VelocityShip Alternatives 2019: Top Services Offered by Competitors

Order fulfillment services are basically third-party providers that fulfill orders for eCommerce stores and brick-and-mortar enterprises that do not have the required warehouse and distribution capabilities. The advantage is retailers and merchants can reduce logistical and infrastructure costs while boosting operational efficiency. Order fulfillment services can be used for both individual direct-to-consumer as well large business-to-business orders.

What features and factors should you consider while selecting a suitable order fulfillment service? First, the provider should be able to meet your peak season demands. They should be located close to your target market so that you can benefit from faster shipping time and lower costs. Their percentage error rate should be negligible. In addition, compare the costs of various top providers to select a good deal for your needs. Check out the shipping options they use such as FedEx, US Postal Service, UPS etc. Finally, zero in on a vendor that has a proven track record of providing top quality service.

In this article, we capture the essential details of VelocityShip as well as top 3 VelocityShip alternatives to help you make an informed choice.

What is VelocityShip?

VelocityShip stands out as a top fulfillment provider that offers a sophisticated software suite to help companies manage their inventory, supply chain, and order fulfillment. This software integrates seamlessly with more than 60 shopping carts and marketplaces via a custom API, and automates the whole order fulfillment process. VelocityShip can effortlessly manage bulk processing of up to 10,000 orders per day. We recommend this service for special projects such as inventory counting, product labeling, subscription boxes, and crowdfunding fulfillment. Global businesses can make use of the vendor’s worldwide network of warehouses for fast and cost-effective shipping to customers around the world.

Unique Aspects of VelocityShip

  • You can brand packing slips with your company name and logo.
  • You get a personal logistics expert who helps you with all queries and issues.
  • Pay only for daily storage as their software strategically manages your inventory in their warehouse.
  • Make us of the right packaging type such as cartons or satchels depending on the product.

If you wish to look beyond VelocityShip, don’t go away as well also analyze the unique aspects and features of 3 top VelocityShip alternatives.

Top 3 VelocityShip Alternatives

1. Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows you to sell your products on the Amazon platform. FBA will store your products in their global warehouses, manage handling and shipping, supervise payments and refunds, and offer customer support. Thus, you are free to focus on attracting more visitors to your site and selling your wares to them.

Unique Aspects of Fulfillment by Amazon

  1. Besides the Amazon platform, you are free to sell from other sales channels such as your website or other eCommerce stores.
  2. You can avail free shipping for FBA items.
  3. You get 24/7 multilingual international customer support through phone or email.
  4. Provide convenient options to your customers such as quick delivery, multiple payment and shipping choices, simple return policy, and top rate customer service.

2. FedEx Fulfillment

FedEx Fulfillment is one of the viable VelocityShip alternatives as it utilizes the renowned FedEx network to provide services such as packaging, warehousing, transportation, reverse logistics, and fulfillment to its clients. Its platform integrates multiple selling channels and manages inventory.

Unique Aspects of FedEx Fulfillment

  1. You can effortlessly integrate all marketplaces with their online system to enable accurate and fast order fulfillment.
  2. Make use of value-adding services such as kitting and custom or branded packaging.
  3. Use a single solution to collate all orders and inventory, which empowers you to evaluate and enhance your fulfillment network.
  4. Utilize their supply chain consulting services to identify opportunities to improve your operations.

3. Shipwire

Shipwire provides global reach with its storage facilities in the US, Europe, Asia, China, and Australia, as well more locations in the pipeline. This provider uses an enterprise-quality warehouse management system for secure storage and also offers special handling and fast shipping capabilities.

Unique Aspects of Shipwire

  1. It automates all essential shipping processes needed by companies.
  2. You can choose your storage location, calculate shipping costs, promote your brand, and get your goods delivered on time.
  3. It smoothly integrates with leading eCommerce platforms to fulfill all your shipping requirements.
  4. Shipments are assured of safety as this service offers flexible insurance policies.
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