Top 3 Business Process Management Software: Comparison of bpm’online studio, Promapp, and Nintex

bpm'online: No. 1 BPM Solution


Our review platform gathers a variety of great solutions for companies looking for top business process management software. Which one is the best, however? Our team tested all popular services and we came up with this list of top 3 business process management (BPM) services on the market. Take a look at how they fare against one another and hopefully it will make deciding which one fits your company needs best easier.

What are the top 3 business process management software tools:

1. bpm’online studio

With a high score in our test of top business process management software solutions, bpm’online studio has been one of the leaders in this category for quite a while. During the test our experts concluded that bpm’online studio meets business process management expectations in every aspect. You’ll find more information on how this product filled the long overlooked gaps in online business process management later in this article. You can also try out the great free trial plan offered by the software. You can easily sign up for bpm’online studio free trial here.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies
bpm'online studio won our Expert's Choice Award for 2018

Generally speaking, however, bpm’online studio is both a business process manager and a CRM, and can therefore substitute for at least a few of your current productivity programs. While it may appear at first sight that the correlation between BPM and CRM is not the first base when looking for such a program, counting on it will mean you’ll be able to transform customer behavior into workable analytics, and forecast sales plans and measure results much in advance. At the same time, bpm’ online studio is a sales and marketing management system, meaning that you pay for a single system, and cover four critical business categories at once.

Besides, bpm’online studio is considerably good at managing customer success at low cost. All features are scalable and fully customizable to inspire leaders to tailor unique workflows which can be done entirely from within the program. By customization, we don’t only refer to the standard code-free library, but also a set of advanced widgets that allow you to add/edit objects, process documents according to your business rules, integrate it, and create a RIA interface that can be altered with a single mouse click.

Here's how bpm'online looks in action

Here’s how bpm’online studio looks in action

2. Promapp

The success of process management hangs not just on your organization’s ability to consolidate best practices and ideas, but on its sustainability. Promapp zeroes in on this goal, empowering teams and members to become a key driver to implementing process concepts. The result? Organization-wide adoption of better workflows equals better bottom line. This simple idea is what impressed us about Promapp, a cloud BPM solution highly recommendable for managers looking for long-term approaches either for compliance or innovation. It is definitely a good solution for large companies engaged in quality assurance, risk management and HR processes. If you want to see the product in action yourself the vendor offers a great free trial plan that lets you do just that.

The software’s strength lies on its simplicity. It is designed for casual users, featuring clear schematic diagrams, mapping flows, quick-access editing tools and approval phases. We can see these streamlined tools can further empower and encourage employees to adopt the system.

The solution lends to its UI a personalized touch with “Process I’m in” and “Process I own” sections. You’ll be surprised how this clever idea of ownership makes employees more accountable and satisfied to see their participation valued and bear an impact on overall business performance.

Furthermore, the software has the ability to simplify complicated diagrams into neat workflow maps that are easy to follow. We also found Promapp to be one of the few BPM solutions with fully embedded collaboration tools for social media, discussions and dashboards. Overall, Promapp is personalized, simple, collaborative and intuitive, four factors to keep in mind when looking for an efficient BPM solution.

An overview of Promapp UI

3. Nintex

Had this been a simple workflow automation comparison rather than a complete BPM one, Nintex would probably have ranked even higher, as it is our undisputed leader in this aspect. Just as our leader bpm’online, Nintex represents an easy and simplified automation solution that helps you capture best practices, and make smarter decisions which come closer to the ultimate goal of every company.

But what is it that makes Nintex so good? First of all, Nintex is driven by people, and it analyses people’s contribution to the success of every business. Once integrated, Nintex follows your direct participation in your business’s process management, instead of listing mundane tasks that go nowhere close to what your business actually requires. It doesn’t offer the full coverage of bpm’online, or the personalized approach of Promapp, but it can still be a useful addition to a variety of businesses interested in transfering time-consuming and manual operations to the cloud.

You should consider it mostly because of its capacity to integrate your workflows with social media, and practically to integrate all of your documents and valuable corporate data. Similarly to our other leaders, Nintex is fully mobile-optimized, and can be started and ran to build workflows faster than complex BPMs that provide functionalities other than automation. The point here is that Nintex actually specializes in its branch, and does neither less nor more than what it was designed to do. Therefore, we recommend it to businesses looking exclusively to automate their workflows, rather than the ones that could use an all-in-one solution for managing their productivity.


