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Top 3 Club Management Software: Comparison of Zen Planner, Virtuagym, and TeamUp

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What is the best club management software?
The best club management software is Zen Planner. Designed for fitness establishments, Zen Planner combines essential management and scheduling functions into one platform so you can spend less time behind the desk. The software also offers integrated payment processing and digital marketing services to help boost revenue and encourage customer retention.

So you’ve accepted the fact that your gym’s digital transformation needs to move beyond Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It’s not that you lack options for club management software; it’s a matter of choosing the software that will best suit your needs.

You can narrow your list down to our choices for the top 3 club management software: Zen Planner, Virtuagym, and TeamUp. These software combine membership management, appointment scheduling, reservation management, staff timekeeping, and reporting into one easy-to-use platform. They’ll also offer some features for reporting, marketing, and promotions.

As efficient as these leading club management systems are, though, there can only be one that’s the best match for your gym. In this article, we’ll discuss the most important features of Zen Planner, Virtuagym, and TeamUp so you’ll get all the information you need to make the decision.

Club Management Software

Top 3 Club Management Software

The fitness industry continues to grow in size each year, no doubt in part due to technology like social media and club management software. Also called membership management software or association management software, these platforms go a long way in keeping gym members engaged. This is crucial especially since studies suggest that half of the people starting an exercise program stop returning to the gym during their first six months.

Committing club members via interaction

Aside from boosting engagement, club management software can also help you automate the organization of member records, accept reservations and payment, support marketing strategies, and organize employee schedules. These are some of the main features we’ll discuss in comparing the top 3 club management software.

Zen Planner Overview

Zen Planner dashboard

Built by fitness experts and entrepreneurs, Zen Planner is designed as an all-in-one management software specifically for fitness establishments and businesses. The platform’s powerful functionalities can help owners of gyms, fitness studios, and martial arts schools organize their businesses and provide improved customer service.

Zen Planner combines all the essential management tools into one platform. You can use the software to speed up administrative tasks such as updating and organizing member records and tracking attendance for members and staff. The platform’s automation features also allow you to send out automated alerts and reminders for billing and emails for keeping current and prospective members engaged.

You can try all its premium features at no cost when you sign up for Zen Planner free trial here.

Zen Planner

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Aside from administrative and automation features, Zen Planner can also provide mobile apps for members. The mobile app allows your customers to view and make reservations for classes and to track their workouts. All these features help boost engagement among your gym members.

Additionally, Zen Planner lets you create customized reports so you can get detailed insights of your business’ performance. If you manage multiple locations, the platform’s dashboard also makes it easier for you to view detailed reports for specific locations.

Key Features of Zen Planner:

  • Zen Planner can speed up administrative tasks such as attendance tracking and record management.
  • The platform also sends out automated alerts and reminders for billing.
  • Moreover, Zen Planner also provides mobile apps for gym members.

Virtuagym Overview

Virtuagym dashboard

Virtuagym is a fitness platform that’s designed to help you save time, increase revenue, and improve engagement with customers. The software also offers powerful capabilities that support your staff’s coaching activities not only for exercise but also for nutrition.

Aside from its nutrition coaching features, another unique feature offered by Virtuagym is that it can provide a community for your customers. You can use the software’s achievement system to establish leaderboards, set challenges for gym members, and reward achievers. Through the platform, you can also build an online Club Community portal, where gym members can create personal profiles and post messages.

You can check the solution closely when you sign up for Virtuagym free trial here.

Like other club management software, Virtuagym also provides a centralized platform for administrative tasks. For instance, you can display schedules right on your website so your clients can make reservations and receive automated booking confirmations. This way, you can save time on answering phones or emails.

Thanks to the software’s extensive capabilities, over 6,000 businesses all over the world are powered by Virtuagym.

Key Features of Virtuagym:

  • Virtuagym supports coaching for workouts and nutrition.
  • The platform also has built-in features for building an online community for your clients.
  • Virtuagym also lets you display class schedules on your website.

TeamUp Overview

TeamUp dashboard

TeamUp is an appointment scheduling software that’s designed to make gym management easier. The platform ensures that you can easily manage class schedules, take reservations, and process payments from your clients.

The platform offers several features that will streamline your booking system and encourage class attendance. Advance payments, for instance, can reduce the rate of no-shows, while automatic waitlists ensure that your classes are always full.

If you want to know more about the features you can easily sign up for TeamUp free trial here.

Aside from streamlining the booking experience, TeamUp offers comprehensive features for membership management and payment processing. Advanced CRM features such as customized membership packages, family accounts, and social media logins improve the customer experience to encourage retention and referrals.

