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Top 10 Alternatives To Shipwire: Analysis of Top Order Fulfillment Services

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The e-commerce sector is on steroids and none better perhaps reflect this than the prediction that in 2021, e-commerce will become the biggest retail channel in the rest of the world, following the pace set by China and Korea, wherein by that time, it would account for about 14% of total global retail sales.

That figure would involve a staggering 2.14 billion of the world’s population committing to digital purchase—which should top 27% of the 7.88 billion people at that time.

This growth drives another industry to full throttle. Order fulfillment services companies are scrambling to get a slice of the worldwide e-commerce boom and retailers couldn’t be happier. With more choices come better rates and features. For one, small retailers no longer need to meet enterprise-scale order volume to avail themselves of special order fulfillment terms like kitting assemblies and personalized deliveries.

In this article, we look at one of these service companies that delve into end-to-end fulfillment solutions: ShipWire. We’ll explain its features and terms, then we’ll compare it with other providers to help you see which one suits your needs best.

What is ShipWire?

Shipwire is an order fulfillment services backed by an advanced cloud warehouse management system that allows for on-demand and custom order fulfillment including for drop shipping. It is the fulfillment services of Ingram Micro, a software developer with decades of experience in supply chain technology. It serves both B2C and B2B companies.

The system lets you identify the most cost-effective shipping and delivery routes for you. It also helps you track your orders and get status updates.

The provider offers various shipping options, such as, same-day order processing, ground and expedited delivery and cross-border commerce and fulfillment. It also offers carrier options and order optimization and delivery duty paid.

Furthermore, ShipWire allows for placing your inventory in strategic locations internationally with services for commercial invoices, import guides and optimum box, carrier and ship rates. It has fulfillment centers in the U.S., China, Australia, Europe and Asia.

For B2B companies, ShipWire can automate retail replenishment including for drop-ship suppliers. It also helps B2B comply with SLA to avoid costly returns and it connects to multiple fulfillment channels. Likewise, clients can avail themselves of custom packing lists, labels and invoices, relabel and repack services and kitting and virtual kitting.

Despite being a robust end-to-end platform, ShipWire isn’t always the best option depending on a company’s needs. In this article, we examine the top 10 alternatives to ShipWire to help you gauge the best-fitting provider. We examined their feature set, system and scalability as point of comparison.

Top 10 Alternatives To Shipwire

1. Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon Fulfillment dashboard example

Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA occupies the first spot in our top 10 alternatives to Shipwire backed by the world’s biggest online marketplace. It is the obvious choice if Amazon is your main market; FBA’s order fulfillment system and logistics processes are natively integrated with your Amazon account, so expect smooth operation and quick resolution if issues arise. Likewise, FBA entitles you to Amazon deals like 2-day shipping and Prime free shipping, adding value to your customer service. But FBA isn’t limited to Amazon; it also works with other e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

The provider is ideal for online retailers of any size. Even small business can start using FBA with scalable features and terms, which is calculated by cubic foot. In the meantime, enterprise can count on Amazon’s 140 warehouses and global logistics network for large-scale order fulfillment.

Apart from order fulfillment, FBA manages refunds and returns and payment processing. It integrates with third-party apps, has a reliable 24/7 customer service and known for quick processing.

Why use FBA instead of Shipwire?

  • If you sell mainly on Amazon, FBA is the natural choice for its native system and process integration
  • To avail yourself of other Amazon deals like Prime free shipping, which helps you add value to your customer service
  • It is backed by the world’s largest online marketplace

Why use Shipwire instead of FBA?

  • It uses an advanced warehouse management system developed by Ingram Micro, a software developer with decades of experience in supply chain technology
  • Offers B2B services like automated retail replenishment and drop shipping management
  • Has same-day shipping option

If you think this provider doesn’t suit your needs, read on for Fulfillment by Amazon alternatives.

2. FedEx Fulfillment

Fedex fulfillment dashboard example

FedEx Fulfillment is built on the strength of FedEx’s global shipping network and pioneering expertise in real-time order tracking. It is ideal for fast-expanding businesses including small and mid-sized retailers with global markets. The provider positions itself as a direct competitor of Amazon’s FBA.

The provider allows for quick onboarding with scalable operations for peak seasons. Its system integrates with various e-commerce platforms, giving you visibility and insights across your order fulfillment processes. Likewise, FedEx Fulfillment offers supply chain consulting and customized services like branded packaging and kitting.

Why use FedEx Fulfillment instead of Shipwire?

  • Pioneering expertise in order tracking
  • Solid returns processing
  • Trusted brand on global shipping

Why use Shipwire instead of FedEx Fulfillment?

  • B2B services like automated retail replenishment
  • Drop shipping option

If you think this provider doesn’t suit your needs, read on for FedEx Fulfillment alternatives.

