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IT Management Software: List of 15 Market Leaders

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IT management software helps companies to automate casual tasks, manage project collaboration, and unify software projects. These systems contribute to boost the productivity and efficiency of companies, the same as their app-developing procedures. Thanks to them, companies can perform demanding tasks such as creating online help portals, designing mobile applications, and producing multi-platform games. Software sets can be used to execute specific processes such as software testing and game development. Generally, IT solutions help to develop regulation and delivery of IT services, and ease the work of both development teams and final beneficiaries who use the systems created by the dev teams. This article lists the top IT management software systems as selected by our B2B software experts:

1. Microsoft Visual Studio

Our panel of experts closely evaluated all the top IT management software systems and Microsoft Visual Studio primarily for its top quality functionalities. The product’s users’ opinion coincides with our position, as they currently have a perfect customer satisfaction rating. The vendor offers flexible pricing packages that can be used by companies of any scale.

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) designed by Microsoft. Initially, the solution was created to build computer programs for Microsoft Windows as well as for web services, web applications, and websites. Today, Visual Studio is also used to design and create useful applications for cloud-based services, web apps, and desktop and mobile platforms. For larger teams, Visual Studio offers application control, agile planning, and version control. Coders have their own version of Visual Studio, which they can use to work on codes for free on popular operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

2. Xamarin

Xamarin is a simplified and streamlined iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile app development solution that utilizes .NET and C# to offer popular app solutions for all mobile operating systems at once. You don’t have to create the apps separately and from scratch. Developers and designers can simply enjoy the convenience of not having to create apps for each platform individually. They can focus on developing their skills on advanced hobbyist projects that have the performance of conventionally developed apps.

Xamarin’s cross-platform mobile development gains a lot from its mobile specialization, targeting specifically mobile users and their requirements. It integrates with Visual Studio and other popular solutions. You get top rate APIs that offer an outstanding experience, and can respond to all user requests. The solution is OSS development-enabled, and has all the essential enterprise capabilities and features to meet the needs of professional users.

3. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers an integrated suite of managed services, templates, and tools to boost the productivity of IT professionals and developers. The system is designed for the Microsoft platform and provides many useful features to help IT professionals develop and manage web, mobile, enterprise, and Internet of Things (IoT) apps.

Developers and IT professionals can use Microsoft Azure to easily create and deploy modern, cross-platform mobile and web applications. The solution enables them to store information in the cloud and back them up for easy and quick recovery.

Azure helps you run enterprise applications as well as large scale computing processes, and to implement robust predictive analytics. The platform enables users to create intuitive services and products making use of Internet of Things services. It operates on a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers dispersed across 22 regions.

4. Zapier

Zapier is an online platform that connects various applications together to automate workflows easily for businesses as well as individual users. The app uses robust technology to move information between user web apps automatically, allowing users to focus on important tasks. The software aims to empower businesses to create systems and processes that let computers and humans do what they are best at doing respectively. With the right apps, users can accomplish more in less time.

Zapier’s features include connected accounts, dashboards, import/export via Google Sheets, access to task history, and much more. The vendor offers flexible pricing packages that are either free or reasonably priced to suit the requirements of different businesses.

5. Knack

Knack is an elegantly designed database builder that enables companies to make the most of their data, and use it for smarter and more billable business decisions. The app is designed to meet the needs of all industries and is used by prominent customers including IT leaders, technology producers, municipalities, and universities.

Knack is a flexible and easy-to-customize app, which means you can easily turn it into your business-specific system. The interface is streamlined and simple, and there is no learning curve. If you face any difficulties, you can count on the professional support team to help your database creation. Knack is an affordable app and your expense depends on the features you need. The vendor offers a free trial to help you explore the features before agreeing to subscribe.

6. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a Java integrated development environment (IDE) that is popular among software companies and software developers. The app offers useful features for software development. Many of the features immediately work out-of-the-box, including support for STS, Gradle, and Maven, among others. The software is designed to boost productivity by offering intuitive code assistance for all supported frameworks and languages.

IntelliJ IDEA offers a range of integrated tools that make software development more precise and productive. It also provides an advanced editor which gives users seamless and smooth coding assistance for working with CSS and HTML.

IntelliJ IDEA’s JavaScript development environment makes server-side and client-side JavaScript development more efficient thanks to the app’s top quality coding assistance and wide range of advanced features and tools.

7. New Relic

New Relic is a software analytics platform that enables businesses to analyze and get relevant and vital information from billions of metrics across millions of apps, and convert these data into modern software. The platform offers tools and features to help companies become faster, better, and high performing.

New Relic collects, stores, and analyzes data, and converts them into insights that help users create useful software for their business. With New Relic, software developers can concentrate on writing new codes than spend a lot of time troubleshooting them and top management can make smart business decisions. Its mobile application monitoring tool helps teams to create stable, high-performance mobile applications. Plus, you can boost browser-side performance and get robust performance insights.

