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Top 3 eCommerce Software: Comparison of Wix, X-Cart, and BigCommerce

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What is the best ecommerce software?

The best ecommerce software is Wix owing to its all-in-one approach to ecommerce management. While it is primarily a website builder, it sports robust ecommerce features from catalog management to payment processing. Moreover, this digital platform comes with an easy-to-use interface that allows both tech-savvy and tech-averse individuals to seamlessly set up an ecommerce business from scratch.

Most eCommerce platforms on the surface seem cookie-cutter alike. They give you the order page, a shopping cart and hook you to a payment channel. But they cannot be more similar to each other as a chicken is to a pigeon. It’s in the context where they differ or, in our allegory, the pigeon is nice to pet, while the chicken, well we eat it.

No more obvious are the ecommerce nuances found than, perhaps, in our top 3 ecommerce software solutions here. One is a website builder, the other an open-source and still the other an enterprise platform. They all provide great ecommerce tools, but which one is for you?

In this article, we analyzed Wix, X-Cart, and BigCommerce according to the core features required of top ecommerce platforms. These include e-store builders, marketing support, and inventory tracking, among others. Furthermore, we have laid this analysis out in such a way where there is a winner in every point of comparison. Thus, it will be easier for you to identify which solution is best in particular scenarios and conditions that relate to your business.

Top ecommerce software

Top 3 Ecommerce Software Table of Contents

Remaining competitive in today’s business landscape goes beyond offering quality products and services. It requires you to fully understand the demands of modern consumers and have the ability to meet them. One such demand is the convenience of online shopping. While many consumers prefer brick-and-mortar transactions, there are just as many individuals that like the idea of being able to shop from the comfort of their homes.

In fact, according to the 2018 Omnichannel Buying Report, many shoppers choose to buy from online stores (45%) and other online marketplaces like Amazon (78%), eBay (34%), Facebook (11%), and Instagram (6%).

Source: 2018 Omnichannel Buying Report

This is why it is crucial, now more than ever, to invest in ecommerce tools. Some of the most well-known of which are Wix, X-Cart, and BigCommerce. These three platforms have gained popularity among first-time online sellers and professional ecommerce business owners alike. This is primarily because of their niche approach, complete backend and frontend features, as well as their easy setup options.

However, as a business professional or an entrepreneur, you know better than to take this information at face value. By reading this article, you should be able to take a closer look at the capabilities of these top 3 ecommerce software tools. This way, you know exactly what you’re spending your top dollar on.


Wix Dashboard

Wix offers a robust ecommerce suite to boot. With this at your disposal, you can build attractive online stores and manage your product catalogs without the need for extensive technical know-how. Simply choose from their available templates and modify them to your liking or use its intuitive drag-and-drop editor to make one from scratch.

Aside from allowing you to make fully functional online stores, Wix also provides you with the tools you need to manage them. For starters, it allows you to create custom checkout pages, add shopping cart functionalities, track inventory, and manage shipping processes. The platform enables you to process payments with 0% commission via credit cards, PayPal, or other payment gateways. Moreover, like other top solutions, this tool also comes with API access for extensibility. To top it all off, Wix comes with an Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) tool that simply asks you about your business and applies your answers to create a unique website.

As for pricing, the Wix website builder is free to use. However, the ecommerce suite is a paid feature.

If you’d like to test out the platform for yourself, be sure to sign up for Wix free trial here.


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Try out Wix with their free trial

Key features of Wix

  1. Website Builder and Shopping Cart Integration
  2. Product Catalog Management
  3. Multiple Payment Gateway Support
  4. SEO and Marketing Support
  5. End-to-End Tracking and Management


x-cart dashboard

X-Cart sports an open-source PHP code, giving users complete flexibility and control over the system. Like most top ecommerce solutions, it allows you to design your ecommerce website from scratch easily. You don’t need coding knowledge to get started on the software. Also, users don’t even really have to start from scratch. X-Cart offers 84 ecommerce templates for you start with.

It also provides excellent backend capabilities like inventory management, SEO, and marketing support. In this way, you don’t have to use a complicated technology stack to run your ecommerce business. X-Cart can be your all-in-one solution. Of course, if you run a more complex business, you may need other digital tools. However, X-Cart can cover all your ecommerce needs, just like a top-tier solution should.

Lastly, there is a free version for X-Cart. But, if you’d like more functionalities, you’d do well with its paid plans.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for X-Cart free trial here.

