Top 10 Alternatives To Tibco: Comparison Of BPM Software Tools

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Businesses need to stay afloat, compete in an ever-changing market, deliver results and keep updated on changes in regulations. These needs vary from business to business as not all formed from the same mold. It was stated that even the most basic commitment to BPM can improve efficiency across a wide range of business processes, thus creating value for the company. This is why developers and experts have come together to work on BPM software, keeping tab on the pulse of businesses to give them the best lineup of features and benefits honed in on solving the needs of businesses of varying makeup and sizes. To help you find the best fit for your company, we here at FinancesOnline have gathered the top 10 list of BPM software for you to look at and see.

What is Tibco?

Tibco BPM had been a very successful tool in the world of business process management software, having been in existence for over 20 years. Having been used by enterprise-level companies that deal with multiple processing bottlenecks and ever-volatile SLAs that are brought about by size, geography and other hurdles common to business. Tibco BPM’s power lies in the ability to automate manual processes and skill-based routing so every job or acquisition goes to the right people at the right time eliminating fallouts. Tibco BPM also allows for end-to-end visibility of processes so that SLA’s and compliance metrics are met.

Instead of multiple points of contact, processes are connected to an enterprise service bus, so that every software that is connected are able to view and not be bombarded by business initiatives both internally from different departments and externally from clients.

This solution solves the problem of what is called “integration spaghetti” which is a nightmare for both maintenance and when you’re trying to manage updates. Because of the enterprise service bus, updates are automated and the task doesn’t become overwhelming, thus bringing better productivity and workers can concentrate on what needs to be done and not be bombarded on all fronts.

What makes Tibco BPM standout? Well, this product had been in existence for quite some time. Tibco had been in existence for over 20 years, and have developed a long-standing relationship with its client base. It has been tried and tested all throughout the years, making it an easy solution for a lot of companies. It has Fortune companies all under its belt and it’s considered as an institution in the world of business processes management and improvement.

Benefits of Tibco BPM:

  • Enterprise Service Bus – a process hub that keeps software connected to it updated
  • End-to-end visibility of processes – keeps you in the loop so you can predict bottlenecks
  • Automated processes implementation – manual processes are replaced by automation
  • Skill-based routing – helps in making sure that human resources are maximized and work is rerouted to the best solutions within the organization, reducing bottlenecks

We here in FinancesOnline are very clear on one thing. We are very impressed by what Tibco BPM is able to bring to the table. However, just as it may sound to be the solution to go for, we were also able to find what we think would give Tibco BPM a run for its money. By just how far? Well, read on so you can learn more about what we deem to be the best Tibco alternatives.

Top 10 Alternatives To Tibco

1. bpm’online

Coming in strong on the top Tibco alternatives list is bpm’online. This solution comes in neck to neck with Tibco BPM because it has been deemed to be not just a solution to process management needs but also an all in one solution for businesses. The vendor also offers a great free trial that will allow you to try out all the key features of the software. You can easily sign up for bpm’online free trial here.

It is both a BPM and a CRM, eliminating the need to find a separate solution that would work best together. Also, if your company already has a CRM in its ecosystem, fret not. Sales, marketing and service is housed under the same roof so processes are made much faster, information gathering and storage is kept safer and without multiple handoffs, and stagnation or anything falling in a process crack anywhere in the system is easily detected and resolved. It even allows for you to find the problem before it even becomes a problem because of its transparency, thus allowing you to mitigate problems from hemorrhaging into the rest of the workflow.  

Bpm’online is geared and ready to integrate with your current ecosystem because of the availability of extensive and configurable APIs. Getting used to this platform is something that is not as complicated as one might think. The interface is quite social media-esque so novice users don’t have to spend too much time just learning how to navigate through the system.

What differs bpm’online from Tibco BPM? Bpm’online is cloud-hosted but can also be deployed on location, and can easily integrate with popular infrastructures like Google or Microsoft.This means that bpm’online can be a solution for a more flexible list of companies and organizations.  The consistent commitment to improvement had only kept its iterations getting better and better, keeping up to date with changes in the needs of companies and thus leading to a very stellar experience. Bpm’online’s customer support is also one of its biggest claims to supremacy in this category providing phone, email and even an extensive knowledge base.

Oh and did I forget to mention that you can try out their product for free to learn if it’s a good fit for your company? Bpm’online undestands that there are a lot of BPM software in the market and knowing how to find the best fit is of extreme importance. Because of this, bpm’online offers a free trial of their suite of solutions so you can make a much more informed decision. Read on for more bpm’online alternatives.

2. Promapp

What makes a process smart? Well, with Promapp, it’s the people that collaborate to help create it.  Promapp is a BPM focusing on process creation and improvement. It presents a very clean and crisp, easy to navigate interface that is very much presents processes in a live feed that is quite accessible. Similar to a social media feed, one can identify a task or a need for improvement on a process and the owner can simply respond to the post, identify the process that needs improvement and make the necessary adjustment.

It is very intuitive and implementation of the updates are transparent, leaving for changes to be made within the organization quick and easy. Tibco BPM and Promapp are similar in this aspect but the difference with Promapp is something that may benefit smaller organizations since the need for high level analytics, though present in both, is something that everybody collaborates in. Check out other Promapp alternatives here.


