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Pros & Cons of MightyCall: A Complete VoIP Call-in Solution for SMEs

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MightyCall is a one-stop virtual phone solution for business owners. It is trusted by hundreds of companies and has been known as one of the best platforms in the industry for one very good reason: it provides what it promises.  As you read on, we will be reviewing some of the general information about MightyCall, and then we’ll go into the pros and cons of the app. This should give you a very good idea of what to expect when you try it out for yourself.

MightyCall’s tagline runs like this: “Virtual phone system for small businesses. Simple. Yet mighty.” And that’s exactly what it is. This app provides you with a great environment for connecting with customers. By simply signing up, you are given anywhere from one to five toll-free or vanity numbers that can be used as a tool for converting your potential leads, and assisting your current customers.

Some of the benefits you’re can expect from this service include:

  1. Cloud-based virtual application
  2. Dedicated applications for iOS and Android
  3. Action-to-task conversion
  4. 24/7 auto-attendant
  5. Powerful integration

MightyCall’s service is dedicated to helping small to medium enterprises with their voice and chat customer service needs, and those interested in what they have to offer can choose from three SMB pricing plans, and an enterprise option for those who need more flexibility.

If you’d like to know more about the software and see it in action you can easily request a free demo of MightyCall that will guide you through key elements of the system.

Pros and Cons of MightyCall

The strongest feature of MightyCall is the fact that it gets an entire call routing service and compresses it into one online package. Users won’t have to update anything on their end, since the entire program is cloud-based, which makes the entire process simpler for the end user.

The portability of the service via mobile apps for the most popular providers today is also a great feature that users can utilize well. Along with the project management system approach used by the service’s GUI, and the fully automated 24/7 invisible receptionist, MightyCall’s service has a lot to offer for small enterprises with a budding need for a sophisticated VoIP solution.

1. Cloud-based virtual application

The convenience and portability of MightyCall’s cloud-based system is perhaps its strongest advantage. You won’t need to have a dedicated office for your support staff, since even remote workers can easily access your VoIP system. While there may be benefits to having an on-premise system that lets you oversee the day-to-day use of your employees, MightyCall provides an adequate alternative.

As an added bonus, this also removes the problem of maintaining and updating your VoIP software, or worrying if your local servers can handle the volume of calls that your company needs to make/receive during a given day. MightyCall shoulders all of these considerations for you, helping you make sure that all you need to focus on is on maximizing the quality of your service.

2. Dedicated applications for iOS and Android

While this may not seem like much in the app-dominated society, MightyCall showed some foresight and consideration in providing its users with a way of keeping track of the service’s activity via mobile. Since MightyCall manages all calls made and messages sent in a project management-oriented manner (more on this later), having a nifty dashboard that can be used to monitor all activity while you’re on the go is a great way of simplifying your life.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t offer much integration with other third-party solutions, so it might be difficult to connect your account to your other business-related systems. But having everything you need in one nifty dashboard that you can check via your phone more than makes up for this lack of third-party interconnectivity.

3. Action-to-Task Conversion

One of the nicest features of MightyCall is its task management option. It lets you plan out the day of each of your team members ahead of time. The service lets you plan calls and messages that are to be made by each member of your team in such a way that they appear as tasks in their own respective dashboards.

Aside from letting you plan out your calls ahead of time—which is cool enough on its own—it also serves as a task management function of sorts. Each member of your team knows exactly how many calls he or she has to make ahead of time, and can properly pace him/herself. This will also help you keep track of which calls are made, when they are made, and exactly how your available resources are being utilized. This virtually makes MightyCall a fantastic PM tool for customer service.

Then there’s also the nifty logging function, that lets each team member make simple notations on each task. While this isn’t as robust as a more complete project management or CRM software, the feature serves its purpose, and is one of the most useful features of the service. Add to all of this the call recording feature of the service, and you’ve got a small but powerful call management solution at your fingertips.

4. 24/7 Auto Attendant

The auto attendant is MightyCall’s equivalent of an answering service. You simply record a greeting for your call-in customers—the nature of the message is entirely up to you—and then you upload it to the dashboard for use.

But that’s only the basic use of this feature. You can have multiple receptionist messages, and multiple call-in rules depending on the call arrival settings. This means that you can have as many virtual receptionists as you have numbers, depending on the rules that you set.

For example: if your main line is supposed to go directly to your office phone, you can record a greeting for these phone calls, and set up a rule that only plays that greeting when the number you specified is reached by the caller. And if you also have another number for customer support, you can set up another rule—with a different virtual receptionist—when customers reach the number for CS. And so on, for as many numbers as you may have. You can even set up a rule that forwards calls to your mobile, if the number is reached after office hours, ensuring that your customers can reach you at any time of the day.

This way, you can virtually set up a complete call-in solution for all of your customers, no matter the nature of their concerns. That’s what MightyCall’s virtual receptionist can do. While this doesn’t come close to offering a complete contact center solution, it does a good job of helping you keep track of who’s calling what number. And that’s data that you can make use of in future product development.

5. Useful Wordpress and Social Media Integration

We come to the last item on our list, and it has plenty to do with the service’s integration options. Since MightyCall’s entire service hinges on providing you with a number that can be reached by users from anywhere, it only makes sense that it features several powerful integration options for all of its users.

While MightyCall might feature fewer integrations than other apps in the market, it does, however, cover a pretty big niche market that is widely utilized by the SMB sector: Wordpress. The service integrates nicely with Wordpress installations, and provides you with the option of installing an embedded call button to your Wordpress-powered site. The service calls this their ClickConnect Widget.

That means that anybody browsing through a site with your ClickConnect widget can easily call you directly from the site itself. All they will need is the tools necessary for making the call—whether they’re using a desktop, or mobile device—and they should be able to reach you. And you can rest assured that you can have as many of these widgets as you have sites. You can just fine tune the call rules discussed in the previous section to redirect the calls to a number of your choice.

And since social media is becoming more and more the norm than the exception, MightyCall can also easily integrate with your Facebook and Twitter account, so that you can also receive incoming messages sourced from these two channels. You can view these messages on your dashboard, and using the task management feature that was previously discussed, an it’s also possible to assign these conversations to your team members as well.


If you’re after a powerful VoIP solution for a small or medium business with a competitive price point, MightyCall gives pretty good value for money with its service. Keep in mind the most basic packages only have a limited number of call minutes and members, so the more calls you expect every month, the more you might have to spend for the service, but that’s actually typical of many similar solutions as well and does nothing to subtract from the efficiency and usefulness of the MightyCall.

By Nestor Gilbert

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