8. AirWatch

AirWatch is the right app for you if you need a scalable system for enterprise mobility. The software is produced by VMware, a leading vendor of high quality mobile device management solutions. VMware AirWatch offers consumer-centric features that allow employees to use their own devices without endangering the security of your company’s data and systems.

You can utilize AirWatch’s trial offer to use the product for 30 days and enroll up to 100 devices. After the trial period is over, you can select any of the 4 suites offered at affordable prices. AirWatch is used by numerous companies around the globe including top brands like Delta, Columbia, The Home Depot, US Army Corps of Engineers, Target, Merck, and United Bank.

9. AppDynamics

AppDynamics is a website monitoring service that is targeted at enterprises with complex and huge digital footprints that encompass lots of applications and websites. The software is a fully realized website monitoring platform that is ideal for companies of all scales in any industry.

The app is a leader in both website monitoring and application performance monitoring (APM) landscapes. It offers peerless depth of monitoring into web infrastructure and applications as well as streamlined operations. The platform delivers business-focused dashboards, analytics, reporting, and alerts for IT professionals and business users.

AppDynamics offers the following main features: Continuous monitoring even in the most high-volume environment, permanent control, code level visibility, and trend database performance. Plus, the system seamlessly integrates with popular business apps, and is available as both free and quoted versions for the needs of all companies.

10. PagerDuty

PagerDuty is an operations performance system designed to boost the performance and reliability of companies by eliminating the chaos across the entire operations lifecycle. The software offers robust features such as incident monitoring, escalation policies, and on-call scheduling to help IT teams resolve problems in their websites, servers, and apps.

PagerDuty helps DevOps teams to deliver high-performing apps and happy customer experiences. It offers real-time alerts and visibility into important applications and systems to enable operations teams to quickly detect and resolve incidents from development through production.

The software offers hundreds of native integrations with operations systems, guaranteed availability, advanced reporting, and automated scheduling. It is used by more than 7,000 companies worldwide to boost their employee and business efficiency. PagerDuty is a top rate incidence response and alerting service that is simple yet robust, and can make sure all your team members are in the loop regarding IT infrastructure status.

11. is a robust, feature-rich automation system that efficiently converts infrastructure into code. Whether you’re working on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, the software simplifies the way you monitor and manage your infrastructure by automating how it is configured and deployed across your network, regardless of its size.

Chef uses a pure-Ruby, domain-specific language (DSL) to create its system configuration “recipes”. It is mainly used to streamline the configuration and maintenance-related work of a company’s servers. The system integrates with a range of cloud-based solutions such as Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, SoftLayer, OpenStack, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon EC2, and Internap. The vendor offers a variety of solutions dedicated to both small and large scale systems, with features and pricing packages for the respective ranges.

12. Exchange Reporter Plus

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based reporting and analysis app for Microsoft Exchange Servers. This system offers analysis and statistics such as mail traffic analysis, server usage pattern, delivery times by servers, and mailbox size growth rate. It also provides other vital data which your administrator can use to make educated decisions, and improve in such way the efficiency of your company’s Exchange setup.

Exchange Reporter Plus is a solution that can analyze and supervise your need to efficiently manage your email communication infrastructure. It is an Exchange reporting solution that can equip your Exchange Administrator with precise, granular, and actionable data on various aspects of MS Exchange Server.

13. BitBucket

BitBucket is a web-based hosting solution for projects that use either the Git or Mercurial revision control systems. The app enables professional teams and sole users to manage, code, and work together on Git projects.

BitBucket provides a range of useful features for code writers and professional developers. It offers a distributed control system that enables easy collaboration and fast scaling. It can be deployed according to the requirements and size of your team, and you can host it on your servers or in the cloud. BitBucket also offers unlimited public and private repositories. Workflow is safe with granular permissions. Plus, the app integrates smoothly with popular business apps such as HipChat, JIRA, and BambooHR to boost your productivity.

14. Cloudberry Remote Assistant

Cloudberry Remote Assistant

CloudBerry Remote Assistant is a remote assistance software developed by CloudBerry that enables users to connect and remotely access computers so they can perform various functions and tasks like computer maintenance and repairs, software download, system updates, and more.

This remote desktop access requires mutual download wherein the software needs to be installed on two computers for it to work. The setup requires one computer to be the source while the other is the target.

CloudBerry Remote Assistant is currently free of charge, providing all sorts of users with a cost-effective remote access platform that is highly effective and totally secure. The connection is completely encrypted, giving users peace of mind from any security flaws.

15. Graffersid


Graffersid is an IT Consultancy and software development firm founded and led by Sidharth Jain. The company caters to budding entrepreneurs and tech startups, helping them build powerful and tailored software and applications integrated with well-researched features that make said systems attractive and saleable. Graffersid also helps their clients attract and acquire initial customers, users, and subscribers on a global scale.

Graffersid helps clients create user-products and processes. Their expertise includes website developments, mobile applications, and systems intended for various purposes such as market research, process automation, digitalization, wireframing, documentation, sales and marketing, idea validation, and project management among others.

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