3. ShipBob

shipbob dashboard example

ShipBob is a small business-friendly order fulfillment service with focus on delivery in top U.S. cities. It suits retailers looking for topnotch fulfillment at scalable pricing and with quick onboarding. ShipBob also gives crowdfunders special rates for pre-order and backer rewards fulfillment.

The provider offers order fulfillment and warehousing in three major U.S. cities, where it also provides same-day delivery: Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. Likewise, it has international shipping service through a global network of carriers and shippers.

ShipBob allows free use of its order fulfillment system for managing inventory, orders and customer communication. Its system also integrates with top e-commerce platforms, such as, Amazon, Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, WooCommerce and eBay.

Why use ShipBob instead of Shipwire?

  • If your business is mainly around L.A., Chicago and NYC areas
  • Small business-friendly rates and terms

Why use Shipwire instead of ShipBob?

  • Solid global logistics network with warehousing in China, Australia, Europe and Asia
  • Advanced warehouse management system developed by Ingram Micro, a trusted supply chain software developer with decades of experience
  • B2B services like drop shipping and automated retail replenishment

If you think this provider doesn’t suit your needs, read on for ShipBob alternatives.

4. RedStag

Red Stag dashboard example

RedStag is a U.S.-based order fulfillment provider known for shipping high-value, fragile or oversized items that are above five pounds. It also fits products that require kitting before shipping. The provider guarantees 48 hours of dock-to-stock time and accurate inventory management. Likewise, it has special arrangement with FedEx for discount deals and offers client-friendly terms for error incidents.

RedStag fulfillment facilities are equipped with video monitors, which the provider claims to minimize fraud and theft by 1 in 150,000 orders. Furthermore, the provider has a competitive storage rates that suit small businesses, starting at $15 per pallet per month. It also offers low rates for partial bin and pallet. RedStag also integrates with any platform via API. These include third-party apps and e-commerce systems like Shopify and Big Commerce.

Why use RedStag instead of Shipwire?

  • If you ship fragile, oversized or high-value items above five pounds
  • Special discounted deals with FedEx for ovesized shipping
  • Video-monitored fulfillment centers reduce theft and fraud

Why use Shipwire instead of RedStag?

  • B2B services like drop shipping processing and automated retail replenishment
  • Advanced warehouse management system developed by one of the trusted vendors in supply chain management
  • Same-day order processing

If you think this provider doesn’t suit your needs, you have plenty of RedStag alternatives.

5. FulfillmentCompanies

fulfillment companies dashboard example

FulfillmentCompanies is a free online matching service for sellers and logistics providers in the U.S., Canada and Europe. It isn’t a direct logistic provider; rather, it acts like the middleman that helps you find the right provider. The good news is, the service is free for sellers, while FulfillmentCompanies gets commissions from order fulfillment providers. The service is perfect for companies that want to outsource logistics research to a trusted resource for lack of time or industry knowledge.

The service pre-screens providers using its more than a decade of logistics experience. It understands what businesses look for fulfillment services and the common pitfalls in the industry. You provide your specific 3PL requirements and FulfillmentCompanies match them with the right provider. In a few minutes, you get quotes from the best possible logistics companies, which would have otherwise taken you for weeks.

Why use FulfillmentCompanies instead of ShipWire?

  • If you’re still undecided and doing research on the best 3PL for your needs
  • The service is free
  • FulfillmentCompanies is a matchmaking site for merchants and providers and may, in fact, recommend ShipWire should there’s a match

Why use Shipwire instead of FulfillmentCompanies?

  • If you’re already decided on ShipWire and doesn’t need to research for options

If you think this provider doesn’t suit your needs, one of the FulfillmentCompanies alternatives here may meet your requirements.

6. Fulfillify

fulfillify dashboard example

Fulfillify is designed for e-commerce retailers with strong focus on U.S. deliveries. It offers order processing, storage and delivery, with claims of handling 75 million orders yearly. It also allows for kitting, custom order assemblies and a returns management program.

The provider has four strategically located fulfillment centers in the U.S.: Rochester, NY; Reno, NV; Harrisburg, PA; and Oklahoma, OK. This enables you to ship fast anywhere in the U.S. using United Parcel ground service and leveraging the provider’s same-day pick, pack and ship feature.

Its system is built on mobile-first architecture that lets you check orders in real time and via your phone wherever you have internet connection. It also allows you to manage inventory and products in real time for complete control over the fulfillment process. Furthermore, it integrates with e-commerce platforms and third-party apps.

Why use Fulfillify instead of ShipWire?

  • If you have strong emphasis on U.S. deliveries, leveraging the provider’s same-day pick, pack and ship service
  • If you’re always on the go relying on your smartphone to manage orders via the provider’s mobile-first system

Why use Shipwire instead of Fulfillify?

  • B2B services like automated retail replenishment and drop shipping
  • Global logistics network with fulfillment centers in the U.S., China, Australia, Asia and Europe
  • Advanced warehouse management system backed by a leading supply chain technolgoy provider

If you think this provider doesn’t suit your needs, you have plently of Fulfillify alternatives here.