Key features of X-Cart

  1. One-Time Payment for Lifetime License
  2. Shipping and Checkout Support
  3. Open Source
  4. Fully-Managed Hosting
  5. Wide Range of Integrations


BigCommerce Dashboard

BigCommerce is created for small businesses, wholesalers, and enterprises. It is equipped with everything you need to create and run your virtual store ranging from website builders and marketing tools to inventory tracking and order processing. It can even support multiple currencies and major payment gateways for more convenient transactions.

Aside from its robust set of ecommerce functionalities, BigCommerce also does not skimp on supplementary features. For example, it comes with its own content management system and social media management suite to help you curate your marketing strategies. It also has reporting and analytics tools to help you monitor the performance of your online shop. In case that’s not enough, it has RESTful API capabilities that make it highly extensible.

Lastly, BigCommerce allows you to consolidate your online selling efforts by enabling you to manage your eBay, Instagram, and Facebook Marketplace account straight from the platform.

Should you be interested in this platform, you can easily sign up for BigCommerce free trial here.

Key features of BigCommerce

  1. Easy Website Builder
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Marketing and Conversion Support
  4. Robust Multichannel Sales
  5. Straightforward Pricing Plans

Comparison of Key Features

Ecommerce site customization

The look and feel of your ecommerce site play important roles in the success of your business. Customers are picky nowadays. They don’t just want to do transactions with ecommerce sites that have easy-to-use UI. They are also picky about the aesthetics and design of the site. In fact, 42% of customers don’t purchase from businesses with ugly websites. Thus, aesthetics and functional design are crucial to success. This is why you need to choose an ecommerce platform that will allow you to create beautiful websites as well.

In this point of comparison, the best platform that provides this is Wix.

First of all, it is one of the top website builders in the market today. Website building and design are naturally part of its core competencies. Wix is just so comprehensive as a website builder that it covers virtually every type of website imaginable. This includes ecommerce sites. Just like other types of websites, Wix gives users the power to design its front-end ecommerce aspects fully while providing them with powerful back-end capabilities. In this way, it provides a balance between aesthetics, ease-of-use, and powerful back-end controls.

X-Cart and Big Commerce also provide easy-to-use ecommerce site builder tools. They also sport drag-and-drop interfaces that make website building easy and enjoyable. However, Wix has edged them out in this regard. It presents more options, and it’s more intuitive to use. Even if we judge all three by their branding materials alone (including their logos for their own websites), Wix just takes the pie.

Verdict: Wix provides the best ecommerce site customization options and services among the three.

Multichannel sales

BigCommerce multichannel sales

BigCommerce has a comprehensive multichannel sales dashboard. It allows users to showcase and sell their products/services on other platforms like social media sites.

All three top 3 ecommerce software solutions provide multichannel opportunities. They allow you to sell your products and/or services across different popular platforms, including social media. These may be provided natively or through integrations. Moreover, please note that integrations can be available for free or for a fee.

X-Cart, for example, uses the f-Commerce Go module to use Facebook as a sales channel right within its system. The module connects your Facebook Shop with your X-Cart platform providing you with a singular dashboard to manage both channels. In fact, it syncs both of them to make it easy for you to sell to different channels all at once. This can also be done for your Instagram store. There is a free version of this. However, there is a paid plan that provides more features.

A similar function is available in Wix. Unlike X-Cart, the function is built-in. Thus, this makes Facebook and Instagram selling on Wix slightly more convenient than X-Cart. The same thing can be said of BigCommerce.

Wix and BigCommerce have built-in capabilities that stop you from relying too much on third-party integrations. They seem to provide a safer and quicker way for multichannel sales. However, they also offer other integrations to further expand your sales channels.

For example, Wix has a free integration for Amazon and a paid integration for eBay. On the other hand, BigCommerce has a free integration for eBay and has native integrations with Amazon and Wordpress, as well. However, BigCommerce edges Wix slightly here. It provides more multichannel sales opportunities in its native deployment.

Verdict: BigCommerce offers the most comprehensive multichannel sales capabilities. With BigCommerce, you rely less on third-party integrations and add-ons.

Operations and marketing support

Wix Ascend automation

Wix Ascend comes with automation functions. This helps streamline digital marketing and ecommerce processes.

Among the top 3 ecommerce software, Wix arguably offers the most comprehensive back-end features because of its site-building capabilities. As such, it provides operations and marketing support features such as advanced SEO and an all-in-one business solution called Ascend. This way, you don’t have to rely on third-party tools and integrations to support your business.

