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Pros & Cons of POS Nation: Analysis of Leading POS Software

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What are the pros and cons of POS Nation?
The pros and cons of POS nation can be gleaned from its POS features that are ideal for retailers, restaurants and specialty stores. The upside is its scalable robust tools, customers get to customize their system by taking only the features they need. A minor downside is that its robust functionalities may take time to learn, which is easily addressed by contacting customer support.

If you’re thinking of employing or switching to a robust POS software like POS Nation, you have to understand its capabilities well. This cloud-based POS software for retailers can serve businesses big and small. It’s ideal for all sorts of retailers and restaurants, offering them tailored POS tools and 24/7 support. But does it match your needs, budget and workflow?

After reading how POS Nation carries great POS software benefits, you may feel the urge to jump right into purchasing it. Before you do that, we thought it prudent to provide you with a rundown of the pros and cons of POS Nation. Here, we’ll show you all the good that POS Nation can do to your business and its weaknesses, if any.

POS Nation advantages & disadvantages

For any retail or foodservice establishment, running efficient stores, quick payment processing and accurate inventory management translates to competitiveness. These qualities also lead to the provision of great customer experience, which may very well give your business access to new clients. To accomplish these goals, investing in a good POS software is the way to go. Proof of this is the fact that 20% of the US restaurant industry now uses POS software. However, a lot of other organizations use POS as you’ll find out below.

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POS software has become indispensable for most retailers and restaurants, bringing to the table new and better features. It has paved the growth for many mom and pop operations by helping them optimize the way they manage their operations and serve their customers. Also, POS systems are seen to increasingly use artificial intelligence, something that will further expand its benefits. So don’t be the one to be left behind, taking advantage of these platforms can also benefit your company as did many others.

What is POS Nation?

POS Nation dashboard example

POS Nation, as dubbed by many users, is your total POS platform, offering all the point-of-sale features that you’ll ever need. What’s unique about this solution is that it can be modified to suit your business’ individual needs. It does not make any distinction, catering to businesses of all shapes and sizes and providing them with highly-suitable POS systems. This is why POS Nation currently enjoys a user base composed of restaurants and all manners of stores, who have discovered how the product can maximize profitability while slashing overheads.

Should you want to investigate the platform firsthand, you can easily do so when you can sign up for free POS Nation trial here.

POS Nation

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Both hardware and software for all things POS-related requirements are provided by the vendor, who offers a range of POS solutions to different business types. But what’s great about POS Nation is that it lets you build your own POS system that caters to your unique needs. All you have to do is fill up its POS system builders and you’re good to go. Inventory management is also a breeze with the system, which effectively tracks all inventory. These and much more easily make POS Nation among the top POS solutions currently in the market.

POS Nation provides you with the following key features:

  • Inventory Control
  • Employee Tracking
  • Custom Barcode Printing
  • Order by Table
  • Kitchen Communication
  • Tip Tracking
  • Case Break Inventory Tracking
  • Kitchen Communication
  • Sales Reports and Analysis
  • Generate and Receive Purchase Orders
  • Scan Data Reporting
  • Customer Tracking and History
  • Custom Cigar Label Printing
  • Cigarette Carton-Pack Inventory Tracking
  • Accept Coupons
  • Track Customer Loyalty
  • Multi-Location Support
  • Returns Management

POS Nation Advantages & Disadvantages

Undeniably among the best POS platforms for retailers around, POS Nation brings to the table a variety of features that are sure to benefit your company, regardless of what service or products you are selling. This powerful piece of software presents a comprehensive set of point-of-sale solutions that can help you get a handle on your sales, reporting and inventory processes. The following are some of the solution’s main strengths and limitations that are worth noting.

POS Software for Different Businesses

POS Nation does not make distinctions based on the size and type of business. You can be operating a small cafe or a large retail store and the platform will still work for you. This is but a reason for the solution’s increasing popularity among different business types and sizes. What’s even better is that POS Nation can be customized to suit your every need.

POS Nation floor plan with check printing tool

Businesses such as restaurants can benefit from POS Nation’s check printing feature.

Total POS Solution

POS Nation is ideal for just about any retail business as it comes with a variety of solutions that are specifically tailored to suit individual operations. Each of these platforms can streamline your processes and come with their very own integrations. For retailers, the Cash Register Express offers easy management of businesses with multiple locations while preventing long queues from forming. The tool is very intuitive and can be used even by those who do not have much technical background.

