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40 Legal Marketing Statistics You Must Read: 2019 & 2020 Data Analysis & Market Share

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If you are a private practice lawyer who has yet to explore legal marketing, you may be familiar with the frustration of missing out on the big cases and the considerable fees that they bring. What makes things sadder is you don’t have to contend with such problems as there are remedies available to you, and one of these is legal marketing. Choosing to market, your service will not only resolve these problems but will also put your firm on the path to growth. Some platforms go well with this method of marketing, products that offer a vast array of marketing automation software benefits.

Legal marketing is a must if private practice lawyers are to survive. If you don’t think you possess what it takes to do marketing, you may be better off working for large corporations. But if you have what it takes, then go for it. All you need is to invest in law practice management software, create a sound marketing plan, and most importantly, the will to implement it.

To give your legal marketing effort that needed boost, we have compiled some of the most relevant and current legal marketing statistics. After you’re through reading this, you’ll be better prepared to market your legal services and find out for yourself the benefits that come with legal marketing.

key legal marketing statistics

To say that professionals do not need to market their services is off the mark. It’s a taxing job, but the benefits it offers far outweigh the effort and investments that come with it. This is true, especially for lawyer partners whose job security rests on their list of clients and the revenue they bring in annually. For this reason, it is always good practice to know how the market is doing, what consumers are thinking, and what current legal marketing law firm developments can be of use to you. As most marketing guides tell us, knowing one’s target market is paramount to converting prospects. But of course, you will need to use tools that will help you get the job done as in the case of top email marketing platforms.

Legal Market Statistics

Among the top developments in legal marketing is how the legal market has been adversely affected by the economic decline, with firms struggling to boost efficiency and productivity to stay competitive. But despite the poor market performance, law firms have managed to register a 5.5% increase in revenue. Demand for legal services has likewise increased, albeit a mere 1.3%. The sector has also suffered from financial losses from lost productivity while standard legal fees continue to lag behind those of other professions. These problems can be addressed through automation. Just take a look at current marketing software statistics and see for yourself. To give you a better idea of what’s going on in today’s legal market, we have compiled a number of relevant statistics below.

average revenue increase across the legal market

Legal Marketing Statistics

Law firms have been striving to up their marketing game by adopting different strategies to reach their target audiences. While this might mean spending more, the results justify them. How much do law firms spend on marketing? Expenditures vary, but many have been infusing their legal teams with additional personnel and even engaging marketers to become part of their business development efforts. Although not necessarily translating to market growth, these efforts are seen to put law firms in the right direction for growth.  Find out more about what legal professionals have been doing to improve business by reading the following data, which include small law firm statistics.

  • 28% of small law firms are more likely to rely on print as the main marketing channel. (
  • 27% of large firms are more likely to rely on print as the main marketing channel. (
  • 62% of legal marketers are involved in their firms’ direct business development efforts. (
  • 62% of law firms are planning to boost their focus on marketing and business development. (
  • 12% of attorneys see alternative service providers as key to increased marketing and business development investments. (
  • 55% – the percentage of solo practitioners who have websites. (

Catalysts for Law Firm's Increased Focus on Marketing and Business Development Efforts

More internal pressure to generate revenue


Corporate counsel reducing the number of firms they work with


Pressure from other law firms that use marketing


Clients seeking new billing models


Corporate counsels' in-sourcing of more work


Increased demand for specialized expertise



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Digital Legal Marketing Statistics

Just like any other industry, the legal profession has gone digital, with marketers exploring new channels to convert more leads into paying clients. Digital channels pertain to everything online, including video, email, and mobile. The popularity of the Internet has led legal marketers to focus their marketing budgets on this new tool. Law firms now maintain websites, through which many generate new clients. The use of top email marketing solutions has also become commonplace. The following are key digital legal marketing stats that can help you know more about these marketing innovations.