Plus, through Zapier, the platform can be integrated with over 1,500 apps and services like Mailchimp, Typeform, Stripe, and QuickBooks Online. This way, you can spend less time on the computer and focus on keeping clients engaged.

Key Features of TeamUp:

  • TeamUp makes the booking system easier for your clients and staff.
  • The platform also offers advanced CRM features like customized membership packages.
  • Additionally, TeamUp can be integrated with over 1,500 apps and services through Zapier.

Comparison of Top 3 Club Management Software

Membership Management

Our picks for top 3 club management software are on pretty even footing when it comes to managing memberships. These platforms ensure that you can easily add, delete, and customize memberships as needed.

For instance, Zen Planner’s dashboard lets you quickly create and edit profiles for members. You can also organize members into groups and create families of members for shared memberships. The platform also lets you create customized contracts and waivers for each membership category you offer.

Likewise, Virtuagym offers automation for administrative tasks. With Virtuagym, members can register online so their details can be automatically added to your database. The platform also lets you create digital contracts and provides a central hub for all contracts to improve security and organization.

On the other hand, TeamUp allows you to create as many membership categories as you need. The platform also makes it easy to set up different payment plans for memberships. Similar to Zen Planner, TeamUp also lets you group members into custom categories to organize your database

Verdict: Though these three leading club management software offer similar capabilities when it comes to membership management, Zen Planner comes out ahead for its ability to support family memberships and customized contracts.

View member details in Zen Planner

The Zen Planner dashboard allows you to view details of each member.

Reservations and Appointments

The ability to handle reservations and appointments for clients is an essential feature of club management software. This is why the top 3 club management systems incorporate the core features of appointment scheduling software. These three platforms allow members to make reservations and book appointments through mobile devices or your business’ website.

ZenPlanner and VirtuaGym also allow you to publish calendars to your website to make it easier for clients to book classes and appointments successfully. Additionally, ZenPlanner lets you cancel specific class sessions without changing other classes on the calendar.

TeamUp, on the other hand, offers more features to help you handle reservations and appointments more successfully. Through TeamUp, for instance, you can charge advanced payments to minimize no-shows. The platform also lets you use waitlists to keep classes full and allows clients to book recurring reservations.

Verdict: TeamUp wins this category because it offers more capabilities for handling reservations and appointments. The waitlist and advance payments feature can come in handy for ensuring high attendance rates for your classes.

Add registration timelines on TeamUp

Through TeamUp, you can add registration timelines to classes.

Member Portals and Community Management

Member portals and online communities provide an effective means of keeping your customers engaged and encouraging retention. The top 3 club management software offers mobile apps that members can use to log in to their accounts or make reservations or appointments.

The platforms also offer their own features to boost customer engagement and make going to the gym more convenient for clients. Zen Planner’s mobile app, for instance, allows members to pay bills, manage payment accounts, and purchase memberships. TeamUp and VirtuaGym allow you to send messages directly to clients to keep them interested in your products and services.

One thing that’s unique to Virtuagym is its suite of club community features. The platform provides a community portal where members can create personal profiles and post custom messages or updates about their activities.

The portal also allows you to set challenges and rewards and establish leaderboards for your most active clients. Virtuagym’s achievement system automatically tracks platform usage and activity logs to ensure that the leaderboard is updated in real-time.

Verdict: Virtuagym’s club community features give the platform an edge over Zen Planner and TeamUp. These features reduce the need to use a separate online community software for your fitness business.

Coaching Support

Unlike TeamUp, Zen Planner and Virtuagym have extensive built-in capabilities to help you and your staff create customized workouts and oversee clients’ progress over time.

For instance, Zen Planner lets you program workouts directly into the platform, eliminating the need to use spreadsheets. The platform also comes with built-in tools for weightlifting, such as a calculator for determining the percentages of max lifts and features for recording complicated sets and reps. Coaches will also be able to motivate clients through visual displays of their workouts and historical performance.

Similarly, Virtuagym offers tools that provide guidance for workouts. The software comes with a built-in Workout Editor with over 4,500 3D exercises that coaches can use to create digital training plans.

Aside from exercise coaching, Virtuagym also has features that provide guidance for proper nutrition. The software allows you and your staff to create customized meal plans for clients. Through Virtuagym’s fitness app, clients can also log their daily food intake for convenient self-management.

Verdict: Virtuagym edges out Zen Planner and TeamUp thanks to its features for creating customized meal plans and food intake logging.

Nutrition guidance on VirtuaGym

VirtuaGym software also provides nutrition guidance.

