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Electronic health record or EHR software is used by healthcare providers to automate their clinical operations. Take a look at these EHR stats: About 90% of office-based doctors in the US utilize EHRs. In addition, 67% of providers use an EHR. EHR adoption rates are 74% for urology, 75% for family practice, 75% for nephrology, and 76% for internal medicine/pediatrics. In 2015, spending on electronic solutions grew to an estimated $37 billion.

Let’s continue with the EHR stats: The US spend more per person on healthcare than any other country, but it ranks fiftieth in the world for average life expectancy. Experts opine EHR technology can help to increase life expectancy and reduce costs. Hospitals using EHR solutions have a 3 to 4% lesser mortality rate compared to those that don’t. EHR systems enable nurses to spend 15-26% more time on patient care.

The above stats indicate why a quality EHR software solution is important for healthcare providers. To help you select a suitable product for your needs, we detail the main features and benefits of Care360 as well as the top 10 alternatives Care360 in this article.

What is Care360?

Care360 is a web-based EHR platform created for ambulatory services. It is a product of Quest Diagnostic company and offers integrated medical billing and patient scheduling modules. Plus, it provides dynamic access to patient information anytime, anywhere.

Care360 is a fully mobile and secure EHR solution that is designed to make medical practices efficient and profitable. This robust tool can be used by medical staff to meet the Meaningful Use qualification, streamline workflows, minimize error rates, and enhance practice efficiency. Plus, this software is flexible and easily accessible on multiple devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Benefits of Care360

  1. It is designed to help multi-specialty facilities as well as small and large medical facilities mobilize patient care from any location.
  2. It offers a robust reporting feature that enables doctors to generate laboratory and medical history, and other practice-linked reports.
  3. It offers electronic lab management tools and customizable templates.
  4. It reduces the stress involved in the installation of conventional EHR solutions as it provides a step-wise approach to adoption.
  5. It is flexible and scalable, and can effortlessly support the growth of your existing workflows.
  6. Its patient flow feature helps medical workers to track facility movement and document all patient encounters.

If you are not satisfied with Care360’s features don’t go away. We also analyze the key features of the top 10 alternatives to Care360. You get three good reasons to consider the alternative solution instead of Care360 and vice versa.

Top 10 Alternatives to Care360

1. Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is first in our top 10 alternatives to Care360 list. It is a free online EHR and medical practice software that is hosted securely. It enables doctors and healthcare agencies to provide quality healthcare. The product’s suite of tools includes lab integration, e-prescribing, charting, patient scheduling, and more.

With Practice Fusion, medical facilities can provide paperless service and streamline clinical workflows. You simply need an internet connection to access the platform from anywhere, using any device. Since it is cloud based, you don’t need to maintain any hardware or install any software. For more good options, browse these Practice Fusion alternatives.

Why use Practice Fusion instead of Care360?

  • It is offered free and there are no hidden clauses or catches.
  • You can register for free live training sessions to learn the complex elements of the software.
  • You can contact their dedicated support team via phone or email for help anytime.

Why use Care360 instead of Practice Fusion?

  • You can easily file clinical status and add demographics info to the patient’s’ personal health records (PHRs).
  • It is a fully compliant system that offers high-level data security.
  • It offers customizable templates and appointment email reminders.

2. Cerner EMR

We have included Cerner EMR in this list of top 10 alternatives to Care360 as it offers clinical solutions designed to help doctors and nurses improve patient safety, minimize costs, and streamline workflow. This customizable solution offers both offsite and onsite hosting, and is ideal for both small and large practices. With this tool, healthcare providers can improve coordination of documentation and patient care. Plus, they can access an enterprise-view of clinical data to make decisions to enhance patient safety. Patients can use the Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EHR module to proactively communicate with their doctors and providers. If you are not satisfied, peruse these excellent Cerner EMR alternatives here.

Why use Cerner EMR instead of Care360?

  • It offers a detailed scheduling dashboard.
  • It provides a patient portal and patient education resources.
  • It offers dynamic documentation tools.

Why use Care360 instead of Cerner EMR?

  • It offers a medical billing management module.
  • It provides practice performance reports.
  • It offers voice recognition and clinical messaging tools.