  • 70% of law firms have landed new cases through their website. (
  • Law firms that use videos have reported an increase in site traffic. (
  • 97% of law firms have no personal content on their sites. (
  • 15% of law firms syndicate website content. (
  • 68% of law firms have no email address on their landing pages. (
  • 40% of small law firms do not have websites. (
  • 35% of small firms that have websites have not updated them in the last three years.  (
  • 70% of law firms do not have a call to action (CTA) on their website or in their social media accounts. (
  • 14% of law firms send out automated emails after a prospect fills out a contract form. (

percentage of law firms that use Facebook as a marketing tool

Top 5 Law Practice Management Software

  1. PracticePanther. PracticePanther has an intuitive interface that offers time tracking, payment processing, and billing features. Read more about the platform on our PracticePanther review.
  2. Clio. Clio is an all-in-one legal practice management tool for organizing case details, setting schedules, and sharing documents. For more details, check out our Clio review.
  3. MyCase. MyCase helps legal professionals manage contacts, organize cases and documents, and stay on top of billing and invoicing. Our MyCase review features more details on the platform’s capabilities.
  4. TimeSolv. TimeSolv helps lawyers track their expenses and billable hours. Read more about the platform on our TimeSolv review.
  5. Bill4Time. Bill4Time makes it easier to bill clients based on your preferred payment structure. Find out more about the platform by reading our Bill4Time review.

Social Media in Legal Marketing Statistics

Essentially a part of digital legal marketing, social media legal marketing deserves its seat at the table as it exerts a major influence on the current legal landscape. With more people using social media, it’s but natural for law firms to use it as a marketing tool. This, coupled with mobile marketing solutions, has moved the legal marketing game a notch higher. The effort has been paying off as more law firms report on the remarkable impact it has had on marketing. We have here a number of statistics that reflect this development.

Percentage of Attorneys Who Use Social Media As Part of Their Marketing Strategy


Legal Marketing Finance Statistics

Recognizing the value of marketing, many law firms have been joining the legal marketing bandwagon. Numerous firms have been upgrading their marketing budgets, while many others plan to do the same. Investing in marketing gives law firms the chance to expand their markets as new marketing channels continue to emerge. Take a look at the following stats to find out how much law firms spend on marketing.

  • 7% of law firms have reported a decrease in their marketing budgets. (
  • 32% of firms said their marketing budgets were unchanged. (
  • 45% of law firms say they will put the same focus on their marketing budgets next year. (
  • 34% of firms will put more emphasis on their marketing budgets. (

have increased their budgets

Legal Consumer Statistics

The growth and decline of the market for legal services largely depend on the state of the consuming public. Consumer behavior also plays a huge part in the sector’s earnings, along with customer preference. Apart from these, the explosion of online marketing tools has also influenced the market to a degree. Here, we list some of the most relevant stats that cover legal consumers.

  • Over 33% of clients start looking for a lawyer online (
  • 14% of consumers say handling issues legally seems too much trouble. (
  • 59% of clients expect lawyers to be available outside office hours. (
  • 68% of clients expect lawyers to be available outside their office. (

Reasons for Not Seeking Legal Assistance

Decided to just deal with it without help


Didn't know where to look


Wasn't sure if it was a legal issue


Worried about costs


Haven't had time


Afraid to pursue legal action



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Legal Marketing: How It Should Be Done

Marketing your legal services is no different from selling physical goods: there is always the need to reach out to customers. But there are also things that one should remember when engaging in legal marketing, as you’ll find out below.

Come Up With A Great Marketing Plan

Creating a marketing plan should be easy. It does not have to be complicated and can be done using simple tools such as spreadsheets, word processors or even project management software. The primary purpose of this document is to define all your marketing goals and the plans of action needed to achieve them. Strict timelines should be observed in carrying out your marketing plan.

Follow Your Marketing Plan

What’s the use of making a marketing plan if you’re not going to use it, right? The operative word “follow” means that you adhere to your plan no matter what. Law firms are prone to scrapping marketing plans when business is thriving. Don’t fall for this. Just follow your marketing plan consistently and watch your firm grow.

Familiarize Yourself with Marketing Principles

Knowing the basic principles of marketing is always helpful. These can be found all over the Internet. All it takes is a little searching on your part. Know them by heart and apply them to your legal practice. Just see to it that you can define your specific law practice, the areas you want to focus on, and how much business you want to bring in from each area.

And that’s about it. By now, you should have an idea of how to go about marketing your legal services. Given the legal marketing figures we have presented,  marketing your services should now be easier for you. And should you need a platform to help you out, pick one among the vast selection of marketing automation solutions currently in the market. They should help rid you of the headaches that you may come across in your search for new clients.

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