Ascend by Wix is a valuable tool for all the users of the platform. It has lead generation capabilities and allows for many customizable automations. Moreover, it provides users with other marketing tools such as in-app social media posting, Facebook ad campaigns, Google ads, email marketing campaigns, website chat, a video creator, coupon creation, workflows, and even invoices, among others.

Of course, this comes at a price. However, it offers a chance for ecommerce site operators to manage all their marketing and management activities under one roof.

On the other hand, X-Cart and BigCommerce don’t have these capabilities as they are “pure” ecommerce software solutions. They offer these via integrations, which is also fine. However, these can hamper operations when third-party downtimes happen. This also means that you can’t rely on them by themselves. You need a technology stack for your online business. Thus, for this point of comparison, Wix seems to have clinched the win.

Verdict: Wix wins in this point of comparison. It offers an in-platform business solution to support ecommerce activities. No more changing apps just to provide marketing support to your ecommerce storefront. You have it all under one control dashboard.

Secure and flexible payments

It is a requirement for all ecommerce software to have secure payments. Thus, those at the top provide just that. However, they provide this differently. For example, X-Cart offers this via third-party integrations. The same thing can be said with BigCommerce. They use other services to process payment for them.

Wix is somewhat different. Sure, it also allows for third-party integrations just like any other top ecommerce solutions. However, it also provides its own payment platform called Wix Payments. This platform allows you to manage orders and payments all from one dashboard. It is free and easy to set up. This feature is also Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliant. Also, Wix is accredited as a merchant and a level-1 service provider.

Moreover, Wix Payment is also ISO 27001 and ISO 27019 compliant. This means that it passes the industry standards for managing security risks and handling personally identifiable information in a public cloud computing environment, respectively. Also, it uses the Transport Layer Security encryption to help protect online financial transactions.

Don’t get BigCommerce and X-Cart wrong. They have similar credentials. However, most payment options still get outsourced to third-party apps. If you want a truly centralized and comprehensive payment service, Wix may just be for you.

Verdict: Wix provides you with a native payment processing option. Thanks to Wix Payment, you can process credit card payments directly on Wix for low fees. This, though, is still not available to clients living in select countries. However, Wix’s expansion will likely reach more countries in the future. This allows Wix to retain a small margin against its competitors here.

Inventory and shipping

Wix Shipping

Wix comes with intuitive features that allow you to manage your shipping processes within the platform.

All three software handle shipping via integrations. However, they take different routes when it comes to inventory management. For instance, Wix and BigCommerce have native modules for inventory management. X-Cart only provides this via third-party integration. There are pros and cons when it comes to this.

For example, when you already have a robust accounting platform with inventory capabilities, you can go ahead with X-Cart. However, if you want your ecommerce platform to have native modules, then BigCommerce and Wix would be more ideal for you. Moreover, BigCommerce and Wix can also integrate with other business platforms for inventory management. Therefore, they offer more flexibility.

In the shipping department, all platforms connect to third-party shipping providers. There is not much difference in this regard. However, for Wix, you can choose to have real-time shipping carriers. In the US, UPS provides this service. If you are in Brazil, you get real-time shipping calculations with Correios.

For BigCommerce, you can use the BigCommerce Shipping app from a partner. This allows you to access pre-negotiated rates from DHL Express and USPS. This also allows you to display real-time rates at checkout as well. However, this app is only available for US-based operations.

Verdict: Wix may get a slight edge in both these departments, thanks to it having a native module for inventory. However, BigCommerce and X-Cart do not lag. The only thing that sways our vote to Wix is that it makes it a tad easier to manage end-to-end processes from its native dashboard. Furthermore, ease-of-use plays a factor here.

Add-ons and integrations

X-Cart integrations

X-Cart comes with a wide variety of add-ons and integrations to extend the capabilities of your ecommerce platform.

Add-ons and integrations extend the capabilities of your ecommerce software. They are important as to how your new platform can work with your preexisting architecture. Integrations also allow you to execute more complex functions that your bare app can’t. For example, third-party add-ons and integrations allow ecommerce software to sync catalogs on different platforms and marketplaces.

For this category of comparison, we don’t only consider the quantity but the quality of add-ons and integrations offered by the top three products. However, the number is essential too. Why? Firstly, you get more options for a single function. For instance, you get multiple third-party providers for inventory tracking. Secondly, you get competing options. Thus, there is more chance of them improving on their services just to get your subscription.

Wix provides add-ons designed by its own team, just like BigCommerce and X-Cart. All three have third-party providers that extend the functionality of their offerings. However, when you look at the list of integrations and the capabilities they provide, X-Cart may have a slight advantage here. It has more integrations available for its users. They also help extend X-Cart capabilities on different fronts. These include administration, marketing, migration, payment processing, and more.

