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One of the three most important POS trends driving innovation today is cloud adoption. This is particularly true of the retail industry. Legacy systems are gradually being phased out. According to a 2017 POS Software Trends Report by Hospitality Technology, another trend related to this is the mobility trend. Restaurants, in particular, have been making investments in mobile ordering and payments (for example, through tablet POS systems using the Apple iPad) as they seek optimal solutions to balance agility, personalization, and security. According to Grand View Research, the global restaurant POS terminal market may reach USD $24.7 billion by 2025.

To help you select the right POS software solution, we offer an in-depth analysis of the top features and benefits of Square Register as well as 10 top alternatives to it. Square Register is a free application, providing a fast and reliable POS solution for your businesses.

What is Square Register?

Square Register is a simple but powerful POS software system. With it, users can take payments from customers using their Android or Apple iOS devices. There are two ways to implement this solution: right on the counter or on-the-go. It comes with downloadable free software, plus a magstripe reader to accept debit and credit card payments. Square Register also functions as an item management platform, as well as a real-time sales and inventory tracker.

Square Register encourages fast, paperless transactions. It manages inventory, generates sales reports, and automatically stores digital receipts.

Square Register gives user feedback and insights on operations through reports and analytics, helping you make better business decisions. The app, being very flexible, can be tailored to both small and big businesses alike. And being easy to use, users feel instantly comfortable to implement it right away and reap the resulting benefits.

Square Register’s developers constantly update the software with new features to help people run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

If you think Square Register is too basic for your needs, don’t go away. We review the main functionalities and benefits of top Square Register alternatives and give you compelling reasons to consider Square Register instead of the alternative product and vice versa.

Top 10 Square Register Alternatives

1. Toast POS

Toast POS is a cloud-deployed restaurant management solution that provides total visibility and control over restaurant processes. You can enjoy functionalities such as online ordering, CRM, labor and inventory management and credit card processing. As the platform gets rid of the need to spend more on additional hardware that traditional systems require, users get to save from using the product. It can likewise integrate seamlessly with third-party apps with its native APIs. You can check its features at no cost when you sign up for a Toast POS free demo here.

Toast POS won our Expert's Choice Award for 2018

Toast POS also comes with restaurant management features, including menu customization, pricing and set up. A restaurant ordering functionality allows users to split bills and menu items among customers while automatic notifications are generated whenever an order is ready. Order taking is also easy, facilitating even faster service. A feature called ‘pay at the table’ makes payments simple and gives users the ability to print receipts, tip servers and send emails all from tablet computers.

Toast POS can be purchased in flexible and customized pricing plans. Pricing starts at $79/terminal for the platform, $899 for hardware, along with a flat processing fee. You can contact the vendor directly to ask for a customized quote. If you want to see more tools like this, you will find great Toast alternatives

Why Use Toast POS Instead of Square Register?

  • Total restaurant management solution
  • Improves restaurant operations efficiency
  • Enterprise-ready software
  • Remote management capability

Why Use Square Register Instead of Toast?

  • Comes with free software
  • Real time inventory tracking
  • Reports and analytics
  • Constant update with new features

2. TouchBistro

TouchBistro is a popular iPad POS software designed for use by both quick and full-service restaurants. Use of the solution is known to increase sales, boost service and help in coming up with sound business decisions. Users can take advantage of features such as tables and floor plans management, inventory, staff scheduling and table side orders management. Want to try the features before committing to a plan? You can easily do so when you sign up for a TouchBistro free trial here.

TouchBistro won our Best Restaurant Management Software Award for 2017

Being a cloud-based system, TouchBistro’s features can be accessed from anywhere at any given time. This means functionalities like analytics and reporting can be used wherever there is an Internet connection. This inexpensive solution is also highly-intuitive so that even novices can use it with ease. It is targeted at food service providers and is ideal for any restaurant owing to its advanced management features. If you want to see other options, check out TouchBistro alternatives here.

Why Use TouchBistro Instead of Square Register?

  • It has smart restaurant-specific features.
  • It provides enriched customer experience.
  • It features tableside order management and line busting.
  • It uses customer-facing displays

Why Use Square Register Instead of TouchBistro?

  • It can function as a real-time sales and inventory tracker.
  • It’s free software
  • It can generate reports and boost sales.

3. Vend

Vend is a POS for the iPad. With its low price, many retail businesses use it for managing customers, sales, and inventory. It’s flexible enough to support mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen input. The POS screen can be modified for access to popular items and processes.

Vend is compatible with many hardware and systems such as receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and more. You can run Vend on a web browser on any device. The iPad POS app is available from Apple’s App Store.

Vend POS for the iPad is a hybrid web and mobile POS solution, flexible and customizable for any business or industry. While its focus is retail sales, it can also be used in many areas such as food services. It’s also very scalable and offers premium features. If you want to look at more options, browse these good Vend alternatives here.

Why use Vend instead of Square Register?

  • It’s quite flexible and can be tailored to any business in any industry.
  • It’s scalable and offers premium features that grow as your business expands.
  • It integrates with popular business software and apps like Xero and Shopify.

Why use Square Register instead of Vend?

  • It’s free.
  • It’s fast.
  • It’s reliable.

4. Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant is one of the most preferred solutions for e-commerce. No matter the size of your business, Miva has some great features that you cannot afford to ignore. Many e-commerce systems are quite expensive, but Miva offers great value at a good price. With Miva, there’s hardly any gap between the quality and the price. To give you more options, we provide viable Miva Merchant alternatives here.

