your product. Quote a line or two from positive reviews about your software and display these quotes prominently across your website. It’s even better if you can accompany the quotes with actual photos of the customers to lend more credibility to them.

A good source of testimonials is from review sites, where users might have already posted a few nice things about your product. Prefer positive testimonials that express detailed experience over general I’m-happy-with-it type.

If you can’t find a significant volume of positive testimonials about your product, why not elicit feedback from your happy customers? Offer them a freebie or small tokens (like free one month subscription) to motivate them to share their experience with other customers. Remember to indicate the customer’s position and company when posting the quotes to give their testimonials more legitimacy.

Here's how Zendesk presents testimonials from their clients

Here’s how Zendesk presents testimonials from their clients


In the SaaS landscape, you’re not just selling software or services. You’re really selling credibility, projecting trust that customers will need to agree to a long-term business relationship with your company.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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