7. IDS Fulfillment

IDS Fulfillmement dashboard example

IDS Fulfillment provides logistics to retailers that design products in their American office and have them manufactured overseas. IDS Fulfillment provides regional warehousing plus U.S.-based shipping, which helps you project the product comes directly from your local address. It suits large companies faced with seasonal order peaks looking for rapid global order fulfillment. Likewise, it provides warehouse, distribution and returns process outsourcing to small retailers.

The provider has a fulfillment center in Indianapolis, which is strategically located for U.S. shipping and has a predictable friendly climate. It serves a wide array of industries, from apparel to toys and games. Among others, it accommodates FDA-regulated items, kitting requirements, seasonal variations and special packaging needs.

Why use IDS Fulfillment instead of ShipWire?

  • If you’re outsourcing manufacturing but want to project you’re selling American products
  • If your product has special requirements like FDA-controlled items, kitting assemblies and seasonal needs

Why use Shipwire instead of IDS Fulfillment?

  • Has more solid global fulfillment centers, namely, in China, Australia and parts of Asia and Europe
  • Advanced order fulfillment system developed by an industry leader
  • B2B services including automated retail replenishment and drop shipping management

If you think this provider doesn’t suit your needs, check the other IDS Fulfillment alternatives.

8. VelocityShip

VelocityShip dashboard example

VelocityShip is another scalable, technology-based order fulfillment provider that is ideal for both B2C and B2B clients, especially those with EDI compliance and multi-retailer support requirements. Clients go through consultation to identify your exact needs, then the system is integrated with your e-commerce platform. Your entire order fulfillment process can now be delegated to the provider, leaving you to focus on your core business.

The provider offers pick and pack that is payable only to the services you use. Likewise, it allows for bulk processing for multiple orders. It also entertains B2B requirements like special projects for inventory management and custom labeling.

The system integrates with over sixty marketplaces and shopping cart systems. Likewise, the features are scalable, automated or streamlined, reducing error incidence. There is no setup fee and installation is within minutes.

Why use VelocityShip instead of ShipWire?

  • If you have strict requirements for multi-retailer support and EDI compliance
  • If you have special project needs like inventory management and custom labeling
  • Wide range of e-commerce platform integration and third-party apps via open API

Why use Shipwire instead of VelocityShip?

  • Advanced warehouse management system that allows for real-time visibility across your order fulfillment processes and operational insights
  • Has same-day order processing
  • Automated retail replenishment service

If you think this provider doesn’t suit your needs, select any of the VelocityShip alternatives in this list.

9. Ships-a-lot

ships a lot dashboard example

Ships-a-lot is designed to the requirements of e-commerce retailers. It guarantees 24-hour lead shipping time with rebate for delayed shipments. Likewise, it offers unlimited warehouse space, suitable for high-volume orders and provides 24/7 customer support.

Its system features machine learning that intuitively optimizes shipment and scheduling. It even claims to achieve 99.98% accuracy, drastically reducing your shipping-related errors and, thus, improving your customer satisfaction rating. The system also integrates with popular e-commerce platforms, such as, Shopify, Walmart, Amazon and Big Commerce. Pricing is on per-pallet basis, making the services scalable for small companies.

Why use Ships-a-lot instead of ShipWire?

  • If you have high-volume orders, the provider offers an unmatched unlimited warehouse space
  • Its system guarantees 99.98% accuracy rating
  • Guarantees 24-hour lead time for shipping

Why use Shipwire instead of Ships-a-lot?

  • Global logistics network with strategic fulfillment centers in the U.S., China, Australia, Europe and Asia
  • Offers B2B services

If you think this provider doesn’t suit your needs, you have plenty of Ships-a-lot alternatives in this list.

10. Rakuten Super Logistics

rakuten dashboard example

Rounding up our top 10 alternatives to Shipwire, Rakuten Super Logistics is best suited for e-commerce retailers with high-velocity orders in the U.S. and overseas. Generally, it’s ideal for small and medium-sized companies. Enterprises looking to outsource fulfillment can also benefit from the provider’s end-to-end solutions, including the ability to handle 10,000 and above monthly orders.

The provider has seven strategically located warehouses in the U.S., which guarantees 2-day shipping. It also has an international network of logistics partners that gives you access to exclusive discounted rates and reliable service. Likewise, Rakuten allows stocking up for recurring volume orders and provides integrated marketing services, such as, digital rebates program and online marketplace.

Why use Rakuten Super Logistics instead of ShipWire?

  • If your customer base in mainly in the U.S.
  • Has integrated marketing services like digital rebates program and online marketplace

Why use Shipwire instead of Rakuten Super Logistics?

  • Global network of fulfillment centers in China, Australia, Europe and Asia
  • Advanced warehouse management system developed by an industry leader in supply chain management

If you think this provider doesn’t suit your needs, choose from among our Rakuten Super Logistics alternatives in the list.

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