Another offering in the BPM plane is a light and easy application called KiSSFLOW. This takes a very straightforward and clean approach to BPM and workflow management by giving the power of creativity back to the end users. One simply create a process map by imagining how the process should flow the way he/she envisions it and not how the system will interpret it. Download any of the 50 pre-installed business applications to help you with your processes or simply build one from scratch. This attribute allows for one to really tailor-fit the processes needed for better performance. Both user and creator are will be very pleased with this because of its sheer simplicity and it doesn’t require much training to learn how to use and maximize.  

Now the question is, which is better? We think that Tibco BPM is a strong and powerful BPM software that can do a lot of heavy lifting for enterprise level companies. KiSSFLOW on the other hand will benefit businesses that are starting up or small to medium level, and don’t really need the full on mechanics of an enterprise level software solution.  See this link for KiSSFLOW alternatives.

4. Nintex

Creating forms is part of a the workflow. This is where Nintex offers its solutions. Nintex is a software that allows for form creation to be made more easily, without the need for coding or any kind of advanced technical training. One simply creates a form needed for the process, eliminating the complexities and just really concentrating on what you need and how you need it to be created.

Seasoned workflow experts and entry level users alike are able to create processes using the software automation and are able to make edits on the fly. Designed to be accessible to both desktop and on mobile devices, you can stay updated on your processes, change and make adjustments on your mobile devices on the go, or create a full on process from the ground up within minutes. Tibco BPM overtakes Nintex in its more well rounded and enterprise level approach, however for a business owner that manages a smaller landscape, Nintex does feel like a stronger option to consider. Want to find more Nintex alternatives? Click here.

5. Intuit Quickbase

Your database and the applications that you use on it doesn’t have to be complex. Without the need for any coding or any kind of technical specialization, Intuit Quickbase helps you create and simplify your business processes by allowing you to organize your database, manage it well using self built applications and keep everyone informed of the changes and updates. Keep track of your leads data by creating your own marketing database management application. Keep your teams well informed by allowing them to collaborate using a singular database. Present your scores and metrics better by accessing your database faster. Intuit Quickbase allows you to have more control and allows you more collaborative capabilities than ever before. This simplicity is something that Intuit Quickbase lauds over the competition like Tibco BPM.  For other comparative results check out Intuit Quickbase alternatives.

6. Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft is a stellar player in the world of business applications. In this list, we’ve identified that their Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful solution in helping implement and streamline your processes. As an ERP designed for a great variety of warehousing, transportation, budgeting, POS, and e-commerce functionalities, Microsoft Dynamics is designed for to help you keep track and implement your processes for invoicing, stock management, process delivery and even client or order management.

Packed with a powerful ability to automate your end-to-end processes from acquisition to retail, Microsoft Dynamics AX is something that would help you gain more control as you expand your business to a more global capacity. Being an ERP, Microsoft Dynamics AX is a completely separate application than the usual BPMs in this list, like Tibco BPM, however there are some features that overlap due to its affinity to processes. However, it is much easier to run these two kinds of applications together as you position your company for expansion.  Check out other Microsoft Dynamics AX alternatives.

7. Processmaker

Processmaker quite easily one of the lightest and efficient ways of creating workflows. It is easily accessible because it is cloud-based and can be used on pretty much any browser. This allows you to simply get on your laptop and get started on creating your workflow without much training or technical experience. Just simply drag and drop the different parts of your processes and the rest of the heavy lifting by the software. You can even create powerful forms without writing a single line of code, and everything is integrated into the system. Novice users will definitely benefit from this software so that they can continue bringing their customers the goods and services that they need. Learn more about Processmaker alternatives here.

8. Replicon

Time tracking is what puts Replicon on the map. This innovative and easy to install application replaces time tracking software, thus making sure that you are on top of your workforce management. But this isn’t the only thing to rave about when it comes to Replicon. This software also allows you to manage tasks and processes as well through its bundled applications thus making it a more well rounded solution for your business. The level of customization however makes for a great experience for both novice and advanced BP managers.  Compare other Replicon alternatives here.

9. 17hats

As your business grows from a small project into something more of an actual business, you need to start working your way into more automated processes. 17hats is a great way to bring your processes to life. This simple application looks at your processes and runs them, keeping you informed and in touch with your clients and your internal processes. Running a solo outfit? This is the probably one of the easiest solutions for you to make you more automated and competitive. This also helps you develop your processes and simplify them so that you don’t miss a beat. This is cloud based so you can be on top of your business everywhere you go.  See this link for other 17hats alternatives.

10. MoveCo BMS


Built primarily for moving companies, MoveCo BMS enables users to take total control of their company’s processes and operations on a single platform. It provides great control and transparency for every facet of your operations as it centralizes all essential information, thus, you can painlessly manage prospects, customers, and all assets while benefitting from increased user efficiencies. MoveCo BMS comptently covers all the bases for moving companies, featuring management tools for prospects and clients, inventory, employees, scheduling, trucks, and insurance and claims. Check out this list of MoveCo BMS alternatives

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