Billing and Payment Processing

The leading club management software offer features not only for billing clients but also for processing payments. Zen Planner, Virtuagym, and TeamUp allow you to automate billing and invoicing. These platforms also integrate payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe so you can securely process card payments.

In addition to integration with popular payment processors, these club management systems have built-in features for processing offline payments. This way, you can centralize all payments into one platform.

Zen Planner also has some additional features to ease billing and payment for you and your clients. The platform lets you set up automated bank deposits so member payments go right into your corporate bank account. Since it’s designed as a complete financial record for your business, Zen Planner also lets you record expenses such as rent and utilities.

Verdict: Zen Planner comes out on top because of its additional features for expense tracking and automated bank deposits.

Streamlines billing with Zen Planner

The Zen Planner dashboard streamlines billing for your members.

Marketing and Promotions

Zen Planner, Virtuagym, and TeamUp also offer features to support your marketing and promotional campaigns and help boost your revenue. With these robust features, you don’t have to use marketing software for your fitness business.

These club management systems offer an integrated storefront where customers can buy merchandise and sign up for services and memberships. These platforms can also be integrated with email marketing software so you can automate routine communication with your clients.

Zen Planner and Virtuagym both offer additional marketing capabilities for your fitness business. Virtuagym’s lead generation features allow you to input lead data, check lead status, and send automated emails and messages all from one place. This way, you can make sure that no lead slips through the cracks.

On the other hand, Zen Planner can help you build a custom, SEO-ready website for your fitness business. Along with managed ad campaigns from Zen Planner, a website can help generate leads that you can convert into memberships.

Verdict: With customized business websites and managed ad campaigns, Zen Planner offers more capabilities in terms of marketing for your business.

Zen Planner calendars

You can embed Zen Planner calendars and schedules to your website.

Staff Management and Administrative Features

Club management software provides convenience not only to you and your customers but also to your staff. As we’ve previously discussed, Zen Planner, Virtuagym, and TeamUp help you save time in managing scheduling for reservations and appointments.

However, Zen Planner and TeamUp both offer additional features that allow your employees to be more efficient.

Zen Planner displays class capacity information right on the calendar so instructors and trainers can sufficiently prepare ahead of time. The platform also allows staff members to quickly handle member needs, like checking in to classes, paying bills, and signing documents. Moreover, Zen Planner offers time tracking software features, letting employees clock in and out within the platform. All these features save time for you and your staff.

On the other hand, TeamUp allows you to create as many staff accounts as your business needs. This way, your instructors can manage their own classes. Zen Planner also offers similar features, with the addition of letting you set access levels according to roles.

Verdict: Zen Planner offers more built-in features for managing staff and helping your employees handle members’ needs.


The top 3 club management software help you stay on top of your business through up-to-date, accurate reports. These systems allow you to generate the reports you need to get a clear picture of your business’ performance. These reports can provide valuable insights on membership sign-ups and cancellations, class attendance, bills, and retail orders.

Zen Planner offers some additional reporting capabilities that you can take advantage of. The platform lets you create a visual distribution map based on the addresses you’ve collected from clients. The Zen Planner dashboard also lets you quickly pull up reports for multiple locations. This way, you can see both the details and the big picture.

Verdict: Zen Planner offers more reporting capabilities, particularly for pulling reports for multiple locations.

Reporting in Zen Planner

Zen Planner can generate a wide variety of reports for your gym.


The three leading club management software offer different pricing schemes. For instance, pricing for Zen Planner software depends on the number of active users. For one to fifty users, Zen Planner costs $99 per month. Fifty to one hundred users can use the software for $125 per month; if you’ll be having more than a hundred users for Zen Planner, the software will cost you $159 per month.

TeamUp, on the other hand, offers pricing plans that range from $59 per month (one to fifty clients) to $179 per month (more than two hundred clients). Meanwhile, you’ll have to contact Virtuagym’s sales team to get a custom quote for your business.

Verdict: While TeamUp may appear to have the advantage due to its lower monthly prices, Zen Planner’s more powerful capabilities will give you more value for money.

Streamline your gym’s operations with club management software

There’s no reason to keep dealing with the paperwork of membership forms, contracts, and invoices. With club management software, you get a digital platform to secure these documents in one place. The best gym management software can also improve your customer relationship management strategies and help you create more effective marketing campaigns.

Zen Planner is our top pick for club management software because of its extensive capabilities in managing memberships, scheduling, and automating billing and invoicing.

If you want to check its comprehensive feature set you can easily sign up for Zen Planner free trial here.

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