Comparison of Business Management Features


Bpm’online studio is an uncompromised leader in terms of managerial capacity, as it is the most scalable product that covers a variety of business aspects. First and foremost, bpm’online studio automates your workflows using customer behavior data, and drives productivity by managing leads in the most brand-specific way. Managing customer data is reinforced with social media integration, and information is fully exportable from/to a variety of sources. What’s more, bpm’online studio is the only system of the three that can perform sales management, and works with quota, pipelines, and a few projection mechanisms to help business track the best opportunities. Other strong points here are its great time, communication, and documents management features, which are again quite rare even among some of the best BPMs on the market.

However, there’s also power in simplicity, especially when user adoption drives the success of process execution. On this note, Promapp is an excellent choice for its personalized, streamlined approach. It may not have the extra bpm’online features like CRM and lead management; but if you’re focused on core process management functions (after all this is a BPM comparison review), it’s a toss-up between Promapp and our top choice. The latter addresses common process issues such as sustaining improvements, onboarding new hires, compliance costs, project overruns and loss of knowledge assets. It also promotes a horizontal inflow of ideas, suggestions and participation, allowing greater synergy between management and employees.

As for Nintex, there are two different ways you can look at its managerial capacity: it can either be the perfect asset for workflow automating in your BPM set, or the ‘unreasonable expense’ which can’t respond to each of your BPM needs. To be completely honest, that’s a matter of where you stand at the moment, as we’ve seen established names placing serious bets on its functionality, and claiming you should consider it even with dozens of other BPMs you’ve already employed. Nintex is the fastest and most user-friendly system of the three, and it triggers specific connectors that build more workflows than any other solution. It may take some time, but Nintex will definitely boost your ROI rates.

Comparison of Deployment Possibilities

The three products are almost identical in this aspect, as they’re delivered as a paid online service, and hosted in the cloud. The frontrunner once again is bpm’online studio, being the only system you can deploy on premise and pay a single usage license, if interested.

Comparison of User Profiles

The spotlight in this case covers both bpm’online studio and Nintex, as the two are enabled to respond to businesses of all scales and industries. Promapp is a better fit for large enterprises, government agencies or companies with at least thirty employees.

Comparison of Integrations

In terms of integrations, we’ll once again confidently recommend bpm’online studio, which is the only one with an open API system you can tie to every third-party application. The most prominent integrations are the ones with ERP and project management apps, plus integrations with social media and email synchronization. To make matters better, bpm’online studio uses exchange protocols to sync automatically with all Google services, which means that opportunities will be delivered to you much more often than you’d be expect to look for them.

Promapp, on the other hand, integrates with SharePoint, intranets or EDRMS. It looks limiting at first glance, but, again, this solution is focused on core BPM functionality for the more established businesses that likely have their internal system in place. In terms of market focus, we find Promapp integration the best fitting among the three.

A closed third when it comes to integration is Nintex, which connects seamlessly with Office 365 and Sharepoint.

Pricing Plans Comparison

We wouldn’t point out a leader here, as all of the providers tried hard to make their pricing schemes flexible and accessible. The key here is whether you prefer to pay in a single payment or per month, and whether you’d opt for a fixed plan or a quote-based amount tailored for particular requirements. Bpm’online studio , for instance, offers a variety of modules and scale-adjusted packages starting at $25 per month. Promapp, meanwhile, starts at $900 per month; rather pricey, but not for its target market. Nintex is by quote only, which gives us little comfort or confidence how this solution fares in giving value to our money.

Our Final Verdict

Our review team examined a variety of factors to narrow down the list to three top BPM systems, and compared those closely to see which one can meet the most of current market needs. In all of the categories, priority was given to bpm’online studio, which is a complete business process management solution, covering customer, lead, document, sales, and marketing processes. Alongside with its managerial competitiveness, we confirmed this is the best integrated, reasonably priced, flexible, customizable, and user-friendly tool for every business looking to enhance its BPM strategy. If you want to see it in action you can actually try their free trial plan to see how the software works. You can easily sign up for bpm’online studio free trial here.

Promapp is a close second for its intuitive BPM approaches. Simple but powerful tools, clear mapping, collaborative platform… these features promote a culture of innovation promulgated by employees driven by seeing their roles in achieving overall business goals. BPM is a strategic undertaking, but Promapp is able to scale it down to the ground, involving players who manning the company’s frontlines.

Lastly, the final product on the list is Nintex, which is also a great and user-friendly BPM system, which even if not classified as a complete BPM solution can still be a useful addition for many companies.

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  • Avatar Paul says:

    Very nice comparison, but I wouldn’t stop your product evaluation with just those three. Take a look at K2, Pegasystems or WEBCON BPS as well. The most important thing is to remember that the result of your choice is, in most cases, a long-term commitment. It’s critical to cover all your bases before you make a final decision.

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