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Contently Pricing: What’s Included in Its Quote-Based Plan?

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How much does Contently cost?
A Contently quote-based plan includes all the content services and materials you need for an effective content marketing campaign. These services include an enterprise content marketing platform, along with access to a global network of content creators. This by-quote pricing model ensures that you’ll pay for only the features and services you’ll use.

The standard marketing packages offered by software vendors might not be the best investment for an effective marketing drive. This is why many modern content marketing software vendors like Contently offer by-quote pricing. What clients get in the Contently pricing model ensures that you’ll pay only for the services and features you choose.

This pricing approach gives you a better handle on what you actually get inside your marketing budget. By paying only for the modules you know you will need, you do not compromise your capability to turn out effective content marketing campaigns.

In this article, you’ll find out what to expect from Contently’s by-quote pricing offering. We’ll also discuss some factors that will affect the cost of your custom Contently quote.

Contently pricing plans

Bill Gates coined the phrase “content is king” a little over two decades ago, but it still holds true today. Relevant, high-quality content continues to be an indispensable ingredient of successful digital marketing strategies. For instance, studies have found that brands that maintain a blog are 13 times more likely to achieve positive ROI.

Given the importance of content marketing, it’s not surprising why content marketing software has become a mainstay in digital marketers’ toolkits. These tools help marketing teams enjoy various benefits, the most important of which include insights into content performance and target audience behavior.

Moreover, these tools help support strategies for conversion and lead generation, which is the top content marketing goal for 85% of B2B marketers.

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Benefits of Content Marketing Technologies

(according to B2B marketers)

Benefits of Content Marketing Technologies
Better insight into content performance: 75

Better insight into content performance

Benefits of Content Marketing Technologies
Better insight into target audience behavior: 56

Better insight into target audience behavior

Benefits of Content Marketing Technologies
Streamlined content repurposing: 46

Streamlined content repurposing

Benefits of Content Marketing Technologies
Improved workflow: 40

Improved workflow

Benefits of Content Marketing Technologies
Enhanced customer experience: 34

Enhanced customer experience

Benefits of Content Marketing Technologies
More conversions: 31

More conversions

Benefits of Content Marketing Technologies
Time savings: 31

Time savings


Source: Content Marketing Institute

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To ensure that you’ll enjoy all these benefits, you want to go for a content marketing platform that offers a complete range of content services and solutions. One such solution is Contently, which provides a full suite of content services, along with a content marketing platform and a network of content creators. The software also offers a by-quote pricing plan to help you maximize your marketing budget.

Learn more about the services and solutions Contently provides below.

Overview of Contently

Contently dashboard

Like many of the best content marketing tools today, Contently is designed as a full-featured content marketing solution for businesses. The software provides access to three main capabilities: content strategy services, an enterprise content platform, and a global network of creative professionals. Altogether, these capabilities allow teams to create a more effective content marketing strategy.

For instance, Contently provides robust content strategy services. The platform lets you join interactive workshops with the best content strategists in the industry. This ensures that you can optimize all stages of the customer journey. Through these services, you can also make sure that your content stands out from the competition and has maximum impact on your target audience.


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Moreover, you can integrate these services directly with the Contently platform. The platform includes features to improve collaboration and align your workflow. Plus, Contently offers advanced tools, such as a voice and tone analyzer, which leverage artificial intelligence. These features will help ensure that you provide the most useful personalized content to the right segments.

Additionally, the platform provides access to Contently’s network of over 150,000 expert contributors and freelancers. You’ll find just the right talent for your needs, whether you need articles, videos, infographics, or interactive visualizations.

With all these features, Contently proves to be an excellent choice for businesses planning to outsource content marketing.

Detailed Contently Review

Key Features of Contently

  • Content strategy services
  • Strategy Advisory Program
  • Calendar, campaign, and workflow tools
  • Production Analytics
  • Performance Analytics
  • Docalytics tool
  • Global network of certified content creators
  • Niche industry experts
  • Intelligent talent recommendations

What’s Included in Contently’s By-Quote Pricing Plan?

As we’ve previously stated, Contently offers by-quote pricing that ensures businesses get exactly what they need to improve their content marketing efforts. With the customized quote and package, you’ll get from Contently; you’ll likely get access to the following components of the platform.

Content Strategy Services

Contently offers various content strategy services to help teams come up with a winning content marketing campaign. The platform provides help from start to finish so you’ll get all the help you need. For instance, you can use the software’s built-in Strategy Advisor Program to discover the content your audience wants.

Through the platform, you’ll also get a dedicated team of managing editors and account managers. These experts serve as an extension of your team, supporting your efforts by providing industry expertise. Managing editors help you out by preparing on-brand, SEO-optimized content that’s ready to be published. On the other hand, personal account managers help you measure and optimize your campaigns’ ROI.

Speed up marketing with Contently templates

Contently streamlines content marketing activities, allowing users to create brief templates that help improve productivity.