Verdict: If we are forced to crown a winner in this round, X-Cart would be our choice. It has more integrations available that can extend its functionalities. However, BigCommerce and Wix do not fall far behind at all. BigCommerce has lesser options, but the quality is also good, while Wix has add-ons that are great specifically for its overall architecture.

Pricing plans

Price is a very important aspect when it comes to choosing your software solution. For many, it is the ultimate factor. It can either make the sale or be the deal-breaker. Thus, it is best to go through the pricing schemes of each product.

BigCommerce’s Standard plan costs $29.95 per month, billed annually. It gives you essential features to run your online business. The next tier is its Plus plan. This costs $71.95 a month, billed annually. Also, this plan provides more features such as stored credit cards for faster transaction and abandoned cart saver. The next tier is the Pro plan. This sets you back for $224.95 per month billed yearly. It includes advanced features such as Google customer reviews, custom SSL, and API support.

When you compare this to Wix’s pricing scheme, you’ll find that Wix’s price is a bit cheaper. However, when you take a closer look at the two, you’ll see that the former has just a bit more features. Advanced ecommerce and support features for Wix cost more (although it is cheap). And, truth be told, these are the features that make Wix superior in other regards. You just have to put more effort into finding the right mix for you with Wix. BigCommerce’s pricing plans are just more straightforward. This allows it to edge Wix by a little.

On the other hand, X-Cart is offered differently than the two. Subscription plans are only available for one-time payments. Yes, all their plans include a Lifetime License. The Business edition is today at $346.50, and it covers your ecommerce essentials. Its Multi-vendor plan costs $1,046.50. It comes with advanced features like identifying trusted and non-trusted vendors. Lastly, its Ultimate Special Edition is priced at $4,196.50, which includes membership options and manual tax exemptions.

Verdict: It is a tie between X-Cart and BigCommerce. These two platforms provide the most features for their price points. One bills you regularly while the other only bills you once. Their payment schemes separate them. Some may prefer one type over the other.

Get Ready for Ecommerce Growth: Choosing the Right Tool

According to recent ecommerce statistics, industry growth is not slowing down. Many firms will not only expand to ecommerce. Some would even totally migrate to the channel. Also, only digital tools can help them do this.

Thus, digital ecommerce solutions will likely become must-haves for businesses in the years to come. So, if you haven’t started learning about them, we recommend that you read our analysis of ecommerce software features and benefits.

However, there are several challenges that ecommerce businesses will face. Recently, researchers found that the average online consumers’ visit duration on ecommerce sites has dropped to only four minutes and twelve seconds. Moreover, delays and other performance issues reduce the chance of a conversion.

In fact, a one-second webpage delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16%. Moreover, 52% of customers claim that website load times are crucial for them to remain loyal.

Thus, many factors come into play when you want to be successful in ecommerce. You don’t just have to use the right ecommerce platform to fit the internal workings of your business. You also have to choose the best one that can provide your customers with the best experience possible. Thus, an ecommerce software will not be enough in many instances. This is especially true for startups.

So, what is the best ecommerce software for your company?

There is no clear cut answer to which one of the top three platforms is best for your company. However, there are cases where one is a better choice than others. For example, if you already have an ecommerce site and you wish to improve it, you can get BigCommerce or X-Cart. These top programs will give you advanced features to optimize your ecommerce business. If you’re looking for something more basic, you can also check out our list of ecommerce platforms that cater to small businesses.

However, if you want to start from scratch, you’ll be better off with Wix.

We rank Wix as the best ecommerce platform today because it allows users to start their ecommerce activities from zero. It has gone far from being an easy-to-use website builder tool. It has embraced its ecommerce capabilities. Wix does not only provide you with tools to create a stunning website. It also gives you back-end tools to manage your ecommerce operations, including your marketing. All of these are under the Wix banner. Thus, you don’t have to look elsewhere for anything when it comes to your online storefront.

Moreover, Wix is now becoming a completely digital business solution for the modern age. Other platforms position themselves as “add-ons” to the digital ecosystems of businesses–as ecommerce specialists. This is great when you have established digital architecture already. However, when you are starting out, they’d just complicate things.

On the other hand, Wix provides you with the power to create your very own digital ecommerce ecosystem that is primed for success. This is the fundamental difference in the approach that makes Wix a superior choice for many and for us as well. If you want to check its comprehensive feature set, you can easily sign up for Wix free trial here.

By Louie Andre

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