3. Optum Physician EMR

Optum Physician EMR is CCHIT-certified and HIPPA-compliant. It can be accessed via a cloud-based gateway. The platform prepares and leverages medical practices to create a value-based care system. This EHR solution can be easily integrated with practice management software and is robust and scalable. With Optum Physician EMR, practices of all sizes can improve revenues and enhance quality and efficiency. This tool highlights the importance of accurate quality measures, advanced clinical documentation, streamlined workflow, and analytics. Doctors can easily access medical records at their facility and use the platform’s practice management features, analytics, user-friendly dashboard, templates with included guidelines, and customizable chart summaries. If you wish to scout for other programs, browse these viable Optum Physician EMR alternatives here.

Why use Optum Physician EMR instead of Care360?

  • Physicians can use its dashboard to check and track their progress in meeting Meaningful Use requirements.
  • It offers a claims management feature.
  • It provides a library of best practices, care plans, and assessments.

Why use Care360 instead of Optum Physician EMR?

  • It offers integrated medical billing and patient scheduling modules.
  • It provides dynamic access to patient info anytime, anywhere.
  • It is a secure and fully mobile EHR solution.

4. EpicCare

EpicCare is a health recording tool with a user-friendly interface, intricate workflow design, and robust functionalities. It provides a combination of order management, documentation, and chart review features. The product is apt for large hospitals and can be used in 50 to 100 healthcare specialties and fields. It integrates clinical and revenue cycle management systems. Physicians can utilize it to improve their productivity by streamlining workflows and easily track invoices, bills, and payments. In addition, it is a mobile EMR solution that can be accessed from Apple devices. You can also take a look at these excellent EpicCare alternatives here.

Why use EpicCare instead of Care360?

  • It ensures the delivery of quality care through the use of decision support and predictive analytics tools.
  • It helps doctors to review outcome metrics to improve their practice and provide the best treatment to their patients.
  • It enables physicians to use cost-effective treatments without compromising clinical effectiveness.

Why use Care360 instead of EpicCare?

  • It is designed to make medical practices profitable and efficient.
  • It enables medical workers to meet the Meaningful Use qualification.
  • It is easily accessible on multiple devices including smartphones, tables, and laptops.

5. Office Ally EHR 24/7

Office Ally EHR 24/7 is a straightforward and simple EHR solution that minimizes paperwork to help healthcare providers focus more on patient care. This web-based product allows anytime, anywhere access to patient records to streamline and improve an institution’s workflow. Plus, all data is kept secure by the vendor. The platform offers a number of tools to empower health workers to manage their work resourcefully. Doctors and staff can customize the app to get their own specific view to work with. This organizes the workflow and makes it more manageable, enabling users to focus on important agendas. For more good options, peruse these Office Ally EHR 24/7 alternatives here.

Why use Office Ally EHR 24/7 instead of Care360?

  • You can implement it quickly as it does not need specific hardware or installation.
  • The vendor’s support team helps healthcare institutions to set up the platform quickly and easily.
  • Its interface is flexible and can be tweaked to meet the needs of all types of practices.

Why use Care360 instead of Office Ally EHR 24/7?

  • It is designed to assist multi-specialty facilities as well as large and small medical facilities mobilize patient care from any location.
  • It provides customizable templates and electronic lab management tools.
  • It is scalable and flexible, and can easily support the growth of your existing workflows.

6. InteGreat EHR

InteGreat EHR is a web-based product created McKesson Technology Solutions. It provides a wide range of patient management features to enable doctors and their staff to optimize and organize their workflows. On top of that, the platform also helps health practices with clinical decision support.

InteGreat EHR is a flexible system with automated workflows that helps users to deliver high-quality patient care. The tool offers advanced options to make tasks such as reporting and coding up to date and accurate. Finally, the application is affordable and can be implemented quickly and easily. If you are not satisfied, take a look at these good InteGreat EHR alternatives here.

Why use InteGreat EHR instead of Care360?

  • It ensures healthcare providers are able to perform at their maximum output.
  • It enables healthcare institutions to improve the quality of healthcare provided to patients.
  • It offers syndromic surveillance reporting and immunization registry reporting features.

Why use Care360 instead of InteGreat EHR?

  • It offers a robust reporting tool that enables physicians to effortlessly generate medical and laboratory history, and other practice-linked reports.
  • The solution is easy to install as the vendor offers a step-wise method for adoption.
  • It patient flow tool enables medical staff to document all patient meetings and track facility movement.