Enterprise Content Marketing Platform

In most cases, a customized Contently plan will also include monthly access to the software’s content marketing platform. This smart content marketing platform helps you save time and resources, no matter how many channels you use. For instance, the platform provides intuitive, color-coded calendars to help you manage cross-channel content production.

Moreover, this content marketing platform keeps your campaigns aligned and organized. You can use the built-in tagging taxonomy to attach tags to stories and assets and apply filters as needed. These tags also make it easier for users to find the assets they need. Plus, the platform also offers features of project management software. Users can send automated updates on the progress and deadlines of content requests so you can easily identify potential deadlines.

Additionally, Contently’s enterprise content marketing platform allows users to distribute content to multiple channels, all with the click of a button. Integrations with content management software, for instance, makes it easier to regularly update your website with fresh content.

Meanwhile, by integrating with CRM platforms like Salesforce, Contently provides personalized content recommendations that you can deliver for leads and prospects.

Powerful Analytics Capabilities

Since Contently is designed as an end-to-end content marketing solution, this platform also offers the capabilities of the best marketing analytics software.

For instance, Production Analytics features allow you to measure the efficiency of your content marketing production. You’ll get numbers on average completion time, user workloads, as well as user delays. On the other hand, Performance Analytics helps you determine content marketing performance compared to industry benchmarks. Through these insights, you’ll discover which strategies and techniques work best for your campaigns.

Furthermore, the platform’s Docalytics tool helps you monitor the performance of whitepapers, proposals case studies, and other high-value assets. The tool provides heat maps and page-by-page analytics to give you a more accurate picture of how your target audience interacts with your content.

Gain insight on KPIs with Contently

Contently provides accurate numbers on the performance of each piece of content you publish, helping you finetune your campaigns.

Global Freelance Talent Network

One of the most important features of Contently is that it gives you access to a global network of over 150,000 freelance creatives. Whether you need writers, designers, illustrators, or videographers, you’ll find the right content creator on the platform. Many freelancers in the network also offer expertise on various niche topics, including wealth management and IT security.

Additionally, the platform provides personalized recommendations of content creators. Powered by AI, the unique talent matching algorithm recommends contributors based on your previously published content and your content marketing campaign. Through the platform, you can tap content creators in the 26 largest DMAs in over 20 countries.

Factors that Affect Your Contently Costs

The costs of integrating Contently into your arsenal of marketing software will largely depend on your needs. You can contact the vendor to request a demo and get in touch with a content marketing consultant. This way, you can go into detail in terms of the content strategies you want to execute.

Editorial services and strategy services

Expect to pay more if you avail the services of Contently’s managing editors. You can purchase managing editor services for at least a year, and hours that go beyond the monthly limit will be charged to you. Your Contently costs will also go up as you hire more editors, including copy editors.

Of course, services such as the Strategy Advisory program will also affect Contently pricing. Additional services you can get include content audits, audience analyses, and various editorial workshops.

managing editors, Contently

Contently’s managing editors can help ensure your content calendar stays on track.

Content creator rates

Another factor that will affect your business’ spending on Contently is the pricing of assets from the platform’s contributors. Contently, pricing in this area works on the premise that the platform’s content creators are skilled professionals who deserve proper compensation for their time and talent.

Moreover, you can expect to pay higher rates to content creators in certain verticals, like science, healthcare, law, and finance. These verticals often require specialized skills and enjoy higher demand from clients. For instance, a blog post about enterprise tech will be more expensive than a blog post about fashion.

The complexity of visual assets

Similarly, the rates you pay depend on the complexity of the visual assets you require. Understandably, smaller infographics will be more affordable compared to larger graphics that go below the fold. Video packages also become more expensive if you require more or longer videos.

The vendor has published estimated rates on an extensive selection of content so you’ll know what to expect.

Who Can Benefit from Contently?

With its complete set of content marketing features, Contently works as a reliable software for many businesses today. The flexibility of its pricing, for instance, makes the platform a good choice for companies looking for a scalable content marketing platform.

  • Businesses without an in-house content team. Businesses that don’t have an in-house content team will most likely find Contently most beneficial. Through the platform, these companies get access to content creators who have the expertise to produce high-quality content. Contently also helps these companies avoid the hassle of handling unprofessional freelancers.
  • Businesses that need creative support. Contently can also provide benefits to companies that need more support for their resident writers and creatives. You can tap content creators on the platform for ideas to improve your content marketing strategies. Likewise, you can use the platform to find talent to complement the team you already have or improve your content marketing workflow.

Making the Most of Your Custom Contently Plan

Contently’s flexible by-quote pricing model ensures that you can make the most of your marketing budget. This is especially important if you plan to provide fresh content regularly, like 60% of marketers who create at least a single piece of content daily. Through its quote-based pricing, Contently ensures cost efficiency, especially as your business and its needs grow.

The best way to ensure that you get the most out of your custom Contently plan is to do your research about the platform’s services and features. You should also assess your business’ needs and current digital marketing strategy to see how well the platform will play with the tools you already use.

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