If you own a restaurant, POS Nation’s Restaurant Pro Express is just the tool for you. This piece of software is suitable for cafes, quick service establishments, pizzerias, and delis, among many others. It has a quick order feature that helps prevent customers from having to wait long for their orders. Inventory is likewise not a problem, with the system’s inventory and report management functionalities. Hotkey menus can be programmed using the system, making for speedy transactions. Users also get to run rewards and customer loyalty programs and manage table layouts.

Meanwhile, the system’s RPOWER POS is designed to cater to full-service restaurants, sporting features that fit large-scale operations. It is highly customizable, offering functionalities like quick communication with kitchens, online ordering, ordering by tables, tip tracking, and online order management.

For small businesses and retailers, the tool’s Epos Now solution offers a cloud-based POS system that fits both single stores and multiple locations. What’s good about the platform is that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere so you do not need to be onsite to manage your business. Additional features come with this tool, including reporting, time tracking, and purchase order generation, to name a few.

However, there is but a single disadvantage to using the system. According to users, the platform has so many features and capabilities that learning all of them takes some time. But this can easily be remedied by contacting customer support.

POS Nation order review

POS Nation gives you ready access to your restaurant menu.

Tailored Packages

The vendor has taken into account the unique needs of end-users in designing the system as individual businesses have different needs. This is the reason why the vendor allows you to design your own POS system in accordance with your requirements. You can take into consideration your industry type and the number of stations that you have in designing your software. So rest assured that you get only what you need and that your system is built around your business.

Flexible Pricing

Cost should be a major factor in our analysis of the pros and cons of POS Nation. One good reason for purchasing POS Nation is the fact that it is being offered in flexible pricing plans. Unlike other platforms out there, you don’t have to enter into a long-term agreement or even make monthly payments. And if you choose to, you can avail of the vendor’s month-to-month subscription offer, which includes software, hardware, services and support at the low price of $119/month.

Software for a Unique Requirements

POS Nation can also be used by specialty stores such as clothing and apparel, bars and nightclubs and tobacco shops. This is because the vendor allows users to scale the system, taking only the features that they need. The resulting platform is one that aligns with a business’ requirements. For example, liquor store owners have the option to add a mix and match bottle pricing feature. The same goes for pizza parlors, who have the option of including a pizza builder in the system. If you’re not entirely sure what you need, just get in touch with the vendor and you’ll get your ideal system.

POS Nation purchase order

POS Nation can generate purchase orders for retailers.

Hardware Support

For most POS systems, getting the right hardware could be a taxing proposition. The market is littered with equipment, ranging from barcode scanners to receipt printers to tablet computers. When purchasing equipment, one has to take into account price and product quality, which can be daunting at times. And then there is the added burden of determining one’s requirements. Good thing POS Nation keeps a team of professional consultants who are capable of answering all your equipment-related queries. These professionals are always at the ready to guide you in processes ranging from procuring equipment to setting them up. You can rest assured that you are investing in the right products. The vendor likewise takes pride in selling only commercial-grade equipment that are guaranteed to run for years to come.

Excellent Support

When you purchase POS Nation, you can be sure you’re buying excellent customer service. You don’t have to worry about hitting snags when using the system as help is always within arm’s reach. The vendor’s customer service is available 24/7, with capable agents on standby to assist you with anything regarding using the system–from setup to choosing the appropriate tools for your business. You also get to enjoy troubleshooting guidance, virus removal, and system restoration while learning the ropes through training videos, one-on-one training.

Are You Ready to Take The Plunge?

POS Nation is indeed the ideal POS solution for any retail business or restaurant. It has powerful inventory management, ordering, ease-of-use, accessibility, and flexible pricing plans make it a great investment. This customizable platform can provide you with everything you need from a POS system and much more. If somehow you remain unconvinced, just take a look at POS statistics that prove this point.

If you are worried about not having enough knowledge to work with a system like POS Nation, this should not be a concern at all as the vendor offers robust support and ample training. Taking advantage of these services will have you running and using the system in no time at all. Also, you don’t have to worry about the system not working for your business as it can be tailored to suit just about any restaurant and retail organization.

Now that you know the pros and cons of POS Nation, the only question is are you willing to do away with your old system? The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for free POS Nation trial here.

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