7. Kareo Clinical

Kareo Clinical is an integrated and user-friendly EHR record keeper. Medical staff can use this tool to input prescriptions and notes easily. They can also takes notes on encounters and manage incoming and outgoing patients effortlessly. Kareo Clinical has been designed by experienced medical professionals for the needs of physicians. The module is robust and feature-rich, yet easy to use. The solution is cloud-based and does not need special hardware or installation. So, healthcare providers can implement it fast. You can also consider these excellent Kareo Clinical alternatives here.

Why use Kareo Clinical instead of Care360?

  • It offers a comprehensive dashboard that shows essential agendas at a glance.
  • It helps health workers to quickly find the info they need and add data easily.
  • It facilitates e-prescribing which saves resources for both the healthcare provider and the patient.

Why use Care360 instead of Kareo Clinical?

  • You can effortlessly file clinical status and add demographics information to the patient’s personal health records (PHRs).
  • It provides a medical billing management module.
  • It offers dynamic access to patient info anywhere, anytime.

8. TouchWorks EHR

AllScripts TouchWorks EHR is a cloud-based platform with flexible features. It offers easy-to-use APIs to enable users to seamlessly integrate it with other software applications. Plus, it provides a mobile EHR tool that is ideal for physicians to use in ambulatory settings. For these reasons, this platform is used by medium-sized and large practices as well as academic medical centers and multi-specialty clinics. TouchWorks EHR ensures Meaningful Use compliance and supports ICD-10 coding. With this tool, physicians and their medical staff can easily generate clinical notes, manage their content in their preferred style, view charts in multiple ways, perform accurate and fast documentation, and effortlessly manage diagnosis and prescribing. For more good choices, browse these TouchWorks EHR alternatives here.

Why use TouchWorks EHR instead of Care360?

  • It displays the task bucket and task list for easy access.
  • You can efficiently set up order groups which consist of instructions, X-rays, labs, and other items that are not restricted to labs.
  • It offers flexible note taking functionality to enable you to add note forms inside a note.

Why use Care360 instead of TouchWorks EHR?

  • It is a fully compliant platform that provides high-level data security.
  • It offers practice performance reports.
  • It provides a medical billing management module.

9. NextGen Ambulatory EHR

NextGen Ambulatory EHR is designed for the needs of health systems, group practices, and small practices. It enables clinicians to adapt easily to the changing processes and requirements in the healthcare sector. Plus, the system is Meaningful Use-certified and HIPAA-compliant. It provides convenient access to medical records and allows ambulatory care organizations to improve their interoperability by facilitating seamless data exchange between patients, payers, providers, health registries, and other institutions. Medical practices in various specialties can utilize this tool to enhance productivity, minimize mistakes, and reduce costs. Finally, the solution offers robust features for practice management, workflow, and documentation. If you wish to scout for other solutions, browse these viable NextGen Ambulatory EHR alternatives here.

Why use NextGen Ambulatory EHR instead of Care360?

  • You can view all essential information on a single screen.
  • You can configure setting preferences to control the display of info and specify the content you wish to view.
  • It offers a referral management and laboratory services feature.

Why use Care360 instead of NextGen Ambulatory EHR?

  • It offers appointment email reminders and customizable templates.
  • It provides clinical messaging and voice recognition tools.
  • It is a fully mobile and secure solution.

10. Praxis EMR

Praxis EMR is a unique and flexible product that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology which eliminates the use of pre-structured theoretical text cases, pre-set catalog of patients, diseases, diagnoses, and findings, and pre-conceived templates. The platform is designed with Concept Processing AI which allows medical staff to create, customize, and share their reports and documents in their own personalized manner. Plus, it enables doctors to move from away the restrictions of utilizing drop-down pick lists and menus which are common functionalities of template-based software. The best part is Praxis EMR’s technology has the ability to become more intelligent and efficient as medical practitioners continue to use it in their practices. For more good options, browse these Praxis EMR alternatives here.

Why use Praxis EMR instead of Care360?

  • Doctors can perform quick charting and send reminders to their medical staff.
  • You can use the data mining and query engine tools to easily create queries without technical skills.
  • Use the Knowledge Exchanger feature to share your knowledge bases with experts and peers and to learn from the experiences of others.

Why use Care360 instead of Praxis EMR?

  • It is designed to make medical practices more efficient and profitable.
  • It is flexible and can effortlessly scale to meet the growth of your existing workflows.
  • It patient flow feature helps medical workers to document all patient encounters and track facility movement.
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