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5 Best Help Desk Software To Consider When You Start a New Business

So you want to start a new business this year. Well and good. But in order for you to compete with the harsh economic climate these days, you need to look for ways how you increase your efficiency in operations and at the same time, try to reduce the operational […]

5 Freemium Collaboration Software: What Features Can You Get With A Paid Version?

If you’re looking for collaboration software, the good news is this category has a number of vendors with freemium offers. Here are five collaboration software products that you can use for free. No credit card information is required, no strings attached, just subscribe with your email, social network credentials, or […]

5 Great CRM Software Services And Their Unique, Strong Points

Your goal is not to find the greatest app, but where the app is great at. That way you can leverage its strength to your specific need. In some instances, you may need two or more great CRM apps to engage and convert your customers. Here are five “great” CRM […]

Accounting Software Comparison: 5 Key Small Business Solutions

Accounting software products are as varied as they are designed for different business sizes, dynamics, industries, number of users… the list goes on. They are powerful business solutions, but only if they match your needs. For the small business owner who doesn’t have a team of accounting experts at hand, […]

McKinsey B2B Report Reveals The Key Factors In Effective Communication With Clients

New research reveals that the brand messages of business-to-business (B2B) suppliers are often ineffective as they do not address the needs of customers. B2B brands use Web-based video, online communities, and search to reach customers. But their core messages often skirt the characteristics valued most by customers.

Google’s B2B Report Analysis: How Digital Evolution Transforms The B2B Industry

New research shows that potential business-to-business (B2B) consumers are increasingly utilizing digital channels to create opinions about their major purchases. The digital evolution is dramatically changing the B2B industry and transforming business practices, giving rise to a new challenge for B2B marketers to be present and active in various digital […]

How To Improve Your Sales By Recognizing Your Customers’ Expectations

This article reveals the different interactions customers expect in different stages of the buying cycle. It specifies the events that trigger them to buy. The article then clarifies how to improve your sales by using this information to perform more effective marketing. The Customer Buying Cycle The customer buying cycle […]

Insider’s Guide To The Challenges Of On-Demand B2B Marketing

There is no question about it: The dawn of on-demand marketing is here. It has been touted for several years, and finally, it is already right round the corner. It is a new world out there for businesses, and they should be ready to tackle it out and survive. New […]

Highly Efficient Strategies That Improve SaaS Marketing Conversion Rates

SaaS brands have many important performance indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing practices including free trial registrations, feature usage, and sales conversions. This article provides tips for brands to improve their SaaS conversion rate. 1. Free Trial or Freemium Offering Give customers a free trial of your offering […]

4 Netflix Alternatives: Is Amazon, iTunes or Hulu a Viable Option?

With roots tracing back to 1997, Netflix made its mark as a reliable DVD delivery provider, sending your favorite movies straight to your stone-age mailbox. When physical media started to fade as a result of movies and other media content becoming more accessible and sharable via the Internet, Netflix management […]

How To Create A Successful Blog Marketing Strategy For Your Saas Brand

Blog marketing is important for SaaS brands as it improves conversion rates, retention, and loyalty. SaaS brands should use a robust blog marketing strategy to gain more customers. They can use blog content to offer the right stories and information to sway potential customers. Thus, blogs can play a vital […]

Marketing Tools For B2B Companies: How To Build Trust & Nurture Your Leads

Content marketing can play a big part in the sales process of software companies. This strategy can be a robust tool for generating leads, and converting the leads into sales. First, software companies should draft a process and allocate resources to it. Then, they should use a tool to measure […]

B2B Marketing Strategies: How To Make Your SaaS Marketing More Effective

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are becoming popular among customers and enterprises. As a result, the SaaS market is growing fast with the high demand. This is not surprising given the many benefits of using this type of service. In this article, we provide effective tips for SaaS marketing […]

10 Crucial Factors That Can Influence Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Have you ever thought how a big company, say Coca-Cola, provides new computer sets for its thousands of employees? They would never ask an office manager to go to a computer shop to buy in bulk, but these transactions are important for the success of their business. Welcome to the […]

Looking Ahead: How To Make Better Management Decisions

Before organizations make a strategy, they need to make a critical evaluation of their environment first. What is the current environment for their organization? More importantly, what is the future like for your organization? No matter how grand your strategic decision making is, it will still fail if you do […]

B2B Decision Making Process: How To Address Your Customers’ Needs

Business-to-business (B2B) markets are different compared to consumer markets in two ways. First, B2B decision making process and units are more complex. While a consumer purchase decision is made by one or two individuals, B2B decisions are made by several employees, each specializing in a different field. Second, B2B decision […]

Why B2B Marketers Need to Appeal to their Customers’ Emotions

To meet the demands of today’s competitive marketing scenario, business-to-business (B2B) marketers are focusing on becoming more customer-friendly, and improving their branding strategies. Should they also appeal to their customers’ emotions? This question is answered by a research survey conducted by Google in partnership with CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council. We […]