Why use Miva Merchant instead of Square Register?

  • It’s very scalable, customizable, and responsive.
  • It has some attractive themes to display unlimited products.
  • It has prompt notifications on stock levels so you never run out of stock.

Why use Square Register instead of Miva Merchant?

  • It’s simple yet powerful.
  • It allows you to accept payments from smartphones and tablets.
  • It can be implemented on the counter or on-the-go.

5. Clover

Clover is a POS system that offers business support to small and medium restaurants. This integrated tool features custom hardware, and can be deployed as a server or as a web-based option. Clover can be accessed from a smartphone. It’s highly favored for the way it helps retailers manage their businesses in real-time. For more good options, browse these viable Clover alternatives here.

Why use Clover instead of Square Register?

  • It’s user-friendly, allowing you to manage a business from any device.
  • It comes with its own sleek and attractive hardware.
  • Its software eliminates the need for terminals, barcode scanners, and the like.

Why use Square Register instead of Clover?

  • It can function as a real-time sales and inventory tracker.
  • It can function as an item management platform.
  • It encourages fast and paperless transactions.

6. QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS is a powerful software platform that helps users track sales, customers, and inventory quickly and effectively. It’s available in two versions: the Basic and the Pro version. It was designed to improve businesses’ level of customer service while meeting their needs. With it, you can manage customer information and use its various features to improve customer retention and loyalty. This will encourage repeat business. These features include detailed tracking of past purchase behavior so you know the brands and products your customers prefer. To get more good choices, browse these viable QuickBooks POS alternatives here.

Why use QuickBooks POS instead of Square Register?

  • It can be deployed as an online-based service.
  • It has a user-friendly interface, simplifying daily tasks.
  • It offers very good support, including FAQs, phone support, and online videos.

Why use Square Register instead of QuickBooks POS?

  • It automatically stores digital receipts.
  • It can manage inventory and generate sales reports.
  • It can generate feedback through reports and analytics.

7. ShopKeep

ShopKeep is a comprehensive and multi-featured iPad POS tool that’s designed for restaurants, bars, franchises, retail businesses, and other quick-serve businesses. It’s a cloud-based service with tons of features that help the user manage registrations, staff, marketing, bookings, and inventory in an inexpensive and easy way. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, and can be deployed within minutes. If you wish to look at more options, browse these good ShopKeep alternatives here.

Why use ShopKeep instead of Square Register?

  • It comes with its own credit card processor.
  • It comes with a built-in time clock to help you track employee activity.
  • It comes with powerful inventory management tools.

Why use Square Register instead of ShopKeep?

  • It’s very flexible and can be tailored to small or big businesses.
  • It’s easy to use, so users implement it quickly and reap the benefits.
  • Its developers are constantly updating the software with new features.

8. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud brings together mobile-first POS and store operations, digital commerce, order management, and predictive intelligence — all in one powerful tool. It streamlines commerce operations from purchase to fulfillment to after-sales service. In so doing, it unifies the customer experience.

Its features are organized into three broad categories — operations, experience, and intelligence. Operations help you extend core functions across channels, connecting order fulfillment operations and back-office functions. Experience is all about orchestrating content, promotions, products, and pricing to engage customers. Intelligence enhances abilities to be data-driven with customer personalization and business insights. If you think this product is too basic for your needs, try these good Salesforce Commerce Cloud alternatives here.

Why use Salesforce Commerce Cloud instead of Square Register?

  • It has a huge, supportive community.
  • It has a shared revenue model, making it fully vested in helping you succeed.
  • It’s seamlessly upgraded up to eight times a year with new enhancements.

Why use Square Register instead of Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

  • It accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
  • Your customers can pay, tip, and sign right on the device.
  • You can record cash, gift cards, and other forms of “money.”

9. FastSpring

FastSpring is the ideal product for website owners who want to sell digital products, software, and apps, as it caters to all their business needs. It hit the market in 2005 and was developed by experts from the e-commerce industry. FastSpring is equipped with the best technologies to maintain e-commerce engines and databases. It has some very innovative solutions to boost your sales. You can connect to clients overseas while maintaining your privacy and security. To give you more choices, we provide FastSpring alternatives here.

Why use FastSpring instead of Square Register?

  • It has more than 20 languages, ideal for international markets.
  • Payments are accepted in more than 12 currencies.
  • It has fraud protection services, ensuring fast, safe, and easy transactions.

Why use Square Register instead of FastSpring?

  • You can send and track invoices from your device.
  • You can customize your products with names, photos, and prices.
  • You can send receipts via text message or email.

10. Shopify POS

Shopify POS is an iPhone- and iPad-based point-of-sale service developed by Shopify. You can manage your whole physical and online store business using one unified platform. It’s part of the Shopify eCommerce suite. This service enables you to take your business and manage it from anywhere. If you wish to look at more options, browse some Shopify POS alternatives here.

Why use Shopify POS instead of Square Register?

  • You can accept payments from multiple channels without third-party fees.
  • It comes with an intuitive design and a thorough customer support system.
  • It’s very simple and straightforward to use.

Why use Square Register instead of Shopify POS?

  • You can issue refunds and apply discounts.
  • You can access complete sales history and real-time sales data.
  • You can track real-time inventory.
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